September 23, 2023


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World cup fantasy MD1 guide: tips, player picks, rules, teams, boosters and captain picks

World cup fantasy MD1 guide

Welcome to our World Cup fantasy matchday one complete guide article. In this article we’d be sharing World Cup fantasy tips that would you help set-up your matchday one World Cup fantasy team.

We’d be looking at tips, the best players you can buy and add to your team, we’d be taking a look at the rules, we’d share various matchday one drafts, we’d talk about boosters, when to play them and who to play them on and then lastly, we’d look at the best matchday one captains.

World Cup fantasy tips: fixtures and players to target

As we play and create our various teams for the 2022 World Cup fantasy game, it’s important for us to know the best players and teams we need to target.

If you take a look at the various scoring system for each position, you’d be tempted to want to deploy a strategy where you’d have so many defenders and midfielders in your team.

And that’s because players who play in that position have so many ways of picking and getting points in the game. Here’s what the defenders point scoring system looks like:

Which means the ideal strategy, would be to get defenders that have a chance of scoring a goal and also defenders that are very likely to keep clean sheets.

You can check out our best defender player picks for your 2022 World Cup fantasy team article, for our recommendations. You can also check the official FIFA website for the updated rules.

In other to help you identify defenders that are likely to keep clean sheets, we have this really helpful fixture ticker done by @UCL_Beercules he has taken his time to arrange the fixture list based on clean sheet probability and difficulty.

So at the top of the ticker, we have teams likely to keep clean sheets and teams that are predicted to win their games. Ideally, these are the teams we want to target.

We want to get players most especially defenders from these teams that have a high chance of keeping clean sheets and winning games.

World Cup fantasy fixture ticker

This means we should be looking to target players that play for:

  1. France
  2. Argentina
  3. England
  4. Portugal
  5. Brazil
  6. Spain
  7. Netherlands
  8. Belgium
  9. Denmark
  10. Germany
  11. Uruguay
  12. Croatia

As you read on, you’d find more helpful World Cup fantasy tips like, midfield picks, forward picks, wildcard teams and chip strategies.

1. World Cup fantasy tips: getting started – how to play the game

FIFA World cup 2022 fantasy

Well, if you’re new to the World Cup fantasy game, and aren’t familiar with the rules, then we recommend that you first check out our how to play world cup fantasy guide.

In that article, we talk about the numerous features that the game has. We look at the point scoring system, the boosters, the rules and where you should go to select your team.

It’s a really helpful article for those looking to start out and have no idea what the rules are. Here’s a link to our beginners guide article:

How to play FIFA World cup 2022 fantasy | tips, strategy & thoughts

2. World Cup fantasy tips for matchday one: the best players for your FIFA fantasy team

defender player picks for your 2022 World Cup fantasy

We all know that it can be hard to select players for your World Cup fantasy team. There are a lot of really good players in the game, and so picking the right ones can be hard.

In order to help fantasy managers select players for their teams, we wrote a series of articles highlighting the best player picks for each position. We look at the best midfielders you can select, forwards and defenders.

After doing that, we then went on to create various wildcard drafts. These wildcard teams, were created with the long term in mind.

We didn’t just choose players that are good picks for matchday one rather, we looked to get players that would be great throughout the group stages.

Here are links to our player picks article and our wildcard teams:

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The best defender player picks for your 2022 World Cup fantasy team

best players for 2022 FIFA World cup fantasy -midfielder picks

2022 World cup fantasy matchday one team & player picks: the best MD1 wildcard team

3. World Cup fantasy tips: what are boosters and when should you play them

2022 World cup fantasy chip strategy

Yeah, if you’ve been playing fantasy football games you must have heard of chips. Well, in the World Cup fantasy game, chips are called boosters.

Boosters are like super powers, they allow you to make changes or additions to your squad, which is meant to improve your team or the score you’re meant to get in a particular matchday.

There are three boosters in the World Cup fantasy game, and they are:

  1. Wildcard – Will allow you to make unlimited transfers within a specific round (cannot be used for the first match of the group stage or for the round of 16)
  2. 12th Man – Will allow you to select 1 additional player to score points for your team in a matchday.  When selected, the 12th man cannot be substituted, captained or transferred.  You can select any player to be your twelfth man budget or team restrictions do not count here.
  3. Power Captain – Will allow you to get double points from whichever player scores the most points from your 15 man squad.  This player will automatically be assigned the captaincy.

Since most of these boosters are only in the World Cup fantasy game, we decided to share our thoughts on when we think you should play these boosters in order for you to get the most out of it.

You’d find that in our booster strategy article, it is pretty helpful and it’d help you to come up with a strategy that would work for you as well. So do check it out:

2022 World cup fantasy tips: the best time to use your chips & boosters.

And if your strategy involves you playing your 12th man in matchday one, then our best 12th man players for matchday one-World Cup fantasy article would help you out.

In that article, we take a look at some of the best players you could possibly pick as a 12th man this matchday.

4. World Cup fantasy tips: the best matchday one captains

World Cup fantasy matchday one captain picks

After you’ve finished setting up your team, the next move that most FIFA fantasy managers make, is to select their matchday captain.

In the World Cup fantasy game, captaincy is a little different. According to the updated rules, World Cup fantasy managers are allowed to only change their captain pick twice in a single matchday.

Which means once your original captain plays, and you’re not satisfied with how he’s performed you can then change your captain and captain a player who is yet to play.

In our matchday one captain picks article, we take a look at the best captain picks for each matchday. This would help FIFA fantasy managers know the best players to captain each day.

Feel free to check out our captain picks article:

The best World Cup fantasy MD1 captain picks: Mbappe, Messi, Neymar or Kane.

World Cup fantasy tips: budget enablers and predicted line-ups

If you’ve selected your World Cup fantasy team and you’re now looking for some budget players that would start games and would give you a couple of fantasy points, then feel free to check out this article by ALLABOUTFPL:

Best Budget Picks And Enablers For FIFA World Cup Fantasy 2022

You can also check out their predicted line-ups article as well. They do try to predict how they think most teams would set-up at the World Cup.

2022 World Cup Fantasy: Predicted Lineups Of All 32 Teams.

So there you have it, our complete 2022 World Cup fantasy guide. We hope all these articles, would help you out as you create your 2022 FIFA fantasy team.