October 4, 2023


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The Best Mid-Priced(6.5-7.5million) FPL Midfielders 23/24

The Best Mid-Priced(6.5-7.5million) FPL Midfielders 23/24

As the fantasy football frenzy ignites for the highly anticipated 23/24 FPL season, managers find themselves at the crossroads of building a squad that strikes the perfect balance between value and performance. Amidst the star-studded lineups and bank-breaking signings, it is the astute selection of mid-priced midfielders that often holds the key to success in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) realm.

In this analysis, we turn our attention to the midfield maestros priced between £6.5 million and £7.5 million, a sweet spot where hidden gems often emerge to shine brightly on the pitch. These unsung heroes are the unsung heroes who bring stability, flair, and FPL points galore to our teams.

Here are the best 6.5-7.0million FPL midfielders for the 23/24 FPL season:

  1. Bryan Mbeumo (£6.5m)
  2. Kaoru Mitoma (£6.5m)
  3. Eberechi Eze (£6.5m)
  4. Raheem Sterling (£7.0m)
  5. Mason Mount (£7.0m)
  6. Dejan Kulusevski (£7.0m)
  7. James Maddison (£7.5m)
  8. Kai Havertz (£7.5m)
  9. Phil Foden (£7.5m)

Each of these players possesses a unique set of skills and attributes, making them enticing prospects for FPL managers looking to strike gold on a budget. From seasoned Premier League veterans to rising young stars, this group represents a blend of experience and untapped potential, making them intriguing picks for the upcoming season.

The Best Mid-Priced FPL Midfielders 23/24

The Best 7.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season

1. Phil Foden (£7.5m)

The Best 7.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Phil Foden


  1. Versatility: Phil Foden’s ability to play in multiple attacking roles (left-wing, right-wing, or attacking number eight) makes him a valuable asset for Manchester City and FPL managers. His involvement in different attacking scenarios increases his opportunities for goal involvement and playtime.
  2. Potential for Increased Playing Time: With Riyad Mahrez’s departure, Foden has a chance to secure a starting spot on the right-wing for Manchester City. This could lead to consistent game time in a more advanced role, providing him with more goal-scoring and assist opportunities.
  3. Impressive Underlying Statistics: Foden showcased his attacking prowess in the previous season, boasting the third-highest expected goal involvement (xGI) rate per 90 minutes among current Manchester City players. This statistic highlights his goal threat and creativity, making him a key figure in City’s attacking endeavors.


  1. Rotation Risk: Manchester City’s squad is filled with attacking talent, and Pep Guardiola’s rotational policy might limit Foden’s playing time in certain matches. This could lead to occasional benching or reduced minutes, impacting his potential FPL returns.
  2. Competition for Spots: While Foden’s versatility is an asset, it also means he faces stiff competition for starting spots in different positions. Other high-quality players in the squad could challenge his position, affecting his consistency in the FPL.
  3. Mid-Price Category: Foden’s price tag of £7.5m places him in the mid-price category. Managers need to carefully manage their budget to accommodate him, considering other midfield options available at similar or lower prices.

Final Verdict:

His versatility and potential for increased playing time are enticing, and his impressive underlying statistics indicate he can be a goal threat and a creator. However, the rotation risk and competition for starting spots within Manchester City’s squad can impact his consistency.

For FPL managers with the flexibility to rotate their squads and keep a close eye on City’s lineup announcements, Phil Foden could be a rewarding addition. He offers a mix of consistent returns and the potential for explosive performances. However, for managers seeking more assured and predictable starters, it might be wise to consider alternative options in the same price range.

2. Kai Havertz (£7.5m)

The Best 7.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Kai Havertz

As the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League season approaches, Kai Havertz (£7.5m) presents a challenging proposition for FPL managers seeking to maximize their squad’s potential. While Havertz possesses undeniable talent and potential, several factors warrant careful consideration before deciding to include him in your fantasy team.


  1. Talent and Potential: Kai Havertz is a highly talented player with the potential to deliver significant FPL returns. His technical abilities, vision, and creativity make him a threat in the attacking third, and he has the capacity to score goals and provide assists.
  2. Competitive Price: Priced at £7.5m, Havertz falls into the mid-price category, providing an affordable option for FPL managers looking to balance their budgets while still including a player with the potential for big returns.


  1. Likely Role: Havertz is expected to operate in a central midfield role, which may limit his goal-scoring opportunities and potential for assists compared to more advanced positions.
  2. Uncertainty in Minutes: With competition for places in Chelsea’s midfield and attack, there may be instances of rotation or early substitutions, making it challenging to predict Havertz’s consistent game time. This unpredictability adds an element of risk when considering him as a reliable fantasy asset.
  3. Comparison to Other Options: FPL managers must carefully consider whether Havertz’s potential upside justifies selecting him over other proven attackers in his price range. Investing an extra £0.5m might provide access to more established and reliable options from other teams.

Final Verdict:

Havertz is a big risk and we’d say to wait and see with him. There are a lot of uncertainty surrounding his gametime and the position he’d play. Instead of going in from the get go, it’d better to wait and see how he fits into Arsenal’s system.

However, for managers who prioritize more assured starters and proven attacking options within the same price range, it might be prudent to explore other options. Investing an extra £0.5m could provide access to attackers from other teams.

3. James Maddison (£7.5m)

The Best 7.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - James Maddison

Priced at 7.5million, James Maddison is the best mid-priced FPL asset out there in the game this season. A combination of secured minutes, set-piece responsibilities, and an impressive supporting cast, Maddison is looking like the best 7.5million FPL midfielder out there at the moment.


  1. Secured Minutes: Maddison is going to be a key figure in Spurs’ setup. He would consistently feature in their attacking play. His guaranteed game time provides FPL managers with a sense of reliability when considering him for their squads.
  2. Set-Piece Responsibilities: The likelihood of Maddison taking over a number of set-piece duties adds to his appeal. Set pieces often result in valuable assists and occasional direct goal contributions, which could significantly boost Maddison’s fantasy returns.
  3. Supporting Cast: With clinical finishers like Harry Kane and Son Heung-min in the Spurs team, Maddison’s creativity and eye for a killer pass can lead to more assists. The presence of such attacking threats increases the probability of Maddison contributing to goals through assists.


  1. Competition from Other Midfielders: While Maddison is a crucial player for Spurs, the team also boasts other talented midfielders who can share the creative burden. This could lead to a more distributed contribution of assists and limit Maddison’s individual output.

Final Verdict:

James Maddison’s secured minutes, set-piece involvement, and the presence of lethal finishers in the Spurs attack make him a tempting mid-priced midfielder for the 2023/2024 FPL season. As a reliable figure in a well-structured team, he offers a combination of consistency and potential for impactful returns.

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The Best 7.0million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season

4. Dejan Kulusevski (£7.0m)

The Best 7million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Dejan Kulusevski

In FPL this season, Dejan Kulusevski (£7.0m) emerges as a player with potential upside, but also comes with some uncertainties that warrant cautious consideration for FPL managers in the 2023/2024 season.


  1. Potential for a More Attacking Role: With the appointment of Ange Postecoglou as manager, there is hope that Kulusevski could be given a more attacking role with greater freedom to showcase his talents. A change in the team’s tactical approach might lead to improved FPL output for the young midfielder.
  2. Budget-Friendly: Priced at £7.0m, Kulusevski falls into the budget-friendly category, making him an affordable option for FPL managers looking to allocate their funds strategically.


  1. Underwhelming Underlying Statistics: Kulusevski’s relatively low expected goal involvement (xGI) rate of 0.31 per 90 minutes from the previous season might raise concerns about his ability to consistently contribute to goals and assists, which are vital for FPL returns.
  2. Focus on Ball-Carrying Abilities: While Ange Postecoglou may desire to utilize Kulusevski’s ball-carrying skills, such abilities might not directly translate into significant FPL returns. In fantasy football, points are primarily awarded for goal involvements and assists, which could limit Kulusevski’s appeal as an FPL asset.

Final Verdict:

Dejan Kulusevski’s £7.0m price tag and the potential for a more attacking role under Ange Postecoglou offer a glimmer of hope for FPL managers. His affordability makes him an attractive budget-friendly option for those looking to optimize their squad within a limited budget. He is another player that we’d have to wait and see how he performs before going all in.

5. Mason Mount (£7.0m)

The Best 7million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Mason Mount

In the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League season, Mason Mount (£7.0m) emerges as a midfielder with a compelling mix of potential and versatility. However, some uncertainties surrounding his role and set-piece duties make careful monitoring during the pre-season crucial for FPL managers.


  1. Versatility: Mason Mount’s versatility allows him to play in various midfield roles, making him a valuable asset for Manchester United and FPL managers. His ability to adapt to different positions increases his opportunities for goal involvements and assists.
  2. Potential for Set-Piece Involvement: If Mount takes on set-piece responsibilities for Manchester United, he could significantly boost his fantasy returns. Set pieces offer opportunities for assists and even direct goal contributions, which are vital in FPL.


  1. Deeper No.8 Role: Mount is expected to play in a deeper no.8 role for Manchester United, which might slightly impact his goal-scoring opportunities and assists potential. His primary responsibilities would involve dictating play and transitioning between defense and attack.
  2. Uncertainty Surrounding Set-Piece Duties: Whether Mount will be heavily involved in set pieces remains uncertain. Monitoring pre-season will be essential in understanding his set-piece involvement and its potential impact on his FPL value.

Final Verdict:

Mount is a player that we’d say you should avoid and not buy. First off, there are better options in this price bracket and secondly going for a Rashford, Bruno or Shaw would be a much better strategy as they are more likely to deliver FPL points.

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The Best 6.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season

6. Eberechi Eze (£6.5m)

The Best 6.5 million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Eberechi Eze

Moving on to the 6.5million price bracket, we have Eze from Crystal Palace. Eberechi Eze possesses some potential upside, his statistics, opening fixtures, and price relative to other options raise questions about his overall value as an FPL asset.


  1. Expected Goal Involvement (xGI): Eze’s average xGI rate of 0.37 per 90 minutes reflects his ability to contribute to goals and assists. This statistic shows that he has the potential to be involved in attacking plays and accumulate fantasy points.


  1. Average Opening Fixtures: Eze is faced with a set of average fixtures at the start of the season. While they might not be particularly daunting, they also don’t present standout opportunities for him to accumulate points easily.
  2. Price Comparison to Other Options: Eze’s price of £6.5m places him in a competitive mid-priced category. Managers must carefully consider whether he offers the best value for money compared to other midfielders in his price range or even among his Crystal Palace teammates.

Final Verdict:

Avoid. Eberechi Eze’s average xGI, average opening fixtures, and slightly overpriced status relative to other midfield options in his price range raise concerns about his overall value as an FPL asset.

While Eze possesses some potential upside with his expected goal involvement, there are also question marks surrounding his ability to consistently deliver significant fantasy returns.

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7. Kaoru Mitoma (£6.5m)

The Best 6.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Mitoma

In the world of Fantasy Premier League, Kaoru Mitoma (£6.5m) presents a tempting but time-limited option for FPL managers in the 2023/2024 season. While his early fixtures and xGI statistics make him appealing, there are concerns based on his drop-off in form towards the end of the previous season.


  1. Favorable Early Fixtures: Mitoma’s main appeal lies in his favorable first three fixtures, making him an attractive option for managers seeking immediate points returns. These early fixtures could offer him the opportunity to score and assist in the early stages of the season.
  2. Impressive xGI Statistics: With an expected goal involvement (xGI) rate of 0.56 per 90 minutes, Mitoma possesses the ability to contribute to both goals and assists, enhancing his allure as a fantasy asset.


  1. Form Drop-Off: There are worries surrounding Mitoma’s form in the latter part of the previous season. With a significant decline in goal contributions in the last 12 games (0 goals, 1 assist), there might be concerns about his consistency and ability to deliver points over an extended period.
  2. Defensive Adaptations: Defenses began to neutralize Mitoma by forcing him wide and onto his weaker foot, which may have contributed to his struggles in the latter part of the season. FPL managers need to be cautious about his adaptability and ability to overcome defensive strategies aimed at containing him.

Final Verdict:

Buy. Kaoru Mitoma’s appeal primarily lies in his early fixtures and impressive xGI statistics, making him an intriguing option for managers seeking immediate impact in the early stages of the 2023/2024 FPL season.

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8. Bryan Mbeumo (£6.5m)

The Best 6.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season - Mbeumo

Bryan Mbeumo (£6.5m) emerges as an intriguing mid-priced forward option with the potential to deliver consistent returns. While his underlying statistics and the prospect of him playing as the striker in Ivan Toney’s absence make him an appealing choice, his value might be contingent on Brentford’s transfer activity during the season.


  1. Impressive xGI Statistics: Mbeumo’s impressive expected goal involvement (xGI) rate of 0.51 per 90 minutes from the previous season suggests that he possesses the ability to be a goal threat and contribute to assists. These statistics make him an attractive option for FPL managers seeking a budget-friendly forward.
  2. Striker Role in Ivan Toney’s Absence: With Ivan Toney unavailable, Mbeumo is expected to fill the striker role for Brentford, which could significantly enhance his goal-scoring potential. Being the focal point of Brentford’s attack may provide him with more opportunities to get on the scoresheet and contribute to the team’s attacking play.


  1. Uncertainty with Transfer Activity: There is a degree of uncertainty regarding Mbeumo’s role if Brentford were to sign a new striker during the season. Such an acquisition could potentially impact Mbeumo’s minutes or move him back to a wider position, reducing his appeal as a striker option.

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Final Verdict:

Bryan Mbeumo’s good underlying statistics and the prospect of him playing as the striker in Ivan Toney’s absence make him an enticing mid-priced forward option for FPL managers. His impressive xGI rate suggests that he has the potential to be a goal threat and contribute to assists, which is valuable in fantasy football.