September 23, 2023


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UCL fantasy tips: Some of the best UCL drafts for MD1 – full team review

UCL fantasy drafts

The UEFA Champions League(UCL) season would be starting on Tuesday and that means that UCL fantasy is back and we here at raensports would be providing you with various UCL fantasy tips.

In our very first article of this season, we’d be creating various UCL draft templates that you should consider ahead of the first matchday.

UCL Group stage draw: what teams have good fixtures in MD1

UCL group stage draw

Before we look at the matchday one fixtures, we want to look at the UCL group stage draw and see which teams have really nice draws and some nice set of fixtures over the course of their UCL campaign.

Teams with easy UCL group games

From the UCL group stage draw, Spurs, Man City, PSG, Juventus, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool are some of the teams with pretty easy group games and they are the ones we’d be looking to target when creating our UCL fantasy team.

Bayern, Barcelona and Inter are in the group of death and assets from these teams are not total avoids, in fact, players like Lewandowski and Sadio Mane would all be nice additions to any UCL fantasy team.

UCL MD1 fixtures

UCL MD1 Tuesday fixtures

Well, we all know that UCL games are played across two days and for the first round of fixtures, here are teams with easy fixtures and players that we’d be looking to target from these teams.

Fixtures and players to target

Chelsea vs Dinamo Zagreb

Chelsea face Dinamo Zagreb in their first UCL game and you’d be expecting Chelsea to win this one quite comfortably and get a clean sheet. Here are some players you can target from this game:

  • Ben Chilwell – £5.5m – 1% ownership
  • Raheem Sterling – £9.5m – 4% ownership

Milan vs Salzburg

Milan come up against Salzburg as well in their first group game and after an impressive win against Inter, you’d be expecting AC Milan to get yet another win during the week. Here are some players you can target from this game:

  • Oliver Giroud – £8m – 1% ownership
  • Rafael Leao – £8.5m – 9% ownership
  • Theo Hernández – £6m – 8% ownership

Real Madrid vs Celtic

Real Madrid vs Celtic is yet another really nice game that as fantasy managers, we can look to target. Here are a few players that we could go for:

  • Karim Benzema – £11m – 48% ownership
  • Vinicius Junior – £10m – 27% ownership
  • Antonio Rudiger- £5.5m – 12% ownership

Man City vs Sevilla

Man City vs Sevilla is yet another really good game that we want to keep an eye on and get in players from Man City for our UCL fantasy team in MD1.

  • Riyad Mahrez- £10m – 2% ownership
  • Jack Grealish – £8m – 1% ownership
  • Erling Haaland- £11m – 41% ownership

Players to target from Benfica vs Halfa

In this one we’d be looking to target three players from the Benfica team and they are:

  • David Neres – £7m – 3%
  • Alejandro Grimaldo – £5m – 3% ownership
  • Odysseas Vlachodimos – £5m – 5% ownership

These are just some of the players you can target or we’d be looking to target when creating our UCL fantasy drafts. We’d now be creating a couple of UCL drafts for the upcoming round of fixtures.

The drafts we’re going to create would have the long-term in mind, so players would be picked based on form, fixture difficulty and rotation risks.

UCL fantasy drafts for MD1

UCL matchday one draft

Here’s what our MD1 draft would look like. We’ve gone for a pretty balanced team with a lot of good players in the starting eleven and on the bench.

Benzema would be leading the lines for us in this one, he was last season’s top scorer and he also has a pretty good fixture against Celtic as well.

Alongside him we’ve got David Neres who also has a pretty easy game against Halfa and then Man City’s Julian Alvarez, is the third forward we’ve got and could also easily be in the starting eleven.

In midfield, we’ve gone for Man City’s MR. Champions League in Riyad Mahrez, then we’ve got Kulusevski, Musiala and Vini Junior to accompany him.

We’ve invested a lot in this midfield and this is where we’d be expecting most of our points to come from. The players there all have pretty decent fixtures, which means the potential for them to haul is high.

And finally, in defense we’ve got three full-backs and Rudiger. We’ve gone for full-backs because of the potential they have to get an assist and a goal as well.

These full-backs, just like every other player in this team have nice fixtures and we’d be expecting both clean sheets and attacking return from our defenders as well.

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Matchday 1 UCL fantasy draft -2

UCL fantasy draft

This is another draft, and in this one, we’ve gone for an entirely different strategy. We’ve brought in three of the best forwards in the game, in Haaland, Lewandowski and Benzema.

We’ve created this draft just to prove to you that it is entirely possible to have a UCL fantasy team even when you go for premiums such as those.

You still have a pretty decent team and a solid bench. You have a pretty nice midfield consisting of creative players that could get a goal and also have easy games in matchday one.

In defense, we’ve gone for two center backs and two full-backs. Defenders, that could get you recovery points and full-backs that could get you both clean sheet and attacking returns.