UCL MD3 limitless team: 15 player limitless dream team for matchday 3

There’s a lot of excitement in the UCL fantasy world as the group stages come to an end. With three matchdays to go, the need for we UCL fantasy managers to start thinking of when to use our chips is becoming paramount.

Many managers have various chip strategies and if yours involves you using your limitless chip in MD3, then we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’d be creating our 15 player limitless dream team and we’d be hoping this team can give you some inspiration as you go on to create yours.

Limitless team for UCL MD3

Limitless UCL MD3 dream team

Here’s the big reveal! our limitless UCL MD3 dream team. If you don’t know how the limitless chip works, then check out this article: UCL strategy: limitless vs wildcard – when should you use your chips. In that article we explained the two chips in the UCL fantasy game and the best time to play them.

Back to our limitless team, we’ve tried to go all in on some of the big names and big teams because they’re the ones that would give really good points.

We’ve also tried to target teams with nice fixtures as well, as this increases the players chances of getting a goal or an assist. In defense, we’ve gone in on defenders who are likely to keep clean sheets, have attacking threats and are good at recovery the ball.

In midfield, we’ve gone all in on talismanic figures here, players who carry serious goal threat and assist threat. We’ve also focused on Premier League midfielders maybe it’s because we watch a lot of PL football. But in all that’s a really solid midfield.

Our attack is pretty much three of the most lethal forwards in the world right now, so there is nothing much to say about it. If you’re using your limitless chip this matchday, then you’d probably do the same.

Key notes for those using the limitless chip in matchday three

It is very important to get in a decent amount of players playing on Tuesday and on Wednesday if you’re using the limitless chip. Why? well, it is because you can easily sub out your Tuesday players who don’t perform with your Wednesday players who are yet to play.

What you don’t want to do, is only select players from just one day. That won’t be the smartest thing to do.

Here’s our UCL limitless team again, but this time we want you to take note of how many players we’ve got playing on Tuesday and how many play on Wednesday.

We’ve got seven players who play on Tuesday in our team from the start. We’ve not benched them, rather we’re playing all of them. This is a useful tip and is one you should keep in mind.

Another thing you could do is also keep an eye on line-ups that are revealed way before the UCL deadline passes; that way you can make changes to your limitless team, if a player you picked isn’t in the starting line-up for a game, you can make the needed changes.

For some more limitless draft inspiration, you can check out this article: UCL Fantasy: Limitless Wildcard team for Matchday 3!.

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