October 4, 2023


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The Best Mid-Priced FPL Forwards (7.0 – 8.0million) For GW1 – 23/24

The Best Mid-Priced FPL Forwards (7.0 - 8.0million)

As the football world eagerly anticipates the start of the 23/24 season, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers find themselves at a crossroads, presented with an array of tantalizing forward options. With no shortage of goal-scoring talents to choose from, FPL enthusiasts are faced with the exciting challenge of assembling a dream team that can lead them to FPL glory.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of forwards, specifically focusing on five standout players who have the potential to set the pitch ablaze with their skill, finesse, and unyielding hunger for goals.

Among the elite group of forwards garnering significant attention are Gabriel Jesus, Christopher Nkunku, Ollie Watkins, Darwin Nunez, and Jackson each priced at varying levels to suit diverse FPL budgets.

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 – 8.0million Forwards GW1 23/24 Season

1. Gabriel Jesus – A Compelling Buy for Your FPL Squad

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 - 8.0million Forward - Gabriel Jesus

When it comes to selecting the ideal forward for your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team, Gabriel Jesus emerges as a standout option, and for several compelling reasons. Priced at a reasonable 8 million pounds, the Brazilian forward brings a wealth of potential points and looks set to make a significant impact in the 23/24 season. Let’s explore the basis for this argument:

1. Exceptional xGI/90 Statistic: Among all the Arsenal attackers, Gabriel Jesus boasts the highest expected goal involvement (xGI) per 90 minutes. This statistic indicates his potential to both score goals and provide assists on a regular basis. With fixtures against NFO, CRY, FUL, and EVE in the first five gameweeks, Jesus has an opportunity to capitalize on potentially weaker defenses early in the season and rake in crucial points for your FPL team.

2. Favorable Template Option: The choice of Gabriel Jesus as a forward is not only statistically sound but also strategically advantageous. As the favorite to start up top for Arsenal, he is likely to be heavily involved in their attacking play and could emerge as a focal point of their offensive strategies. This enhanced involvement increases his chances of finding the back of the net and accumulating assists, further solidifying his value in your FPL squad.

3. Relatively Low Ownership: At this point, Gabriel Jesus is owned by only 33.4% of FPL managers. This presents an attractive opportunity for those looking to gain an edge in the game. With his potential to shine in the early fixtures, it is reasonable to expect a surge in his ownership as more managers recognize his value and potential as a differential.


Given the combination of his attractive price, impressive statistics, and promising fixtures, acquiring Gabriel Jesus for your FPL squad is a sensible move. As such, we strongly recommend considering him as a valuable addition to your forward line-up.

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2. Nkunku – A Tempting Prospect with High Potential

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 - 8.0million Forward - Christopher Nkunku

Christopher Nkunku presents FPL managers with an enticing option at a price of 7.5 million pounds. The attacking midfielder, now part of the Chelsea squad, exhibits significant promise for the 23/24 season. Let’s delve into the reasons why Nkunku could be a great addition to your FPL team:

1. Impressive xGI/90 Statistic: With an xGI/90 of 0.89, Nkunku showcases his ability to contribute consistently to goals and assists. This statistic indicates that he is likely to be directly involved in the majority of Chelsea’s attacking moves, making him a valuable asset for FPL managers seeking a reliable source of points from midfield.

2. Versatility and Integration: The integration of Jackson, a prolific striker, in the Chelsea setup could work to Nkunku’s advantage. Slotting into the wing, Nkunku has the opportunity to provide service to the team’s attacking line and increase his chances of registering assists. His ability to play in various attacking positions adds to his value as a versatile player capable of influencing matches in different ways.

3. Favorable Fixtures for Chelsea: From Gameweek 3 until Gameweek 8, Chelsea’s fixtures rank highly in the Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) system, signifying a series of potentially favorable matches for their attacking assets. Nkunku is likely to have ample opportunities to exploit opposition defenses during this period, making him an appealing option for FPL managers seeking consistent returns over several gameweeks.


At a price of 7.5 million pounds, Christopher Nkunku offers an attractive balance of affordability and potential returns. Given the quality of his performances, the integration of Jackson in the Chelsea attack, and the favorable run of fixtures, he appears to be a worthwhile addition to your FPL team.

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3. Watkins – The Forgotten FPL Gem with Tremendous Upside

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 - 8.0million Forward - Ollie Watkins

Ollie Watkins, priced at 8 million pounds, is a standout forward who seems to have been overlooked by many FPL managers, presenting a golden opportunity for those seeking a differential with immense potential. Let’s delve into the reasons why Watkins could be a hidden gem for the 23/24 season:

1. Exceptional xG Post-WC: Watkins’ performance post-World Cup last season ranks him as the second-best forward in terms of expected goals (xG). This statistic underscores his ability to consistently find scoring opportunities in front of the net, translating to crucial FPL points for those who have him in their team.

2. Early Season Fixture Delight: Aston Villa’s early-season fixtures present a prime opportunity for Watkins to make an immediate impact. Facing Everton (EVE), Burnley (BUR), and Crystal Palace (CRY) in the first five gameweeks, he has a favorable chance to capitalize on potentially weaker defenses and rack up valuable points in the early stages of the season.

3. Set as the Guaranteed Penalty Taker: Unlike the other forwards on this list, Watkins enjoys the added advantage of being Aston Villa’s designated penalty taker. Penalty kicks often provide a reliable source of goals, and having Watkins on spot-kick duties enhances his goal-scoring potential and overall FPL value.

4. Low Ownership, High Potential: Astonishingly, despite his impressive attributes, Watkins remains owned by just 14% of FPL managers. This low ownership status elevates his differential potential significantly, giving you a chance to gain an edge over your rivals should he perform up to expectations.


At a reasonable price of 8 million pounds, Ollie Watkins appears to be a compelling option for your FPL squad. His attributes and potential for consistent goal-scoring performances, combined with low ownership, make him an excellent candidate for managers looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

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4. Darwin Nunez – A High-Risk, High-Reward FPL Investment

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 - 8.0million Forward - Darwin Nunez

Priced at 7.5 million pounds, Darwin Nunez enters the 23/24 season as an intriguing and potentially high-reward forward option. While concerns regarding his expected minutes (xMins) may exist, there are compelling reasons to consider him for your FPL squad. Let’s explore why Nunez could be the gamble worth taking:

1. Potential for Significant Minutes: Despite the xMins concerns, Nunez has the potential to feature more frequently among Liverpool’s attacking options, trailing only behind Salah in terms of expected minutes played. His skill set and tactical suitability make him an appealing choice for the Liverpool system, and with a solid chance of significant game time, he could emerge as a dark horse in FPL.

2. Perfect Fit in the Tactics: Nunez’s playing style seems to slot seamlessly into Liverpool’s tactical approach. His ability to magnetize big chances indicates that he is well-positioned to exploit the attacking potential of the team. If he adapts quickly to Liverpool’s system and earns the manager’s trust, he could prove to be a valuable asset capable of delivering goals and assists on a regular basis.

3. Decent Run of Fixtures: Liverpool’s attacking fixtures are relatively favorable, setting the stage for Nunez to make an impact in the early gameweeks. If he can hit the ground running, he may capitalize on these fixtures and garner substantial points for your FPL team.

4. High Risk, High Reward: It is essential to acknowledge that investing in Nunez comes with inherent risk. As a player with limited Premier League experience, there is uncertainty surrounding his adaptation and performance at the highest level. However, taking a chance on Nunez could potentially yield significant rewards, especially if he emerges as a standout performer for Liverpool.

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Investing in Darwin Nunez is a decision that should be made with caution, given the inherent risks involved. If you’re comfortable with a gamble and seek a potential differential, Nunez could be the player to provide just that.

5. Nicolas Jackson- The Ultimate FPL Differential with High Potential

The Best Mid-Priced FPL 7.0 - 8.0million Forward - Nicolas Jackson

For the adventurous FPL managers seeking the ultimate differential, Nicolas  Jackson at a mere 7 million pounds is a tantalizing prospect worth considering. Though relatively unknown and untested in the Premier League, there are compelling reasons to believe that Jackson could be the hidden gem that could unlock your FPL success:

1. Sharp Attacking Threat in Preseason: Jackson has showcased glimpses of his sharp attacking threat during the preseason, indicating that he is ready to make a mark in English football. Early signs of his form and goal involvement are promising, and if he can carry this momentum into the Premier League, he could become an unexpected source of points.

2. Impressive Preseason Statistics: With 1 goal and 3 assists already in preseason, Jackson’s link-up play and attacking contribution are noteworthy. These stats indicate that he is not only capable of scoring but also adept at setting up his teammates, further boosting his potential for FPL returns.

3. High xG+xA Potential: The combination of his expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) potential, positions him as a player who can contribute to goal-scoring opportunities consistently. If he can continue his preseason form, his xG+xA figures could translate into valuable points for FPL managers.

4. Favorable Early Fixtures: Add to the mix the prospect of great fixtures starting from GW3 for his team, and Jackson’s allure as a differential becomes even more enticing. Taking advantage of these fixtures could propel him into the spotlight, and early FPL adopters may benefit greatly from his success.

5. Monitor Preseason for Expected Minutes: As with any under-the-radar player, it is essential to monitor Jackson’s expected minutes during the preseason. Playing time will be a critical factor in determining his FPL viability, and if he secures a starting role for his team, his appeal as a differential will skyrocket.

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Investing in Nicolas Jackson requires a calculated gamble. If you’re willing to embrace the uncertainty and seek to differentiate your FPL squad from others, he could be the ultimate hidden gem.

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6. Callum Wilson – The Underrated FPL Powerhouse

At a price of 8.0 million pounds, Callum Wilson represents an FPL asset that appears to be undervalued and overlooked by many managers, despite boasting an impressive track record. The numbers don’t lie, and there are compelling reasons to believe that Wilson could be a hidden gem with tremendous potential for the upcoming 23/24 season:

1. Exceptional Points per 90 Statistic: In the latter part of the previous season, no other player in the Fantasy Premier League had higher points per 90 minutes than Callum Wilson between gameweeks 30 to 38. His consistent ability to deliver points during this period places him among the league’s top-performing forwards. In fact, across the entire season, he ranked second for this statistic, only behind the formidable Erling Haaland.

2. Impressive Goal Contributions: Wilson’s numbers speak volumes about his goal-scoring prowess and creative abilities. With 18 goals and 6 assists last season, he was a crucial driving force for his team’s attacking efforts. These consistent goal contributions make him a reliable source of FPL points, as he can accumulate both goals and assists on a regular basis.

3. Low Ownership, High Impact: Despite his outstanding performances, Callum Wilson remains owned by less than 10% of FPL managers, making him a potent differential option. Acquiring a player of his caliber at a relatively low ownership can provide you with a significant advantage over your rivals if he replicates his scoring form from the previous season.


With his proven ability to deliver points consistently, Callum Wilson is a compelling addition to your FPL squad. At 8.0 million pounds, he offers an attractive balance of affordability and high impact potential. As a player who is often overlooked, investing in Wilson allows you to tap into a valuable differential that can set your FPL team apart from the masses.