October 4, 2023


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Top FPL GW24 Captains: Saka, Rashford, Haaland Strategies to Help You Choose

the best gw24 fpl captain

the best gw24 fpl captain

GW24 is here and this time it’s not a double gameweek, I guess the game is back to normal; only for a week though, as GW25 is going to be a double gameweek.

The truth though is, whether it’s a double or a single gameweek, it is always important to choose and get your captaincy right. In this article, we’d be looking to help you do just that.

We’d be looking at some of the best GW24 captains out there, the likes of Saka, Rashford, Haaland, De Brunye and Mo Salah. After that, we’d share our thoughts on who we think is the best FPL GW24 captain.

FPL GW24 captain poll: Who are FPL managers captaining in GW24?

  1. According to the result of a GW24 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Erling Haaland is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in GW24, the Man City forward has the most vote(106), with 55.79% of managers voting him as their preferred GW24 captain.
FPL GW24 captain poll result
FPL GW24 captain poll result

2. The player who has come in second in the GW24 captain picks poll, is Marcus Rashford. The Man United winger is being backed by 21.05%(40 votes) of FPL managers looking to captain him.

3. In third, we have Kane, who is being backed by 11.58(22 votes)% of FPL managers

4. In fourth, we have Mahrez who is being backed by 5.79%(11 votes) of FPL managers

5. In fifth place, we have Saka, who has picked up 3(1.58%) votes so far.

The best gameweek 24 captain

Based on the GW24 captain picks poll, it is clear that Erling Haaland of Man City is the most popular FPL GW24 captain. With majority of FPL managers backing the forward this gameweek.

Now that we’ve heard from FPL managers, we think it is now time for us to share our thoughts on who we think you should be looking to captain this gameweek.

We have a list of five players that we think would perform well in GW24, we think these five players would be worth considering as captains this gameweek.

5. FPL GW24 captain: Harry Kane

In fifth place, we’ve got one of the most consistent players in FPL this season, Kane. Spurs face West Ham in GW24 and that looks like a pretty good game and we’d be expecting Kane to do well in it.

The thing however with Kane, is that he rarely gets double digit hauls – the Spurs man always picks up FPL points, but they are rarely mega hauls, and that makes him a little less attractive.

FPL GW24 captain: Harry Kane stats
FPL GW24 captain: Harry Kane stats

You can see that in his last five games, Kane has not had any double-digit haul, but he always seems to deliver FPL points regardless of his opposition.

His lack of mega hauls, doesn’t make him as attractive as the other players that we have on this list, so for this reason, we’d be looking elsewhere.

4. FPL GW24 captain: Kevin De Brunye

Kevin De Brunye is the player that we have in fourth place on our list of GW24 captains. The Man City man honestly can be way higher on this list and if you have him in your team, then he’s one that you should consider this gameweek.

We know that a lot of FPL managers are backing Haaland this gameweek. The truth however, is that De Brunye can rival and compete with Haaland this gameweek.

We saw in GW23, that De Brunye outscored Haaland and that could be replicated once again this gameweek. We think that he’d make a great differential GW24 captain.

If you want to go against the popular picks, the likes of Rashford and Haaland, then De Brunye is the next best option for you.

FPL GW24 captain: Kevin De Brunye stats
FPL GW24 captain: Kevin De Brunye stats

Man City face Nott’m Forest this gameweek and it could be a high scoring game, where most of their players pick up so many FPL points. If you have De Brunye, captaining him isn’t a bad idea.

If you’re on a wildcard and don’t know what players to select, then this article would be helpful: FPL GW24 wildcard team: the best gameweek 24 wildcard FPL teams

3. FPL GW24 captain: Bukayo Saka

In third place we have one of GW23’s FPL top scorer, Bukayo Saka. Saka was quite alright in GW23 and his performance in GW23 was capped off with a goal and an assist.

We’ve got him on our list, because of the team he plays against in GW24. Arsenal are up against Aston Villa in gameweek 24, this is a Villa side that looked really shaky against Man City in gameweek 23.

Aston Villa gave away a lot of chances when they faced City, and we think that we might see a similar thing when they face Arsenal in GW24.

FPL GW24 captain: Bukayo Saka stats
FPL GW24 captain: Bukayo Saka stats

Villa have also conceded a total of seven goals in their last two games, their xGc also isn’t any good – they had an xGc of over 5 goals in those two matches.

We think Arsenal and Saka could exploit Villa’s defensive weakness this gameweek. So, if you have Saka then he’s worth a shout.

2. FPL GW24 captain: Marcus Rashford

In second place on our list of GW24 captains, we’ve got the man that can’t seem to stop scoring goals, Rashford. Really, what else do we have to say about this man – his numbers speak for themselves.

FPL GW24 captain: Marcus Rashford stats
FPL GW24 captain: Marcus Rashford stats

Rashford has scored: four goals in his last five games, he has assisted one, picked up three bonus points and has returned a total of 30 FPL points in his last five gameweeks.

The question though is, would Rashford outscore Erling Haaland? Well, that’s a difficult one to call. Rashford has been in sensational form in recent gameweeks and the chances of him scoring once again at Home against Leicester is really high.

So, yes he can outscore Haaland this week – that’s very possible. It would be a brave move to captain Rashford in GW24, and at the same time, your bravery could be rewarded.

If you’re chasing rank and want to go for a the less obvious captain, then yes going for Rashford is nice. However, we have to say that Haaland is the safest pick.

1. FPL GW24 captain: Erling Haaland

The best GW24 captain, is Erling Haaland. He’s a player that is being backed by FPL managers and we agree with FPL managers this gameweek.

A Haaland captaincy is one that rarely goes wrong. He is a player that always seems to score goals every game and he has also been really consistent all season.

We know that in the last gameweeks, there have been better captain picks and a lot of players have outscored Haaland. However, we think that a mega haul is around the corner and it could be this week.

Man City seem to have some momentum now, after that win against Arsenal. Also, don’t forget that the last time Man City faced Nott’m Forest, Haaland scored a hattrick and returned 17 points.

FPL GW24 captain: Erling Haaland stats
FPL GW24 captain: Erling Haaland stats

Haaland’s stats in his last five games have also been impressive. In fact, no player on this list has picked up more FPL points in this period.

Haaland has: scored five goals, assisted one and has returned 35 FPL points. He also averages 8.2 points per game which is really impressive. He’s the safest GW24 captain pick, so we’d be backing him once again.

You can check out this week’s predicted line-ups here: PL GW24 predicted lineups: how every PL team could line-up in gameweek 24, this would help you identify the players that are likely to feature this gameweek.

FPL GW24 differential captain picks

If you want to go against the popular options, here are some great FPL differential captain picks:

  1. Mahrez: One player that could do well this gameweek, is Riyad Mahrez. The Man City winger did really well in GW23, returning 14 points. We’d be hoping he can do the same in GW24.
  2. Mo Salah: Another player worth considering this gameweek, is Mo Salah of Liverpool. Not only would he be a great GW24 captain, he’d also make a great transfer this gameweek. To find out why, feel free to check out: FPL GW24 transfer tips: who should you buy in gameweek 24

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The most in-form FPL players

If your strategy involves captaining the most in-form FPL assets, then this segment is for you. Here are some of the most in-form FPL assets in the game at the moment:

The most in-form FPL players GW24
The most in-form FPL players GW24