The best forward player picks for your GW17 FPL team

GW17 forward Picks

Forwards have been really impressive in recent weeks, if you played the FIFA World Cup fantasy game, you’d understand just where we are coming from.

However, we know this is FPL and we can still say the same, forwards are a gem. We just covered an article about the best midfielder player picks, do make sure to check it out as well: The best FPL midfielder player picks for GW17 – fantasy premier league tips.

This time, however, we’re looking at some of the best FPL forward player picks that you can add to your GW17 wildcard team.

The best FPL forward player picks for your GW17 team

Before we go into, our player picks recommendation, it would be nice for us to see a fixture ticker for the next seven gameweeks. This would help us to know what forward players to target and what teams have pretty good fixtures.

From the fixture ticker, here are some of the teams to target:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool
  4. Manchester United
  5. Fulham

1. Erling Haaland

The first player that’s on our list of top forward player picks this gameweek, is Erling Haaland. Haaland is the highest scoring FPL asset in the game, the top scorer in the league and also the most owned FPL asset.

He proved earlier this season, that he is a must have, he can score goals and that he can be captained every single gameweek. When selecting your GW17 FPL team, Erling Haaland has to be one of the first names in your team.

2. Harry Kane

Another pretty good forward pick is England captain and Spurs forward, Harry Kane. Kane has been a pretty good FPL asset so far this season and he’s one player that has been in my team from the start of the season, alongside Erling Haaland.

Kane has been delivering FPL points on a regular and consistent basis. In fact, the Spurs forward only blanked three times in the sixteen games he played throughout the first half of the season.

He has returned 102 FPL points, scored twelve goals and assisted three. He is a pretty good forward and he’s one that you could also add to your team this gameweek.

3. Darwin Nunez

Nunez of Liverpool is another player who would make a pretty good forward this gameweek and in the long-term. Nunez plays for one of the best attacking sides in Liverpool and that in itself is a good enough reason to buy him.

Another reason why he’d be a good pick is the fact that he is guaranteed gametime. Liverpool have currently lost two forwards, Jota and Diaz to injury, that means that players like Firmino and Nunez are going to be playing more games.

Liverpool face Aston Villa in GW17, a Villa side that would be without their shot stopper Emi Martinez and that’s something that the likes of Nunez and Salah would be looking to capitalize on.

If you want to find a way into Liverpool’s attack, buying Nunez is one of the best ways to do that.

4. Eddie Nketiah

Eddie Nketiah is another player that would be a great forward pick and a nice addition to any FPL team. The forward is on this list, because of the injury Gabby Jesus picked up in the World Cup.

It looks like the injury Jesus picked up, is quite serious, this makes Eddie Nketiah who is Jesus’ natural replacement, a pretty good FPL asset. He is cheap and he’d be playing in an Arsenal side that can score goals, and have pretty decent fixtures coming up.

If you’re going to be selecting three premiums, then players like Nketiah are going to be pretty useful and helpful – Nketiah cost just 6.5million, which is a pretty decent price for an Arsenal attacker.

5. Calum Wilson

Wilson is another player that would be a great forward option for your GW17 wildcard team. Newcastle we know, are a pretty good team, who play good attacking football and for us to take full advantage of it, it’d be nice to go for one of their forwards.

Wilson is one good pick and Isak is another really good pick as well. For GW17, it is more likely that Isak gets the nod ahead of Wilson, so it’d be much better to go with Isak and then wait and see how things develop with Wilson.

We’ve just seen in Newcastle just concluded Carabao Cup game, that Wilson was their striker, so I guess it’s safe to say that he could start in GW17.

6. Aleksandar Mitrović

Mitrovic is another player that you could be keeping an eye on as well this gameweek. But, we don’t think he’s one that you should start GW17 with, and that’s because he was involved in the World Cup and his gametime might be reduced.

But the gameweek after this, he’d be a pretty good pick. He plays Southampton in GW18 and then in GW19, he has a double gameweek and you’d want him in your team for that.

Another strategy that you could deploy, is that you can buy him this week and then bench him and play him in GW18 and DGW19.

7. Anthony Martial

Martial of Man United is another player that would be a great pick this week. Martial’s first three games are against Nott’m Forest, Wolves and Bournemouth, three really good games that have an FDR of 2.

You’d expect Martial and United to do quite well in these fixtures. With Ronaldo out of United, you’d expect Martial to get a decent amount of gametime if he can stay fit.

He’s not only a good pick, but he’s also a great differential 6.7million forward.

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