UCL MD3 wildcard tips: three matchday three wildcard teams to consider

It’s matchday 3 in the UCL and it might just be the right time for you to activate your wildcard. If wildcarding in MD3 is part of your plan, then we’ve got you covered.

Do make sure to stick around as this would be really helpful(give you some inspiration) if you’re amongst the UCL fantasy managers looking to activate their wildcard this matchday.

3 MD3 wildcard teams to consider

In this article, we’d be creating three wildcard teams – three teams with different strategies in mind – in one of them we’d be going big at the back, in another we’d invest heavily in midfield and in the last one, we’d go all in on forward players.

1. MD3 wildcard team: going big at the back

UCL MD3 wildcard team
UCL MD3 wildcard team: going big at the back

This is our first UCL MD3 wildcard draft and in this one we’ve decided to go big at the back. We’ve got ourselves defenders from the top teams in Europe, defenders in the 5.5 – 6.6 million range and defenders with nice fixtures this gameweek.

Doing this means that other part of the team won’t have premium assets, hence why we’ve got Kudus in midfield and Orsic up top.

It’s not a bad wildcard team and it could get you a decent amount of points this matchday. If you’re looking to go big at the back then this one solid draft that can help you.

2. MD3 wildcard team: investing heavily in midfield

MD3 wildcard team: investing heavily in midfield
MD3 wildcard team: investing heavily in midfield

In this MD3 draft, we’ve decided to invest heavily in midfielders. We’ve taken out a couple of forwards and defenders to free up some funds to get in those premium midfielders.

We’ve brought in Kevin De Brunye, Mo Salah and Vinicius Junior three players that have really nice fixtures and are really explosive. You can see clearly from this draft that the balance of the team has been affected.

You don’t have enough quality all around the team and you’d be relying heavily on the midfielders you just brought in to deliver points for you.

If this is a strategy that you enjoy then this would be really good for you, otherwise you might want to stick around a little bit for the last UCL MD3 draft.

3. MD3 wildcard team: going in on forwards

This wildcard draft and the first one look and are a lot more balanced than the midfield draft. We’ve created this MD3 wildcard draft and have gone all in on the three most expensive forwards in Haaland, Mbappe and Lewandowski.

Even after going for these three forwards, we’re still able to have a pretty decent midfield, a really solid defense and 0.6 million in our bank which is actually quite impressive.

Again, if your strategy involves going all in on forwards then this is a draft that could give you inspiration as you set your team up.


These are three good drafts that could help you setup your wildcard team in matchday 3. They are in no way perfect and with a few modifications you can create your ideal matchday 3 team – If you’re looking for balance then the first and last draft is for you.

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