October 4, 2023


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The Best Gameweek 4 Captain – Saka, Bowen, Sterling, Salah or Haaland

The Best Gameweek 4 Captain

Erling Haaland is definitely set to be the most chosen captain for FPL managers in GW4. The striker from Manchester City has scored three goals and earned 19 points in the first three games of the 23/24 PL season. He will be playing against Fulham at his home ground, the Etihad Stadium, where he gained most of his points last season.

It’s certain that he will be the favored captain in GW4. A survey by fantasyfootballhub reveals that 77.6% (568 votes) of FPL managers plan to make Haaland their captain this week.

GW4 Captain Poll – Gameweek 4 Top Captain Picks

The FPL captaincy poll for Gameweek 4 shows that Haaland (FUL) is the clear favorite with 77.63% of the votes (597 votes). Other options like Bowen (LUT), Maddison (BUR), Sterling (NFO), and Mbeumo (BOU) received smaller percentages of votes ranging from 2.99% to 4.94%.

GW4 Captain Poll - Gameweek 4 Top Captain Picks
GW4 Captain Poll by fantasyfootballhub – Gameweek 4 Top Captain Picks

However, there are a few other players who might challenge Haaland for the captaincy. Mohamed Salah is always a danger and he has a strong history against Aston Villa. Bukayo Saka is another player in good form who could earn points against Manchester United.

The Chelsea players Jackson, Sterling, and Chilwell could potentially outperform Haaland. Even some less popular choices like Antonio and Bowen could do well in their GW4 match.

In this article, we will take a closer look at other options for captaincy and assess which ones could outdo Erling Haaland in GW4. We will also consider whether it’s a wise strategy to choose a different captain than Haaland this week.

Gameweek 4 Captain Analysis – Haaland vs Saka vs Salah vs Bowen vs Sterling

Gameweek 4 in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) presents a captaincy conundrum for managers. To make an informed decision, let’s dive deep into the underlying statistics of our top captaincy contenders: Erling Haaland, Jarrod Bowen, Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka, and Mohamed Salah. We’ll analyze their data to pinpoint which player possesses the most promising underlying numbers for this crucial week.

GW4 Captain – Erling Haaland Underlying Stats

  • Fixture Difficulty: Fulham (H), FDR – 2
  • Predicted Points for GW4: 8.8 points
  • GW3 Stats: Goals 1, Assists 0, Total Shots 8, xG 1.93, xGi 1.94, xA 0.01, Big Chances Missed 3, FPL Points 4
  • Season Stats: Points 19, Goals Scored 3, Assists 0, xG 3.0, xA 0.1, xGi 3.0
  • Record Against Fulham: Goals Scored 2, Points Returned 13

GW4 Captain – Jarrod Bowen Underlying Stats

  • Fixture Difficulty: Luton Town (A), FDR – 2
  • Predicted Points for GW4: 6.5
  • GW3 Stats: Goals 1, Assists 1, Total Shots 3, Chances Created 1, xG 1.21, xA 0.03, Big Chances Missed 2, FPL Points 12
  • Season Stats: Points 23, Goals Scored 2, Assists 1, xG 1.9, xA 0.4, xGi 2.3

GW4 Captain – Raheem Sterling Underlying Stats

  • Fixture Difficulty: Nottingham Forest (H), FDR – 2
  • Predicted Points for GW4: 6.4
  • GW3 Stats: Goals 2, Assists 1, Total Shots 5, xG 0.86, xA 0.21, FPL Points 19, Big Chances Missed 1
  • Season Stats: Points 23, Goals Scored 2, Assists 1, xG 0.9, xA 0.5, xGi 1.4

GW4 Captain – Bukayo Saka Underlying Stats

  • Fixture Difficulty: Manchester United (H), FDR – 3
  • Predicted Points for GW4: 6.1
  • GW3 Stats: Goals 1, Assists 0, Total Shots 3, Chances Created 4, xG 1.36, xA 1.08, FPL Points 8, Big Chances Missed 1
  • Season Stats: Points 21, Goals Scored 2, Assists 0, xG 1.7, xA 1.4, xGi 3.1
  • Head-to-Head Record: Points 38, Goals Scored 3, Assists 2, Points Returned When Playing at Home 22 out of 38

GW4 Captain – Mohamed Salah Underlying Stats

  • Fixture Difficulty: Aston Villa (H), FDR – 3
  • Predicted Points for GW4: 6.5
  • GW3 Stats: Goals 0, Assists 1, Total Shots 2, xG 0.17, xA 0.12, FPL Points 5, Chances Created 2
  • Season Stats: Points 15, Goals Scored 1, Assists 2, xG 1.7, xA 0.5, xGi 2.7
  • Head-to-Head Record: Points 54, Goals Scored 5, Assists 3, Points Returned When Playing at Home 26 out of 54

Data-Driven Analysis of our Gameweek 4 Captain Picks

  1. Fixture Difficulty and Predicted Points: Erling Haaland leads with a favorable fixture against Fulham (H) and the highest predicted points (8.8). Jarrod Bowen follows with an appealing fixture against Luton Town (A) and predicted points of 6.5. Raheem Sterling and Bukayo Saka face relatively easier fixtures, while Mohamed Salah’s matchup against Aston Villa is challenging.
  2. Goal-Scoring Prowess: Haaland boasts strong xG numbers (1.93) and consistent season stats (3 goals). Sterling impresses with 2 goals in GW3 and decent xG (0.9). Saka exhibits potential with a high xG (1.36), while Salah struggles with low xG (0.17).
  3. Creating Chances: Saka shines as a creative force with 4 chances created in GW3. Sterling contributes with assists (1) and chances created (5). Salah lags behind with 2 chances created.
  4. Consistency and Historical Performance: Bowen stands out with consistent returns (23 points) and a strong xG (1.9). Saka’s home advantage and historical success against Manchester United showcase his potential. Salah’s historic points tally (54) against Aston Villa, including two double-digit hauls of 12 and 13, highlights his capability.

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Can Saka, Bowen, Sterling and Salah Outscore Haaland in GW4?

While all these players possess strong attributes, it’s crucial to acknowledge Erling Haaland’s consistency, goal-scoring prowess, and favorable fixture. Haaland’s xG of 1.93, xGi of 1.94, and his record against Fulham—scoring 2 goals and returning 13 points—suggest he’s poised for another fruitful gameweek.

Erling Haaland’s Dominance:

  • Fixture Difficulty and Predicted Points: Haaland’s favorable fixture against Fulham (H) with a Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) of 2 and a predicted points score of 8.8 make him a strong contender.

Challengers’ Attributes:

  • Bukayo Saka: Saka’s creativity and home advantage against Manchester United (H) present an appealing option. However, his higher FDR (3) suggests a tougher challenge.
  • Mohamed Salah: Salah’s historical prowess against Aston Villa (H) is noteworthy. Yet, his lower FDR (3) and recent goal drought raise concerns.
  • Jarrod Bowen: Bowen’s consistent performances and promising underlying numbers make him a reliable pick against Luton Town (A) despite their new Premier League status.
  • Raheem Sterling: Sterling’s recent form, playmaking ability, and fixture against Nottingham Forest (H) underscore his captaincy potential.

While Saka, Salah, Bowen, and Sterling offer compelling cases, overcoming Haaland’s combination of form, fixture, and history is a formidable challenge. Managers seeking a differential might opt for these alternatives, considering the risk and reward they offer. Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual strategies, risk tolerance, and the pursuit of FPL glory. As Gameweek 4 unfolds, the pitch will reveal whether these challengers can truly outscore the dominant Haaland.

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It all depends on your plan and your team. If you’re trailing in your mini-league and trying to catch up, then not choosing Haaland as your captain is a reasonable decision.

But you should know that this comes with a lot of risk because many people have Haaland in their teams. If Haaland performs well this week, your ranking could drop even more because so many FPL managers will make him their captain.

Haaland is the safer choice this week. He’s been playing very well and has had plenty of goal scoring chances already this season – a hattrick could be on the horizon.

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Weighing these insights against your team’s needs and risk tolerance will help you make the optimal captaincy decision for Gameweek 4.