September 23, 2023


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UCL fantasy wildcard – some of the best MD6 wildcards to consider

UCL MD6 wildcard team

If you have held on to your UCL wildcard chip and are considering playing it this matchday, then this article is for you. In this article, we’d be creating a MD6 UCL wildcard draft that’d help you and also serve as a source of inspiration as you create yours.

Playing the UCL wildcard chip on MD6, is a lot tougher than playing it on every other matchday.

That’s because a lot of really popular picks are going to be rotation risks, so in order for you to get past this, we’d be sharing helpful tips such as, players to target and teams to target in this article.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your UCL wildcard

This is the last matchday of the UCL group stages, which means that a decent amount of teams have qualified already. So when creating your wildcard team, it is important to keep this in mind.

The reason being that if you target and bring in top players from teams that have already qualified, you’re almost not going to get any points from these players, because the chances that they get rotated is very high.

So when playing your UCL fantasy wildcard this matchday, it is important to target teams that still have a lot to play for. In this article we’d be helping with that.

We’d be create a MD6 wildcard, we’d also let you know what teams you should target and then we’d also list out our best player picks. So, do make sure to stick around.

Teams to target for your MD6 UCL wildcard

Here’s a really helpful fixture ticker that @UCL_Beercules made. In this fixture ticker, we can see what teams have really good fixtures this matchday in the UCL.

The teams whose fixtures are marked with green, are the ones whose fixture are rated as easy. In his fixture ticker, we have about nine teams whose fixtures are green. They are:

  1. Ajax
  2. Bayer 04
  3. Barcelona
  4. Spurs
  5. Chelsea
  6. Real Madrid
  7. RB Leipzig
  8. Dortmund
  9. Benfica

These are the teams with fixtures that have an easy difficulty rating. Out of the nine teams listed, a few of them have already booked themselves a place in the next round. So, it’d be important to exercise caution when selecting players from such teams.

Here are the teams that have already qualified:

There are still four spots left and one group that has a lot of really good teams that we’d want to keep an eye on is Group D – the Group that has Spurs, Marsellie, Sporting and Frankfurt.

In Group E, AC Milan, Salzburg and Dinamo Zargreb still have a lot to play for, so it’d be a good move to target players from these teams.

Group F is another group that has two teams that still have a chance of qualifying, and they are: Leipzig and Shakhtar Donetsk.

There are also teams that have a chance to qualify for the Europa league, if they can secure a victory this matchday. We have the likes of:

  1. Ajax
  2. Rangers
  3. Atletico Madrid
  4. Leverkusen
  5. Dinamo Zagreb
  6. Juventus
  7. Maccabi Hafia

It would also make a lot of sense to target players from these teams, as they still have a lot to play for in matchday 6.

Now that we know what teams have good fixtures, the teams that have qualified and the groups we want to target, it is now time for us to select our players and create our MD6 UCL fantasy wildcard team.

MD6 UCL fantasy wildcard

This is our final UCL fantasy wildcard team for MD6. In this team we’ve tried to bring in players with nice fixtures, and players that still have a lot to play for.

We’ve also tried to target players that we think would start for their teams this matchday. We obviously can’t predict things accurately and that’s why we’ve also tried to invest and get solid players on our bench as well.

We also have a total of 2.7million in the bank and we’d leave you to decide on what you want to do with the cash in the bank.

One other important thing to note is the fact that we’ve got Mbappe selected, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, then Rafael Leao is a really nice alternative.

Laporte is another player that we’d advice you keep an eye on before selecting him. It’d be nice to see how Man City line-up in the PL this weekend, if Laporte starts against Leicester, then it’d be better to avoid him and select the center back who gets a rest in the PL.