October 4, 2023


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The Best FPL Premium Midfielders 8.0-12.5Million For GW1 – 23/24

The Best FPL Premium Midfielders 8.0-12.5Million For GW1 - 23/24

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season is upon us once again, igniting the excitement and anticipation of millions of football enthusiasts worldwide. As managers begin their relentless pursuit of assembling the perfect squad, one crucial area of focus remains the midfield – the heartbeat of any successful fantasy team.

For the discerning FPL manager seeking a delicate balance between premium picks and budget finds, mid-priced midfielders prove to be the golden ticket. With a price range between £8.0 million and £12.5 million, these players present a unique opportunity to maximize points potential while leaving room for other high-value assets.

In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of mid-priced midfield maestros, a group of dynamic players who possess the potential to elevate your fantasy ranks without stretching your budget to its limits.

The Best Premium 8.0-12.5million FPL Midfielders 23/24 Season

Here are the best premium 8.0-12.5 million FPL midfielders that you should consider adding to your FPL team this season. They are:

  1. Mohamed Salah (£12.5m)
  2. KDB (Kevin De Bruyne) (£10.5m)
  3. Rashford (£9.0m)
  4. Son (£9.0m)
  5. Bruno (£8.5m)
  6. Saka (£8.5m)
  7. Odegaard (£8.5m)
  8. Martinelli (£8.0m)
  9. Jota (Diogo Jota) (£8.0m)

Helpful Tips For Selecting Midfielders In FPL

Here are some things to consider when selecting premium midfielders in FPL:

  • The player’s goalscoring potential. Midfielders who are capable of scoring goals are always valuable assets in FPL. Look for players who are in good goalscoring positions and who have a good shot on goal.
  • The player’s creativity. Midfielders who are good at creating chances for their teammates are also valuable assets in FPL. Look for players who are good at passing and crossing, and who have a good eye for goal.
  • The player’s playing time. It is important to make sure that the midfielders you select are likely to play regularly. If a player is not guaranteed to start every game, it is not worth spending your budget on them.
  • The player’s fixture list. The fixture list can have a big impact on how many points a midfielder scores. If you can, try to choose midfielders who are playing against teams that are not expected to score many goals.
  • The player’s price. Midfielders in the £8.0m-£12.5m range offer good value for money. However, there are also some cheaper midfielders who could be good options, if you are looking to save money.
  • The player’s team. The team a midfielder plays for can also have an impact on their performance. Look for midfielders who play for teams that are expected to score a lot of goals.

Ultimately, the best way to select midfielders in FPL is to do your research and choose the players who you think will score the most points for you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the best midfielders for your team will depend on your individual strategy and preferences.

Here are some additional tips for selecting mid-priced midfielders in FPL:

  • Watch games and track player statistics. The best way to learn about a player is to watch them play. You can also track player statistics to see how they are performing.
  • Read expert opinion. There are many experts who write about FPL. You can read their articles and watch their videos to get their insights on which midfielders are worth considering.
  • Use social media. There are many FPL communities on social media. You can ask questions and get advice from other FPL managers.

The Best Premium FPL Midfielders 23/24

1. Mohamed Salah (£12.5m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Mohamed Salah (£12.5m)

First on our list of great premium FPL midfielders is, Mohamed Salah (£12.5m). He is a highly sought-after premium midfielder in the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season, known for his goal-scoring prowess and ability to turn matches in his team’s favor, Salah is the most expensive midfielder in FPL this seaosn.

With such a price tag attached to his name, is he a great pick? Here are some pros and cons that you would want to consider before selecting Mo Salah.


  • Salah’s reputation as a goal-scoring machine and potential for captaincy make him an appealing choice for FPL managers.
  • His ability to deliver substantial returns against any team is an added bonus as this can significantly boost your fantasy team’s performance.


  • Klopp’s tactical change now sees Salah operating in wider positions. In the latter stages of last season, we saw this tactical change and it impacted Salah’s goal-scoring threat. If Liverpool carries on in that vein, Salah’s goals might dry up this upcoming season.
  • Including Salah in your squad comes at a high cost, requiring sacrifices in other areas of your team.
  • His tough opening fixtures raise concerns about his early-season form.

Recommendation: Mohamed Salah’s goal-scoring ability and captaincy potential make him an enticing prospect for FPL managers. However, be cautious of the tactical change and consider the budgetary implications of including him in your squad. While Salah can be a game-changer, it’s essential to monitor his performance in the early fixtures before making a final decision. If you can accommodate his premium price and are confident in his form, Salah can be a valuable addition to your fantasy team.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (£10.5m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Kevin De Brunye (£10.5m)

Kevin De Bruyne (£10.5m) is next on our list of top premium midfielders in FPL this season. He is a highly influential midfielder in Fantasy Premier League, but his absence from pre-season due to a hamstring injury raises some cautionary flags for FPL managers. The lack of pre-season involvement may impact his early-season form, and his premium price tag adds to the concern.

Before selecting De Brunye, here are some things that you should keep in mind:


  • De Bruyne’s absence from pre-season may hinder his early-season form and sharpness.
  • Under Pep Guardiola’s management, he is prone to rotation and careful management, especially if not fully fit.
  • Potential limited minutes in the opening fixtures could affect his captaincy potential.


  • When fully fit, De Bruyne has the ability to deliver massive point hauls and be a game-changer for any fantasy team.

Recommendation: FPL managers should carefully assess the risks involved in selecting Kevin De Bruyne for their squad. His talent and game-changing ability are compelling reasons to consider him, but it’s crucial to monitor his fitness updates and Pep Guardiola’s comments regarding his involvement in the early fixtures.

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The Best Premium FPL 9.0million Midfielders 23/24

3. Marcus Rashford (£9.0m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Marcus Rashford (£9.0m)

Marcus Rashford (£9.0m) is an attractive premium midfielder option for Fantasy Premier League(FPL) in the 2023/2024 season. He offers a promising combination of favorable fixtures and impressive underlying statistics, making him a valuable asset for FPL managers seeking a reliable and goal-hungry player.


  • Rashford’s impressive xGI rate of 0.59 per 90 minutes and his tally of 17 goals and 5 assists from the previous season highlight his goal-scoring threat and provider abilities.
  • Manchester United’s upcoming fixture list supports Rashford’s appeal, making him a viable candidate among United midfielders.


  • There is a possibility of Rashford facing reduced goal-scoring opportunities if a new striker arrives at Manchester United, impacting his early-season returns.

Recommendation: Marcus Rashford’s potential as a goal threat and provider, combined with favorable fixtures, makes him an attractive option for FPL managers.

4. Heung-min Son (£9.0m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Son Heung-Min (£9.0m)

Heung-min Son (£9.0m) is another enticing premium midfielder option for we Fantasy Premier League(FPL) managers in the 2023/2024 season. Despite battling a hernia injury last season, Son is expected to return to his previous form and be a potential game-changer for Tottenham Hotspur’s attack.


  • Son’s impressive xGI rate of 0.52 per 90 minutes, even in a subpar season, indicates the potential for improved goal-scoring performance.
  • With added motivation to bounce back, Son is likely to be a more potent goal threat this season.
  • He benefits from a favorable set of fixtures in the initial games, presenting an opportunity for FPL managers to gain a competitive edge by capitalizing on his early-season potential for returns.

Recommendation: FPL managers should consider Heung-min Son for their squad. His attacking flair, goal-scoring ability, and favorable opening fixtures make him a highly appealing option among midfielders. With Son poised to reclaim his position as a potent goal-scoring force, including him in your fantasy team could prove rewarding, especially in the early stages of the campaign.

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The Best Premium FPL 8.5million Midfielders 23/24

5. Bruno Fernandes (£8.5m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Bruno Fernandes (£8.5m)

Bruno Fernandes (£8.5m) stands as an elite premium midfielder with immense potential for delivering fantasy points in the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season. His exceptional xGI statistics, set-piece responsibilities, and nailed-on status make him a crucial asset for FPL managers seeking a reliable midfield maestro.


  • Bruno’s impressive xGI rate of 0.71 per 90 minutes reaffirms his reputation as one of the league’s most influential players in the attacking third.
  • He underperformed significantly in relation to his xGI last season, suggesting the possibility of improved goal contributions in the upcoming season, making him an even more enticing prospect.
  • Bruno’s role as the designated penalty taker and involvement in some set pieces provide consistent avenues for goal returns, adding to his potential to accumulate points.
  • His nailed-on status ensures he is virtually guaranteed to start every game, making him a reliable and dependable player for FPL managers.

Recommendation: Bruno Fernandes’s combination of exceptional xGI statistics, set-piece responsibilities, nailed-on status, and relative affordability make him an unrivaled proposition in the mid-priced midfielder category. As a premium asset, he offers consistent points potential and access to Manchester United’s attacking potential.

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6. Bukayo Saka (£8.5m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Bukayo Saka (£8.5m)

Bukayo Saka (£8.5m) is one of the best midfielders in the 8.5million price bracket and he is great midfielder option for the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season. With his attacking prowess, impressive xGI rate of 0.56 per 90 minutes, and “nailed-on” status, he is a valuable asset for FPL managers seeking a much cheaper premium option.


  • Saka’s attacking potential, highlighted by his impressive xGI rate, makes him a goal threat and a key offensive player for Arsenal.
  • His “nailed-on” status provides FPL managers with confidence in consistent starts and regular minutes, ensuring he can deliver returns consistently.
  • Being the penalty taker for Arsenal adds to his potential to accumulate points and secure valuable hauls in fantasy matches.
  • With over 50% ownership, Saka’s popularity among FPL managers reflects his widespread appeal and value as a fantasy asset.

Recommendation: FPL managers looking for Arsenal cover this season, should consider Bukayo Saka for their squad. His combination of impressive underlying statistics, consistent playing time, and penalty duties make him a highly appealing option among mid-priced midfielders.

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7. Martin Odegaard (£8.5m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Martin Odegaard (£8.5m)

Martin Odegaard (£8.5m) is an intriguing premium midfielder option for the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season. While his xGI rate is the lowest among starting Arsenal midfielders, his creativity and consistent playing time make him a valuable asset for providing assists to his teammates.


  • Odegaard’s role in Arsenal’s midfield appears secure, ensuring consistent game time, which is vital for any fantasy asset.
  • His creativity and ability to unlock defenses make him a valuable asset in terms of assisting his teammates.


  • The arrival of Kai Havertz at Arsenal may impact Odegaard’s goal-scoring opportunities and potentially affect his overall fantasy returns.

Recommendation: FPL managers should carefully consider Martin Odegaard for their squad. While he may not be the most goal-threatening midfielder, his role as a creative force and consistent playing time add to his value as a budget-friendly option. However, it’s important to closely monitor how the presence of Kai Havertz affects Odegaard’s role within the Arsenal setup and his potential for fantasy returns. If Havertz’s arrival does not significantly hinder Odegaard’s attacking contributions, he could prove to be a valuable asset in providing assists to his teammates.

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The Best Premium FPL 8.0million Midfielders 23/24

8. Gabriel Martinelli (£8.0m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Gabriel Martinelli (£8.0m)

Gabriel Martinelli (£8.0m) is an exciting budget-friendly midfield gem for the 2023/2024 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season. His impressive underlying statistics, particularly an expected goal involvement (xGI) rate of 0.59 per 90 minutes, highlight his goal-scoring ability and potential to find the back of the net.


  • Martinelli’s impressive xGI rate makes him a standout candidate among Arsenal’s starting midfielders, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess and attacking threat.
  • His budget-friendly price tag allows FPL managers to free up funds for premium assets in other positions, providing more flexibility in squad formation.


  • FPL managers should be aware of the competition for minutes in the Arsenal midfield, which may result in slightly reduced playing time in certain situations.

Recommendation: FPL managers seeking a budget-friendly midfield option with goal-scoring potential should seriously consider Gabriel Martinelli for their squad. His impressive xGI rate and favorable price tag make him an appealing proposition. However, it’s important to monitor his playing time and role within the Arsenal team, as competition for minutes may impact his overall returns.

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9. Diogo Jota (£8.0m)

FPL Premium Midfielder - Diogo Jota(£8.5m)

Diogo Jota (£8.0m) presents an interesting proposition for Fantasy Premier League managers in the 2023/2024 season. With impressive attacking instincts and a high expected goal involvement (xGI) rate of 0.69 per 90 minutes, he stands out as an alluring option in the mid-priced bracket.


  • Jota’s high xGI rate showcases his goal-scoring potential and ability to find dangerous positions, making him an appealing FPL asset capable of delivering impactful returns.
  • When given the chance, Jota has the potential to be a significant asset to any fantasy team and can deliver substantial points hauls.


  • The fierce competition for places in the Liverpool attack, with players like Nunez, Gakpo, and Diaz vying for starting spots alongside Salah, Mane, and Firmino, poses a potential threat to Jota’s minutes on the pitch due to rotation.

Recommendation: FPL managers considering Diogo Jota for their squad should weigh the potential risks of rotation against his goal-scoring potential. While he has the ability to deliver significant returns, the competition for places in the Liverpool attack could impact his playing time in certain fixtures.


In the realm of Fantasy Premier League, elite midfield gems like Bruno Fernandes, Mohamed Salah, Heung-min Son, and others beckon FPL managers with their potential for points. Wise squad selection and strategic decisions will pave the path to fantasy triumph in the 2023/2024 season.