September 23, 2023


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UCL fanatsy MD6 limitless team: 15 player limitless team for matchday 6

UCL matchday 6 team

Playing your UCL limitless chip in matchday 6, is one of the best strategies that you can deploy as a UCL fantasy manager. We all know that a lot of teams that have made it through to the round of 16, are going to be resting a couple of their key players this matchday.

So, in order for you not to be hugely affected by this, it’d be nice to activate the limitless UCL chip. In this article, we’d be providing you with tips that’d help you as you play your limitless chip.

We’d be looking at teams to target and we’d also share our opinion on the best 15 players that you can pick, as you create your UCL limitless team.

Some important things to keep in mind when playing your UCL limitless chip in matchday 6

Well, just as we shared in our UCL MD6 wildcard post, it’s important for us to know what teams have qualified, teams that are yet to qualify to the round of 16 and lastly, teams that have a chance to play in the Europa League.

Knowing this would help us select players that would feature in matchday 6. We don’t want to select so many player from teams that have already booked themselves a place in the UCL round of 16.

So key first team players, from teams such as:

  1. Bayern Munich
  2. Benfica
  3. Chelsea
  4. Club Brugge
  5. Borussia Dortmund
  6. Inter Milan
  7. Liverpool
  8. Man City
  9. Napoli
  10. Paris Saint Germain
  11. FC Porto
  12. Real Madrid

We’d say you should avoid selecting them for your limitless team.

The reason why we’re avoiding players from such teams, is because of the rotation risks such UCL fantasy assets carry. We’ve already heard Pep Guardiola’s recent comments on what his team selection would be like for Man City’s last UCL group stage game.

UCL limitless team for matchday 6

Here’s what our final MD6 limitless team looks like. In this one, we’ve tried to avoid players from teams that have already qualified. Instead of doing that, we’ve gone on to select players from teams that still have something to play for.

That’s why we’ve gone for Spurs, AC Milan, Leipzig, Sporting, Atletico Madrid and Man City assets. In terms, of Man City assets, we’ve gone for some of their squad players.

Alvarez and Oretga have got themselves a place in our team. We have Ake in there as well, and that’s because he didn’t feature in the League against Leicester.

There are still so many other teams that you can target as you select players for your MD6 UCL limitless team, here are some of them:

There are also teams that have a chance to qualify for the Europa league, if they can secure a victory this matchday. We have the likes of:

  1. Ajax
  2. Rangers
  3. Atletico Madrid
  4. Leverkusen
  5. Dinamo Zagreb
  6. Juventus
  7. Maccabi Hafia

The teams listed above still have a chance to qualify and play Europa League if they finish third in their Groups.

We believe that some of these teams would still field a pretty decent eleven in matchday 6. So you could keep an eye on assets from those teams.

Then we have teams from Group D, E and F that still have a chance of playing in the round of 16, the likes of:

  • Spurs
  • Marsellie
  • Sporting 
  • Frankfurt
  • AC Milan
  • Salzburg 
  • Dinamo Zargreb
  • Leipzig 
  • Shakhtar Donetsk

Assets from these clubs would also make great picks. In our own MD6 UCL limitless team, we’ve tried to select players that we think would start and have a chance of delivering UCL fantasy points.

We hope it can serve as inspiration for you as you go on to create your own 15 man limitless team.