September 23, 2023


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Who are the best differential picks for GW38

We all know how much difference differentials can make in our FPL rankings. A really good differential pick or differential captain pick, can see you sore above your FPL rivals in GW38.

We all remember how last season’s FPL champion was decided by a differential captain pick. With the winner captaining Mane who back then, was a big differential.

Well, if you’re looking to catch your rival who is on top of your mini-league, then this article is for you. In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best GW38 differentials.

GW38 differential: Luis Diaz

With an overall ownership of 6.3% and an ownership of 9.1% in the top 10K, Luiz Diaz is looking like a really nice GW38 differential.

The Liverpool man has been in superb form of late and has moved above Diogo Jota in the pecking order and with Salah being a doubt, you’d expect to see Luiz Diaz in the starting XI.

He has also been really impressive in recent weeks with two goals and three assists in his last five gameweeks, he looks like the cheapest route into Liverpool’s attack. Here is what his stats from GW33-37 look like:

GoalsxGAssistsxAShotsShots in the boxBig chancesKPI
Luiz Diaz stats from GW33-37

So yeah if you’re looking to take out Mo Salah in order to free up some cash, then Luiz Diaz is a good and capable differential replacement.

GW38 differential: Emerson Royale

Another really good GW38 differential, is Emerson Royale. Owned by 2.1% of Fpl managers and selected by 4.1% of FPL managers in the top 10K, Emerson Royale is looking like a good pick this gameweek.

There are so many reasons why Emerson Royale is a good pick this gameweek, from his underlying stats to his nice fixture he’s one differential that could haul this gameweek.

Here what his stats have looked like from GW33-37.

GoalsxGAssistsxAShotsShots in the boxBig chancesKPI
Emerson Royale stats from GW33-37

From his stats, we are seeing just how much of an attacking threat he has been in his last five gameweeks. The attacking full-back has taken 5 shots in the box, has an xG of 0.99 and has had 2 big chances. The potential for a massive haul, is very likely.

Let’s not forget that he plays Norwich in gameweek 38, a side that has one of the worst defenses in the league and if he keeps having chances in the box, he’d eventually put one in the back of the net.

GW38 differential: Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez, is a differential who is a huge risk that could return or be benched. He has only started two of Man City’s last four premier league games and his numbers have also been really impressive in that period.

He has had 3 goal involvement and has taken 7 shots in the box. He really is a good FPL asset, cheap and owned by a few. But the thing is with Mahrez, you never know if he’d start or even play this weekend.

GoalsxGAssistsxAShotsShots in the boxBig chancesKPI
Riyad Mahrez stats from GW33-37

If you’re really brave and want to risk it, then feel free to go for Riyad Mahrez.

GW38 differential: Jarrod Bowen

Bowen is one of those players that we’ve been ignoring in recent weeks, one of the reasons for that is West Ham’s lack of double gameweeks.

And while we’ve been busy chasing doublers, Bowen has been busy rewarding the 11.3% of managers who have kept him and the 0.2% of managers in the top 10K who have stuck by him.

His numbers have been great and in his last five games, Bowen has scored 3 goals and assisted 3, picking a total of 36 of points. What’s even more impressive, is him scoring two goals against Manchester City in gameweek 37.

GoalsxGAssistsxAShotsShots in the boxBig chancesKPI
Jarrod Bowen’s stats from GW33-37

With West Ham still fighting for a place in next season’s Europa League, you’d expect them to go full pelt in their last match against Brighton.

GW38 differential: Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku is the differential of all differentials. With an ownership of 7.5% and 0.04% in the top 10K, Lukaku is one of those players who could give you a major rank boost if he’s added to your team this gameweek.

Lukaku didn’t have the best start to the season and would be looking to finish this season in the best way possible. The best way he could do that, is to get a couple of goals against a Watford side that have been relegated.

Remember when we said that last season’s FPL winner was decided by a differential captain, this season could be the same. And while everyone would be looking to get Harry Kane, you could go for one of the lowest owned players and captain him.

Here’s what Lukaku’s stats have looked like in the last five gameweeks

GoalsxGAssistsxAShotsShots in the boxBig chancesKPI
Romelu Lukaku stats from GW33-37

Let’s just put it out there that Kane is the safest option, but if you’re brave enough and willing to take a risk then go for Lukaku.

Some more differential picks for GW38

Some other differentials that you might want to consider this gameweek are Jamie Vardy, Ivan Toney and Christian Erisken. These players have good fixtures, have been in top form and not highly owned so feel free to check them out as well.

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