September 23, 2023


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The best FPL forward picks for your FPL draft – 6.5 million – 11.5 million forward picks

We’re one week away from the start of the FPL season. Many of us FPL managers are still creating our FPL drafts, some of us are deciding on what formation to go for, some are still contemplating whether they should go for two forwards, or three forwards and it’s absolutely normal since the season is only just starting.

However, with the stats that we have dug up, we have decided to create a list of some of the best FPL forward picks, we’d be looking at the best budget FPL forwards (5.5-6.5million forwards), the best 7.5 million forward and the best premium forward picks for your FPL GW1 team.

We’d be ranking these forward picks from the least to the best. We’d be using metrics such as their fixtures, stats from previous seasons and their teams stats, to decide which of this forwards picks would be ideal for your FPL team.

10 best forwards to pick for your 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League team

Here’s a list of some the best forwards for your FPL team, In this list we’d be counting down from the best budget FPL forwards to the best premium FPL forward picks.

10. Undav £5.5million budget forward – Brighton

Undav would be number 10 on our list of FPL forward picks. There are so many other great budget 5.5million forward picks, but Undav is one that stands out for us and could be a really good addition to any FPL team this season.

He’s not nailed on yet, but the potential for him to come good later this season is really high. Brighton are a team that create a lot of chances and Undav is a player whose finishing is actually quite decent.

In the Belgian pro league, Undav had an average of 0.78 goals per ninety minutes, he also managed to get himself 26 goals in 33 matches.

We all know the difference in quality between the Premier League and the Belgian League, it won’t be easy for Undav to replicate those numbers in the PL.

Undav would have to break into the team, as he has to battle with Danny Welback and Neal Maupay for a place in the Brighton eleven, if he can do that then he’d be one of the best budget FPL forwards this season.

9. Aleksandar Mitrovic 6.5million budget forward – Fulham

Top scorer in the championship last season with 43 goals, 0.98 goals every ninety minutes, 43 goals from an xG of 34.69, Aleksandar Mitrovic is coming into the Premier League after a really impressive season in the championship.

He’s coming in ninth in this list of FPL forwards picks and that’s because of Fulham’s tough set of opening fixtures. Fulham are one of those teams we highlighted that we avoid for now, in our “6 teams you should target and 4 teams you should avoid when creating your FPL draft” post.

This means that if you get Mitrovic now, he’s not one you’d be relying on – you’d need a really good team that’d allow you rotate based on his fixture difficulty.

For now, we do think it’d be better to wait and get him in when his fixture become a lot easier. If you do that it’s possible you even get him for a price that’s cheaper than 6.5million.

8. Patrick Bamford 7.5million FPL forward pick – Leeds United

Patrick Bamford comes in eight in our list of FPL forward picks and that’s because of Leeds really good set of opening fixtures. Leeds set of opening fixtures are so good, that just one of their first 7 games have an FDR of 4.

Bamford also in his first season in the Premier League, showed us just how good of an FPL asset he can be. Leeds also have lost a couple of really good players this summer and that’s something we have to keep in mind when going for Patrick Bamford.

Raphina was one of Leeds’ major creative outlets and he has left the club for Barcelona he’d definitely be a big miss for Leeds this season and his absence could also reduce the Bamford appeal.

There are much better 7.5 million FPL forwards out there, that are much better forward picks than Patrick Bamford. Even Ivan Toney would be a really good alternative and he cost just 7.0million.

7. Ollie Watkins 7.5 million forward pick – Aston Villa

Watkins is another really good 7.5million forward pick and he’d be a really good addition to your team. Aston Villa are a team that create a lot of chances and that’s one thing we’re looking at each time we want to pick a forward for our FPL team.

Watkins did quite alright last season and he’d be looking to improve even further this season. Aston Villa look like a really good side and their opening set of fixtures, are also really good.

They Play newly promoted Bournemouth in gameweek one and the potential for Ollie Watkins to haul, is really high. Watkins last season got himself 11 goals from an xG of 11.50.

He’s a good forward pick and he’s a much more better pick than Patrick Bamford.

6. Callum Wilson 7.5million FPL forward pick – Newcastle United

I really do love the idea of Callum Wilson in my team, but the only issue with Wilson is that he’s injury prone. Other than that, I think he’s a really good FPL forward for your team.

He’s also in that 7.5 million price range, which means that even if he gets injured, you could easily swap him for the likes of Ollie Watkins, Ivan Toney or Bamford.

Callum Wilson and Newcastle, also have really good set of fixtures – they play newly promoted Nott’m Forest in their opening game of the season. After that, only two games out of their 7 opening games have an FDR of 4.

Wilson is one player that is currently overlooked and with an ownership of just 3.0%, he is looking like a really good differential pick.

5. Darwin Nunez 9.0 million FPL forward pick – Liverpool

Liverpool’s new forward would be the fifth player on this list. He really is a good player and he plays for one of the best teams in the league. He’s one that has the potential to get better as the season progresses.

He’s more of a wait-and-see for us, we’d like to see how he adapts to life in the Premier League before going for him. Even at that, you won’t put it past him to get a couple of goals in the opening games of the season.

Liverpool create a ton of chances and Nunez would definitely profit from that as we saw in the community shield games against Manchester City.

The potential is high and Nunez is another really good forward pick. He has an ownership of just 18.7% and could be a really good way to get into the Liverpool’s attack.

4. Jamie Vardy 9.5 million FPL forward pick – Leicester City

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy is another really good FPL forward pick, he’s also a differential pick with him being selected by only 4.9% of FPL managers.

Leicester also have really good set of opening fixtures, only two of Leicester’s opening games have an FDR of four. Vardy as we’ve seen in previous seasons, is a striker who always hits double figures for goals.

No European football for Leicester this season also means that Vardy only has to deal with matches once a week, which should be good considering his age.

Incredible goal scorer with some good starting fixtures, Low owned, Vardy is a really good FPL forward pick. He’s a tempting punt.

3. Gabby Jesus 8.0million FPL forward pick – Arsenal

Arsenal’s new main man Gabby Jesus, looks very underpriced at only 8.0 and off the back of a great preseason and with very good starting fixtures, it’s easy to understand why he has such a huge ownership (64.9%).

Gabby Jesus has shown his class for Arsenal this preseason with the forward getting himself a total of 8 of goals. His ownership as well makes it hard to go against him.

He really is a must have ahead of the 2022/23 season because going against a player with such higher ownership is a little bit risky.

He also doesn’t cost too much, he’s only eight million. As managers, what we have to do is to find a nice second striker to pair up with Jesus. Feel free to check out this post, as we analyze some of the premium striker picks that could go well with Jesus.

Jesus is a must-have, go without him at your own risk.

2. Erling Haaland 11.5million FPL forward pick – Man City

Man City’s new signing, Erling Haaland is second on the list of FPL forwards. He’s one player that we all are looking to watch play in the PL this season.

Haaland comes into Man City with a big reputation and his numbers in previous seasons have been really incredible – Haaland, who managed 85 goals in 88 games for Dortmund, is now joining a City team creating chances for fun.

If he starts and if he stays fit, he’d be a great FPL option, especially with the BOU (H) game in GW2. His minutes are a slight doubt, as we know Pep loves to rotate.

Even at that, Haaland is one of the best strikers in the world and you’d expect him to do well in this Man City side where the best creative players play.

1. Harry Kane 11.5million FPL forward pick – Spurs

As PL proven as it gets, strong preseason, very good underlying stats since Conte took over, great fixtures, less expensive than Son. The list of pros with Harry Kane just goes on.

Incredible FPL asset, Harry Kane is the best FPL forward to have in your team this season.

His record in the PL speaks for itself. He has proven time and time again that he his a very lethal striker who can score and assist. He also has a good set of opening fixtures this season – Harry Kane really is that guy.

We understand that people are having a difficult time picking between Haaland and Kane and that’s why in this post, we take a look at both forwards and share our thoughts on which one is the better pick.

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