Ultimate FPL Gameweek 8 Wildcard Breakdown – Pros, Cons, Drafts

It’s gameweek eight in the Premier League, marking the final round of fixtures before this season’s second international break. One of the dominant talking points leading up to gameweek 8 is the use of the wildcard.

Many FPL experts and managers appear to be leaning toward employing their wildcard this gameweek.

In this article, we will delve into whether this strategy is a wise move or not. We will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of playing the wildcard in gameweek 8.

Additionally, we’ll discuss alternative timings for using the wildcard and conclude by presenting some of the best wildcard team options for your consideration as you contemplate playing your wildcard this gameweek.

Should You Wildcard In Gameweek 8 – Is a GW8 Wildcard A Wise Move or Not

Well, the answer is it depends. It depends on what and how your team looks like. If you feel that the players in your current FPL team aren’t performing, have tough games coming up and are injury doubts then wildcarding would be ideal.

However, a lot of FPL managers are wildcarding this period because of fixture swings and because of poor form and performances from certain FPL assets that were expected to perform well initially.

Pros and Cons of A GW8 Wildcard FPL

Here are some advantages of wildcarding FPL in gameweek 8:

  1. A much better team – if you wildcard in gameweek 8, you’d be able to have a much better team because in-form players would be a lot cheaper. So you can have a really solid team.
  2. Jump on key fixture swings: Gameweek 8 is a good time to Wildcard because it is after the international break and before a run of good fixtures for many teams. This means that you can bring in players who are about to start playing easier opponents, such as Son, Maddison, Salah, Bowen Kieran Trippier.
  3. Get ahead of the curve: By Wildcadding in Gameweek 8, you can get ahead of the masses and bring in players who are likely to become popular in the coming weeks. This could give you a significant advantage in your mini-league and overall rank.
  4. Fix a broken team: If your team is in poor form or has been hit by injuries, a GW8 Wildcard can be a good way to reset and build a new team from scratch.

Cons of an FPL gameweek 8 wildcard: Here are the downsides to a GW8 FPL wildcard

  1. Wildcarding before an international break could be tough because players could return with injuries and this could affect your team.
  2. You’d miss out on other alternative times to wildcard which could be better than a GW8 wildcard.

Alternative Times To Play Your Wildcard Chip In FPL

Here are some other great times to wildcard in FPL other than gameweek 8:

  1. GW9 – wildcarding after the international break is always a great strategy because you won’t pick players who pick up injuries during the break.
  2. GW18 – Another great to wildcard, would be in gameweek 18, a time where Man City blank. This wildcard team could serve as a free hit because, after GW18, you’d be given another wildcard.

FPL GW8 Wildcard Drafts and Teams

Our FPL expert and enthusiast, redeyedrae, is now ready to reveal his GW8 wildcard team

FPL GW8 Wildcard Drafts and Teams

This is my initial GW8 wildcard draft, and at the moment, this team comes in at a cost of 99 million, leaving us with 1 million in the bank. It appears that I’ve assembled a rather sturdy team from defense to attack.

In the defensive department, I’ve opted for Cash, Udogie, and Trippier—three defenders who have consistently delivered in FPL this season. Not only have they been reliable throughout the season, but they also have promising upcoming fixtures, have a high likelihood of keeping a clean sheet this week and they could also deliver some attacking returns, thanks to their attacking full-back roles

My midfield selection is a source of genuine satisfaction for me. I’m a manager who likes to plan for the long term, and the midfielders I’ve chosen aren’t just ideal for GW8 but are expected to perform well over the next 5-6 gameweeks, provided they remain fit and maintain their current form.

Teams like Spurs, West Ham, Villa, and Arsenal are set to enjoy favorable fixtures. To illustrate, I’ve included a fixture ticker showcasing their next five games.

Based on the fixture ticker, it’s apparent that I won’t be making any immediate changes to my midfielders, which is quite pleasing.

Moving on to the forward line, I’ve secured Haaland and GW7 hero, Watkins. Watkins was a player I initially started the season with but sold in GW4 due to what appeared to be underwhelming performances. Ironically, he has blanked only once this entire season, which is rather surprising since during his time on my team, it felt as though he rarely returned points.

If you’re considering a wildcard this week, Watkins is undoubtedly a dependable striker to have, and I may be bringing him back into my squad.

So, there you have it, my GW8 wildcard team. However, as promised, we’re not stopping here. We’ll also be showcasing several GW8 wildcard drafts for additional inspiration.

FPL GW8 Mo Salah Wildcard Draft

If you’re looking for a way to get Mo Salah into your gameweek 8 wildcard team, here’s a draft you should consider. The draft was done my fpltips and fplmayor:

Here’s another variant of a GW8 wildcard team that includes Mo Salah. This one is created by FPL Éire:

Essential player picks and Teams to Target for a Gameweek 8 Wildcard

Well now that we’ve seen several GW8 wildcard teams, here are some essential picks in FPL. These are the players we believe you should build your team around.

CashAston Villa
HaalandMan City

There you have it friends. So far in this article, here’s what we’ve covered:

  1. Wildcard Timing: This article discussed the decision to play the wildcard in GW8 and emphasized that timing should align with individual team needs and circumstances.
  2. Pros and Cons: The advantages and disadvantages of using the wildcard in GW8 were explored, highlighting the opportunity for squad revamps but also the risk of missing future favorable fixtures.
  3. Alternative Timing: This article suggested considering alternative timings for the wildcard based on individual strategies, offering flexibility in its deployment.
  4. Strategic Planning: Readers were encouraged to strategically select players with favorable fixtures, form, and price potential when activating the wildcard.
  5. Fixture Analysis: Upcoming fixtures for specific teams were highlighted to help readers assess their midfield and forward selections.
  6. Inspiration: The article showcased a GW8 wildcard draft and promised additional wildcard drafts for inspiration, catering to diverse FPL strategies and preferences

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