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Gameweek 17 midfielder player picks

After a long break, FPL is finally back and we have to say that we have missed the fantasy premier league game. With gameweek 17 starting in the next 7 days, it is important for us to remind ourselves of some of the best player picks.

In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best midfielder player picks for your GW17 fantasy premier league team. We hope you enjoy the rest of the article.

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The best FPL midfielder picks for your GW17 team

Before we go into, our player picks recommendation, it would be nice for us to see a fixture ticker for the next seven gameweeks. This would help us to know what players to target and what teams have pretty good fixtures.

Here are the teams to watch out for:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Southampton
  4. Arsenal
  5. Fulham

1. Kevin De Brunye

The first player that we’ve got on our list and we think would be a great addition to any fantasy team, this gameweek, would be Man City’s midfielder, Kevin De Brunye.

We all know that the World Cup just ended and so when selecting players, we want to be sure that they are going to play and feature for their team this matchday.

De Brunye is one of those players who has just joined Man City’s camp after Belgium’s exit from the World Cup, and has also got a friendly game under his belt, we’re confident that he’d start and so, he’d be a pretty good pick this gameweek.

We all know the quality De Brunye has and how good he gets during the second half of every season. Man City play Leeds first, and that’s a game where you’d want to have some of the best City attackers – De Brunye fits the bill perfectly.

2. Almiron

Almiron is another player that would be a pretty decent addition to your gameeweek 17 wildcard team. The Newcastle midfielder wasn’t a part of the World Cup and so he’s fit, fresh and ready to go again.

We all know that budget midfielders are pretty important when picking our fantasy team, and that’s exactly what you get with Almiron.

He’s a 5.8million player, who is in pretty good form and starts for an in-form Newcastle side. Before the World Cup break, Almiron had eight goals, got himself two assists and picked up 93 FPL points.

He also got a whopping 46 points, in his last five Premier League games. He’d be a good buy and a great addition to your team this gameweek.

3. Kulusevski

Another really good player that’d be a nice differential pick this gameweek, would be Kulusevski. A player who is in the eight million price bracket who didn’t feature in the World Cup and is guaranteed to play games for Spurs in the restart.

We know Kulusevski is a pretty good FPL asset, a player that has the ability to score goals and get assists. He could be even more important for Spurs during the restart, as Kane hasn’t returned to training just yet.

If you’re looking to have some Spurs cover in your midfield, then Kulusevski is the best pick out there.

4. Mo Salah

Mo Salah is another player that would be in majority of FPL teams and he’s one that you should be looking to add to your team as well. We all know the quality that Mo Salah has and so we don’t need to spend too much time talking about that.

All we need to know is that Mo Salah was in pretty decent form before the World Cup break and now that he has rested, he could kick-off this restart in style. He plays against Aston Villa in GW17, which means he is also a really good captain pick.

Having a threemium of Mo Salah, Kevin De Brunye and Erling Haaland might just be a pretty good strategy to go with before using your other wildcard.

5. Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford, a player who scored three goals at the World Cup and plays for Man United, a team that has a set of pretty good fixtures coming up – is a player that should be on the radar of many FPL managers.

Rashford plays Nott’m Forest, Wolves and Bounremoth in his first three games after the restart and these are games that you’d expect Man United and Rashford to do pretty well in.

He’s in pretty good form and he’s only just 6.6million at the time of writing, he’s one of the best options in that price range and he’d be a great addition to your GW17 wildcard.

6. Bukayo Saka

Another player that played really well at the World Cup, scored a couple of goals, is in good form and has pretty good fixtures, is Bukayo Saka.

Saka is a player who caught the eye of majority of us FPL managers before the World Cup break. In fact, his form and performances were so good, that he blanked just two times in his last six games, before the World Cup break.

We know that he’s one of Arsenal’s main man. We also know that he is a guaranteed starter and he’d play most of their games from now until the end of the season.

Even if you don’t get him in GW17, he is one that you should make plans for and try to get him later as the PL goes on.

7. Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes is another player that could be a pretty good buy as you wildcard in GW17. Bruno had an impressive World Cup and we’d be hoping that he can carry that form into the Premier League.

However as an FPL manager, I wouldn’t be too keen on Bruno Fernandes. That’s because of his price – he’s in that awkward 10million price bracket and so it’s always hard to fit players like that into your team.

We also would rather go with Marcus Rashford instead of Bruno Fernandes. That’s because Rashford has the potential to get more goals, as he is more advanced.

So, with Bruno, we’d say you should wait and see and not just buy straight away. If he performs well in GW17, then you should be looking to get him in the next gameweek.

8. Phil Foden

Phil Foden is another FPL midfielder that would be a great pick, but he is one that we’re not recommending now. That’s because he’s so much of a rotation risk, and he was also involved in the World Cup – he played a decent amount of games for England.

We do know that later in the future, he’d come good. But, for now, we think Riyad Mahrez could be a nice differential pick in GW17.

Man City play Leeds in GW17, and we know that a lot of fantasy managers would be targeting that fixture, as it has the potential to be a high scoring game.

In order for you not to miss out on that, you could go for a Man City triple up of Mahrez, KDB and Haaland. Mahrez is the only Man City winger that didn’t go to the World Cup, so we think he’d be starting in GW17.

Well, we’ve just found out that we could be wrong, as Pep had this to say in his recent press conference:

This means that Phil Foden could be a pretty good pick this gameweek and he’s one that you could buy now and start as well. But it’d also be nice to have a good bench, just in case he doesn’t start.

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