October 5, 2023


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GW2 Differential Picks: The Best FPL Differential Picks for Gameweek 2

The Best FPL Differential Picks for Gameweek 2 (2023/24)

The 2023/24 Premier League season is off to a flying start, and it’s time to start thinking about your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team for gameweek 2. If you’re looking for some differential picks to help you stand out from the crowd, then look no further.

In this article we’d be taking a look at some spicy differential picks in every position. We’d be a taking a look at players like: Taiwo Awoniyi, Moussa Diaby, Yoane Wissa and Eddie Nketiah. Let’s dive right in.

GW2 Differential Pick – Low Ownership high Potential Picks

We now what to take a look at some of the best differential picks you can add to your FPL team in GW2. These players have been selected by less than 10% of FPL managers.

10. Colwill – £4.5m – 3.4% – DEF / CHE

Samuel Colwill stands as an intriguing budget differential (£4.5m, 3.4% ownership) in Fantasy Premier League. His potential shines from Gameweek 2 onward, offering a strategic edge. Colwill’s allure lies not only in his price but also in Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures:

With this set of fixtures, we’re very optimistic and think that Levi Colwill could get at least five clean sheet which in turn, turns into FPL points. He’s a good budget player and a differential that is guaranteed a place in Chelsea’s eleven.

9. Robertson – £6.5m – 4.1% – DEF / LIV

Our next differential pick for GW2, would be Robertson of Liverpool. He secures his place on this list primarily due to the favorable fixture awaiting him in this gameweek. In GW2, Liverpool will face Bournemouth at home—a match that strongly suggests a clean sheet opportunity and the potential for attacking contributions from Liverpool’s defensive players.

While it’s true that his fixtures beyond the Bournemouth encounter pose a certain degree of challenge, we anticipate a rise in his performance output from GW5 onward.

Consequently, if your intention is to include a Liverpool defender who isn’t Trent and has the potential to yield attacking returns, Robertson emerges as a prudent choice. His ownership rate of just 4.1% further establishes him as an enticing differential option.

8. Richarlison – £7.0m – 4.2% – MID / TOT

Our next differential pick is Richarlison and this a player that we expect to do well given the fact that he’d be the starting forward for a team that promises to be much more attacking.

Richarlison has been under our close observation, and we must acknowledge that his showing in GW1 was somewhat disheartening, failing to leave a considerable impression.

Nevertheless, our outlook for him is considerably brighter in the face of the upcoming match against Manchester United. Given that United is expected to adopt a less defensive stance than Brentford did, we are optimistic about Richarlison’s potential to excel.

Hence, if you are among the 4.2% of managers who have Richarlison in their ranks, our advice is to approach the gameweek with a positive perspective, considering the factors that play into his favor.

7. Barnes – £6.5m – 4.1% – MID / NEW

His performance has undeniably captured the attention of FPL managers, making him a prime target for many, given his price and the team he represents.

It’s indisputable that Barnes possesses the potential to become a standout FPL choice for this season. However, we advise exercising caution and adopting a wait-and-see approach to ascertain whether he secures a starting role with Newcastle. As evidenced in GW1, Gordon was given the starting nod, while Barnes entered the game from the bench.

Should circumstances evolve in subsequent gameweeks, prompting Barnes to take up a regular starting position, considering him for your lineup becomes a viable option, particularly in light of his forthcoming fixtures.

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6. Wissa – £6.0m – 6.0% – FWD / BRE

Transitioning to the next standout differential for this gameweek, we introduce Wissa of Brentford, who exhibited a commendable performance in GW1 by securing a goal and amassing a total of nine points.

Positioned as a forward with a price tag of 6.0 million, Wissa is currently selected by 6.0% of FPL managers, solidifying his status as one of the premier budget-friendly forward options in the game.

Should your objective be to release resources for a midfielder like Salah during this gameweek, opting for Wissa over Watkins is an astute decision. The upcoming sequence of fixtures for Brentford coupled with Wissa’s form creates a compelling case that’s difficult to overlook.

While a significant portion of managers lean towards Mbuemo as their preferred Brentford choice, this dynamic casts Wissa in the role of a robust differential selection for this gameweek and beyond.

5. Luis Díaz – £7.5m – 7.7% – MID / LIV

In the fifth spot of our list highlighting excellent GW2 FPL differential picks, we present Luiz Diaz, another valuable asset from Liverpool. This choice is primarily influenced by their upcoming fixture this gameweek.

Diaz doesn’t just have a great game this week he also offers the most budget-friendly entry point into Liverpool’s attacking lineup, which is why we recommend him as a strong differential option for GW2.

While we can’t be certain if he will surpass Salah in points this week, one thing is for sure: Diaz is poised to deliver some form of attacking contribution. This prediction stems from his recent goal against Chelsea in the preceding week.

Hence, if you’re seeking coverage from Liverpool and find yourself short of funds for Salah, Diaz emerges as the logical alternative. It’s important to exercise caution, however, as he might face the possibility of being benched, given Liverpool’s abundance of forward options.

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4. Henry – £4.5m – 3.0% – DEF / BRE

Moving into the top four differentials for GW2, we find Rico Henry of Brentford securing the fourth position. Operating as an extremely attacking full-back, he possesses the potential to secure clean sheets while also contributing with assists.

His standout performance against Spurs certainly captured our attention. Henry exhibited a highly proactive approach, consistently placing himself in advantageous attacking positions—reminiscent of Estupinan’s style. This promising display aligns with the qualities one desires in an FPL defender.

Beyond the visual impact, Henry’s underlying statistics against Spurs were profoundly impressive, boasting an expected assists (xA) value of 0.74 and creating 2 significant scoring opportunities. If you’re in search of a budget 4.5-priced defender who is both attack-minded and a differential, while also enjoying favorable upcoming fixtures, Henry stands out as your optimal choice.

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3. Nketiah – £5.5m – 4.6% – FWD / ARS

In third place, we’ve got Arsenal’s Nketiah. A goal, 10 points, and a start in GW1 show that Nketiah is capable of filling the boots of Gabby Jesus and he’s one Arteta trusts. Priced at 5.5 million, having him in your lineup would free up resources for a stronger midfield, potentially accommodating Salah.

It’s a given that Nketiah possesses goal-scoring ability. His primary drawback, however, lies in the potential for rotation. We’ve witnessed Havertz taking up a false nine role for Arsenal. Should such a scenario materialize, Nketiah might find himself on the bench.

Nonetheless, being priced at 5.5 million also means that you’re likely to have a dependable bench, capable of covering for him during his off days. If you’re looking for a differential forward that starts for an attacking side and a striker that’d score goals then Nketiah is the man for you.

2. Diaby – £6.5m – 7.8% – MID

Diaby of Aston Villa emerges as the second-best differential pick for GW2, meeting all the criteria. Positioned as a midfielder, he often advances up the pitch, akin to a secondary striker. This positioning ensures he gets into the box a lot more, significantly enhancing his goal-scoring prospects.

Furthermore, his upcoming fixture list for both GW2 and beyond offers immense promise. This factor renders him an excellent, viable, long-term FPL selection. While Villa’s performance in Gameweek 1 was somewhat underwhelming, we hold a steadfast belief that their performance will rebound in GW2, with Diaby demonstrating his prowess on the field.

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1. Awoniyi – £6.5m – 0.8% – FWD / NFO

In first place, we have a superb differential player pick – someone owned by less than one percent of the game. Meet Awoniyi of Nott’m Forest.

Awoniyi and Nott’m Forest have a highly winnable game in GW2 as they face Sheffield United. We expect this to be a more open game, providing Nott’m Forest with good scoring opportunities. If that happens, we are confident that Awoniyi will be there to capitalize.

He already demonstrated in GW1 that he doesn’t need many chances to find the back of the net. It’s worth noting that he didn’t start against Arsenal, which might raise concerns.

However, we believe he wasn’t in the starting lineup due to tactical considerations. Nott’m Forest was aiming for a counter-attacking style, requiring a quick forward like Johnson. We don’t anticipate them setting up the same way in this gameweek.

Awoniyi is an exceptional differential pick, one that could reward FPL managers who decide to take a chance on him in this gameweek.

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