September 23, 2023


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UCL fantasy r16 tips: fixtures, the best UCL round of 16 player picks


UCL fantasy is finally back! a lot has happened in the tournament and it has proved to be an interesting one so far. We’re now in the round of 16 stage and we’re sure that it’s only going to be a lot more interesting.

Well, for us UCL fantasy managers, it is back to work, it is time for us to start picking and selecting our round of 16 UCL fantasy team.

In this article, we’d be hoping to help you do just that. We’d be looking at the fixtures and the best players to pick for your UCL fantasy MD7 team.

We hope you enjoy this article.

Some important UCL fantasy matchday 7 tips

Here are some important UCL round of 16 tips, you should keep this in mind before you start selecting your round of 16 UCL team:

1. When is the UCL fantasy round of 16 deadline for team selection?

As usual, the UCL fantasy round of 16 deadline for team selection, is one hour before kick-off time. So remember to keep that in mind as you go about selecting your UCL fantasy team.

2. How many UCL fantasy transfers can you make in the first round of r16?

For the first leg of the round of 16, UCL fantasy managers are allowed to make unlimited transfers. It’s basically as though you have a free wildcard again.

You need to know that after the first round or first leg of the round of 16, you are allowed to make only three transfers. If you make more than three transfers, four points would be taking away from your points in that gameweek.

3. Can we save transfers in the UCL knockout stage?

No. Once the knockout stages begin, managers cannot carry any unused transfers into the following Matchday. It basically means that you can’t rollover transfers. Each matchday you’re given a fixed amount of transfers; as shown in the image below:

UCL fantasy transfer tips

4. How many players can you select from one team in the UCL fantasy round of 16

You can only select a maximum of four players from a particular team in the round of 16 in the UCL fantasy game. You’re not allowed to own more than four players from a particular team in the round of 16.

This number changes in each round.

How many players can you select from one team in the UCL fantasy round of 16

5. UCL fantasy fixtures

Before we go into our player picks recommendation, we want to remind ourselves of the teams that still remain in the tournament. It is important to know this, because it is players from these teams that we want to target.

Here is the first round of the round of 16 fixtures that takes place on the 14th of February:

UCL round of 16 fixtures

From the image, we can see that four teams play on Tuesday and they are:

  • Milan vs Tottenham
  • Paris Sain Germain vs Bayern Munchen

And on Wednesday, there’s another set of games:

  • Dortmund vs Chelsea
  • Club Brugge vs Benfica

The next round of round of 16 fixtures, take place a week after, on the 21st of February. Here are the teams that feature:

UCL round of 16 fixtures

In the first round, we have:

  • Frankfurt vs Napoli
  • Liverpool vs Real Madrid

In the second round, we have:

  • Leipzig vs Man City
  • Inter Milan vs Porto

6. The best UCL fantasy round of 16 player picks for your UCL fantasy team – MD7

1. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Ac Milan

Ac Milan are a team that you could get a couple of great UCL fantasy assets from. They are a team you can get defenders midfielders and forwards from. Here are four of the best AC Milan UCL fantasy player picks out there:

  1. Oliver Giroud – FWD – 8million
  2. Sandro Tonali – MID – 6.6million
  3. Rafael Leao – FWD – 8.5million
  4. Theo Hernandez – DEF – 5.9million

You can clearly see that with AC Millan, you can get a wide variety of UCL fantasy assets.

You have two pretty good forwards on our list, a midfielder who is great at ball recovery and can pick up assist points, and a defender that can get you clean sheet points and assist points as well.

2. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Spurs

Spurs are another team that you could look to target in this round of fixtures as well, they have a pretty solid team and great UCL fantasy assets. Here are some players you can target from Spurs:

  1. Ivan Perisic – DEF – 6million
  2. Heung-Min Son – MID – 10.5million
  3. Harry Kane – FWD – 10.5million
  4. Pedro Porro – DEF – 5.1million

Once again, there are a variety of UCL fantasy assets to pick from Spurs. However, we won’t recommend that you target their defenders, as Spurs don’t keep that many clean sheets.

3. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Paris Saint Germain

PSG is another team that you can get good UCL fantasy assets from. They have great forwards, midfielders, defenders and a pretty good goalkeeper that would be a great addition to your team.

You want to remember though that they play another really good side, in Bayern. Which means that you might not want to invest heavily in their players.

Here are a couple of great PSG UCL fantasy assets that we think would be great additions to your UCL fantasy team:

  1. Lionel Messi – FWD – 10.6million
  2. Acharf Hakimi – DEF – 6million

Mbappe and Neymar’s injury is something to keep an eye on, if they’re fit then they would be a part of our list. As of now though, they aren’t.

4. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Bayern Munchen

From Bayern, here are a couple of players you can target:

  1. Leroy Sane – MID – 9.3million
  2. Joao Cancelo – DEF – 6.7million
  3. Jamal Musiala – MID – 7million
  4. Kingsley Coman – MID – 8million
  5. Muller – FWD – 9.9million

There are a lot of decent players you can target from Bayern Munchen. They have great midfielders, a solid full-back that can get you a goal or assist and a good forward, in Muller.

The game against PSG could be a high scoring one and if you invest heavily in Bayern’s players, then you might just benefit from it.

5. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Dortmund and Chelsea

Dortmund is another team that you could target this gameweek. They face Chelsea and that’s a pretty good game, one where a lot of fantasy points could be gotten from.

Here are some players you can target from Dortmund and Chelsea:

  1. Jude Bellingham – MID – 7.5million
  2. Mudryk – MID – 6.3million
  3. Recce James – DEF – 6.2million
  4. Kepa Arrizabalaga – GK – 4.5million

6. Top UCL fantasy player picks from Benfica and Club Brugge

This is one game that you can target defenders from. Getting in a couple of Benfica defenders might not be a bad strategy as they have one of the easiest games on paper, no disrespect to Club Brugge.

Here are a couple of players we think you can target from both sides:

  1. Alex Grimaldo – DEF – 5.3million
  2. Brandon Mechele – DEF – 4.5million
  3. Joao Mario – MID – 6.1million
  4. Rafa Silva – MID – 8.5million
  5. Nicholas Otamendi – DEF – 4.7million
  6. Vlachodimos – GK – 5million
  7. Mignolet – GK – 4.9million

To find out which one of these players make it into our MD7 UCL fantasy team, check out our: UCL fantasy round of 16 team: some of the best UCL wildcard r16 teams to consider


This is our first article and we hope it has helped you to some extent. We still have a couple more articles that would be published before the round of 16 deadline.

We’d be covering captain picks, the best forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers to buy ahead of the round of 16, we’d also update this article to include the fixtures that take place on the 21st, we’d cover budget player picks and then we’d create numerous RO16 UCL fantasy teams.

Do make sure to check back on our blog for more UCL fantasy tips.