September 23, 2023


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UCL fantasy round of 16 team: some of the best UCL wildcard r16 teams to consider

ucl md7 wildcard team

UCL fantasy is back! it is time for us UCL fantasy mangers to start preparing our teams for the first round of games in MD7. In this article, we’d be creating a couple of teams that can serve as inspiration to UCL fantasy managers out there.

The teams created are meant to help and give you an idea of some of the players you can target in the round of 16 of the UCL, we’d also be creating three teams using two different strategies.

We hope you enjoy and find this article helpful.

Some important things to keep in mind as you create your round of 16 UCL fantasy team

  1. You can’t select more than four players from a particular team.
  2. You have unlimited transfers and you can make as much changes as you want to your UCL fantasy team.
  3. Before the start of the second leg in the UCL, you are going to be given three free transfers.
  4. You want to try and select players from teams that have pretty decent fixtures and have a high chance of keeping cleans sheet.
  5. You also want to have the long-term in mind – you need to try and select players from teams you think would go far in the tournament.

Teams and players to target for your r016 UCL fantasy wildcard team

UCL round of 16 fixtures
UCL round of 16 fixtures

This is the first round of fixtures in the round of 16, we can see that there are some pretty good matchups and there are teams that have really good games that you might want to target.

To help you identify the teams and players you can target from each team, we’ve put together this helpful article: UCL fantasy r16 tips: fixtures, the best UCL round of 16 player picks, do make sure to give it a read.

UCL round of 16 fixtures
UCL round of 16 fixtures

1. MD7 UCL fantasy team: Going big at the back

MD7 UCL fantasy team: Going big at the back

Here’s our first UCL fantasy MD7 team. In this one, we’ve decided to go big at the back – we’ve selected defenders from some of the best teams out there.

We’ve got defenders that can get you clean sheet points, assist points and ball recoveries points as well, which is always a good practice and strategy to use when selecting or picking players for your UCL fantasy team.

Using this strategy is also great, because it doesn’t affect the balance of your team too much. With this strategy, we still have a solid midfield, a great forward line and a pretty solid bench.

We think this is a pretty good MD7 team and one we expect to do well in this round of games.

2. MD7 UCL fantasy team: Investing heavily in midfielders

MD7 UCL fantasy team: Investing heavily in midfielders

This is our last and final MD7 UCL fantasy team, In this one we’ve decided to go in on midfielders. In order for us to do this, we’ve had to let go of some of our more expensive defenders.

In this team, we’ve added the likes of Vini Junior and Riyad Mahrez to give us that extra midfield cover and threat. We’ve also reduced James to Ake, Dias to Thiago Silva and Hernandez to Mechele.

This team is also pretty solid, it has an okay defense, a solid midfield, a good forward line and a great bench that offers alot.

To see more players you can target and add to your UCL fantasy team, then check out our: 7 great forward, midfielder and defender picks for your r16 UCL fantasy team.

We know you can create a much better MD7 UCL fantasy team if you use the template that we’ve given you. Just remember to pick players that are on form, are guaranteed starters, and players with good fixtures and you’d be alright this matchday.