Wildcard vs Free hit: GW28-30 wildcard draft

We are coming to the end of the season with ten more gameweeks to go, and because of that, so many fixtures are being rescheduled, blank gameweeks, and double gameweeks are beginning to happen frequently.

In other, for us to deal with the upcoming blank and double gameweeks, we’d be creating a GW28-30 wildcard draft that would help you navigate upcoming blank and double gameweeks.

This GW28-30 wildcard draft would help FPL managers who don’t have any of their free hit chips available- with this draft you can scale through double gameweek 28 and blank gameweek 30.

Should you play your wildcard or free hit in gameweek 28

If you have just one free hit left, you should play your wildcard in gameweek 28. If you have two free hits available, you could play one in GW28 and another in blank gameweek 30.

However, all of these are based on the current state of your team. If your team doesn’t have enough double gameweek 28 assets and you have your wildcard available then you should use your wildcard in gameweek 28 and free hit in blank gameweek 30.

What teams should you target in your GW28-30 wildcard draft

In your gameweek 28-30 wildcard draft, you want to get players from teams who have a double gameweek in gw28 and players who also feature in blank gameweek 30.

Let’s look at what teams have a double in gameweek 28 and feature in blank gameweek 30.

  • Wolves
  • Leeds
  • Aston Villa
  • Watford

In our GW28-30 wildcard draft, we’d be including players from teams who have a double in gameweek 28 and feature in blank gameweek 30.

Gameweek 28-30 wildcard draft: full team reveal

GW28-30 Goal keeper picks

Martin Dubravka

Dubravka is a really cheap option (4.4million) and a good pick if you’re playing your wildcard.

Newcastle has looked good since the end of the January transfer window- they’ve kept a decent amount of clean sheets and have looked good defensively.

Newcastle also has back-to-back double gameweeks, which makes Dubravka hard to ignore. He’d be a good second-choice goalie to have as his price tag allows us to go for a much premium asset.

Jose Sa

Jose Sa would be our first choice goalkeeper.

Wolves double in gameweek 28 and play in blank gameweek 30, which means with Jose Sa, we get a player who plays in GW28-30.

Wolves are a side that has been good defensively this season- they’ve kept nine clean sheets so far this season.

Jose Sa has made 89 saves and has collected 11 bonus points(the second-highest amongst goalkeepers). Their fixtures across GW28-30 have an FDR of 2, which means he could get a few more clean sheets.

GW28-30 defender picks

Antonio Rüdiger

Chelsea is part of the teams that blank in gameweek 30, but asides from that, they have good fixtures that are hard to ignore- that is why Antonio Rüdiger is in this GW28-30 wildcard draft.

Nine of Chelsea’s eleven games have an FDR of two- their defender’s are good long-term picks. Antonio Rüdiger is a nailed-on starter for Chelsea and would be a perfect fit for our GW28-30 wildcard draft.

Luca Digne

Digne is one player we can’t leave out of this gameweek 28-30 wildcard draft. Aston Villa is part of the five teams that feature in blank gameweek 30-which means we have to include some of their assets.

In gameweek 28, Villa plays Southampton and Leeds. The Leeds fixture is hard to overlook and is one where Luca Digne could come out with a goal and an assist.

Luca Digne is an attacking full-back who likes to go forward and join in the attack. He also carries a considerable amount of threat from set-pieces- you’d be expecting maybe a clean sheet and an assist from him against Leeds.

Conor Coady

Wolves are amongst the teams that don’t blank in gameweek 30 and have a double in gameweek 28. Because of how good they are defensively, we have to pick another defender from their team.

Conor Coady is the safest pick amongst Wolves’ defenders. He is the one who is guaranteed to start all four games in the coming weeks, and for that reason, he is in our GW28-30 wildcard draft.

Because of how good Wolves are defensively, you’d be expecting them to keep at least one clean sheet against Palace or Watford.

Wolves’ fixtures going forward are also pretty good- they face Everton, Leeds, Villa, and Newcastle in their next four games- that makes Coady a good long-term pick.

Matt Targett

Another Newcastle player in this wildcard draft, I know you’re probably thinking if I know what I’m saying.

There’s no need to be scared Matt Targett, is only 4.7 million and as said earlier Newcastle, has consecutive double gameweeks and, we are just trying to take advantage of that.

Matt Targett also offers a little bit more of an attacking threat compared to other Newcastle defenders.

He would be a good player to have, and hopefully, he can come up with an assist or clean sheet across gameweek 28 and 29.

Another good Matt Targett alternative would be Fabian Schar. He is valued at 4.3million if you’re looking to save an 0.4.

GW28-30 midfielder picks

Mo Salah

There’s no surprise here. Mo Salah is the top scorer, the player with the most goal involvement, and he has the most FPL points this season; it is hard to create a wildcard draft without adding him.

Liverpool has a double gameweek in gameweek 29, so we need to have Liverpool cover going into that gameweek.

Salah is also a player who is almost everyone’s default captain- if you don’t know whom to captain in any gameweek, he’s the guy.


Leeds is another team that doubles in gameweek 28 and features in 29 and 30, which is very important for this GW28-30 wildcard draft. There are not many Leeds players to get apart from Raphinha.

He has been a creative outlet for Leeds despite their poor form. Over the last six gameweeks, Raphinha has created 19 chances- earning just one assist. In that period, only Bruno Fernandes has created more goalscoring opportunities.

Raphinha is also a good captain choice in gameweek 28.


Ramsey is another good pick for our GW28-30 wildcard draft team. Villa is part of the teams that have double gameweek in GW28 and still feature in blank gameweek 30.

Ramsey has been good for Villa this – he has six-goal involvement for Villa, he has scored five goals( he is the second top scorer for Villa this season) and assisted one.

Villa faces Leeds in one of their double gameweek 28 fixtures. The last time Ramsey played Leeds, he scored twice, giving 14 points- his highest point return so far.

GW28-30 striker picks

Harry Kane

Harry Kane would be one of our three strikers in this wildcard draft. Kane plays against Everton in gameweek 28, a team he loves to play against(he has scored 11 goals in 13 games against Everton).

Spurs are also part of the teams that feature in blank gameweek 30, which is good for this wildcard draft.

Raúl Jiménez

Wolves’ good fixtures give Raúl Jiménez a place in this wildcard draft. Wolves have good fixtures coming up, which makes Jimenez a better pick than Watkins.

GW28-30 wildcard draft: Chelsea's fixtures

You’d be hoping Jimenez can get a couple of goals in some of these fixtures.

Chris Wood

Chris Wood would be the final striker for our gameweek28-30 wildcard draft. Again the back-to-back double is what has swayed me towards him.

Allan-Saint maximin would have been the ideal pick, but it looks like he is still struggling with injuries which means we have to go for Chris Wood here.

Another alternative could be Broja or Dennis if you don’t want Wood.

GW28-30 wildcard bench players

Trent Alexander Arnold

Bukayo Saka

Martin Dubravka


GW28-30 wildcard draft

GW28-30 Wildcard draft: team reveal

With this wildcard draft, you’re in a good position to deal with double gameweek 28 and blank gameweek 30. In this team, you have:

  • Nine playing double gameweek players for gameweek 28
  • Eight double gameweek players for gameweek 29
  • And Nine players with a fixture in blank gameweek 30

Which is pretty decent if you think about it.

If you’re looking to play the bench boost chip in gameweek 28, here’s our bench boost team.