October 4, 2023


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The Best 5.0-5.5 million mid-priced FPL Defender Picks 23/24 season

The Best 5.0-5.5 million mid-priced FPL Defender Picks 23/24 season

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), picking the right defenders can make all the difference in earning valuable points throughout the season. As the 2023/24 season kicks off, FPL managers are on the lookout for affordable yet reliable defenders to strengthen their squads.

In this article, we’ll explore the best 5.0-5.5 million FPL defender picks who are expected to deliver impressive performances while still being budget-friendly.

The Best Fantasy Premier League Defender Picks(FPL) Mid-priced Defenders Picks 23/24

1. Gabriel Magalhaes: The Undeniable Gem Among 5.0 Million FPL Defenders

Gabriel 5.0million FPL Defender

As Fantasy Premier League managers scour the market for budget-friendly defensive options, one name stands out above the rest: Gabriel Magalhaes. Priced at a modest £5.0 million, Gabriel offers an enticing blend of defensive solidity and attacking threat, making him the ideal pick for the 2023/24 season. Let’s delve deeper into why Gabriel Magalhaes is the standout defender of choice in this price bracket.

  1. Unmatched Goal-Scoring Potential: Despite being a center-back, Gabriel’s attacking prowess sets him apart from his defensive peers. During the previous season, he displayed an impressive xG (expected goals) of 5.08, making him the leading defender in this metric. His consistent goal-scoring potential adds a unique dimension to his FPL value, as he can rack up points not just from clean sheets but also from his exploits in the opposition’s penalty box.
  2. Steady Presence and Excellent Value: Being an ever-present starter for Arsenal last season, Gabriel solidified his place in the heart of their defense. Remarkably, despite his standout performances and impressive statistics, his price remains unchanged at £5.0 million, making him an irresistible option for FPL managers seeking consistency and great value. As a mainstay in the Gunners’ backline, he is likely to pick up regular clean sheet points.
  3. Set-Piece Threat: Gabriel’s aerial prowess and positioning make him a significant threat during set-piece situations. Last season, he managed to find the net three times from set-pieces, highlighting his ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities from dead-ball situations. For FPL managers, this additional goal-scoring avenue further enhances his appeal, especially in tight matches where set-pieces can be crucial.
  4. Impressive FPL Stats: Gabriel’s impressive FPL statistics from the 2022/23 season only strengthen his case as a must-have defender. Among FPL defenders, he ranked in the top four for both big chances (five) and goal attempts (32), showcasing his ability to get involved in the attacking phase and contribute significantly to his team’s offensive endeavors.

2. Oleksandr Zinchenko: The Dynamic Arsenal Full-Back Offering FPL Potential

Zinchenko 5.0million FPL Defender

In the quest for budget-friendly defenders with high Fantasy Premier League (FPL) potential, Oleksandr Zinchenko shines as an enticing option for the 2023/24 season. Priced at £5.0 million, this versatile full-back has proven himself as a vital asset for Arsenal, showcasing impressive attacking capabilities and the ability to contribute consistently to FPL points. Let’s delve into why Zinchenko is a strong contender for FPL managers seeking an affordable and dynamic defensive pick.

  1. Impressive Early-Season Form: In the initial matches of the previous season, Zinchenko delivered exceptional performances, averaging 5.0 points per game and even registering a remarkable 12-point haul against Crystal Palace. These early-season displays underline his potential to start the 2023/24 campaign with a bang, making him a player to keep an eye on from the onset.
  2. Threat from the Left Flank: As a full-back with an attacking mindset, Zinchenko poses a significant threat from the left flank. His ability to deliver precise crosses and provide assists adds another dimension to his FPL value. For FPL managers, this attacking prowess increases the likelihood of securing both clean sheet points and attacking returns from this budget-friendly defender.
  3. Goal Involvement Potential: Among FPL defenders in this price range who played over 2000 minutes last season, Zinchenko ranked an impressive fourth for expected goal involvement per 90 minutes (xGI, 0.16). This stat highlights his consistent involvement in Arsenal’s attacking plays and positions him as a player capable of contributing to goals through assists or even occasional goal-scoring.
  4. Bonus Point Magnet: Zinchenko’s integral role in Arsenal’s build-up play and his contributions in key areas of the game translate into regular bonus points. His pass completion, ball recovery, and key passes statistics earned him a baseline bonus point every 6.2 minutes during the previous season, ranking him among the top Arsenal defensive starters for bonus point potential.
  5. Arsenal’s Defensive Potential: Throughout the 2022/23 season, Arsenal established themselves as a solid defensive unit, conceding a total of 43 goals, closely aligning with the expected goals conceded (xGC) of 42.20. With the addition of Declan Rice and a favorable set of opening fixtures, Arsenal’s clean sheet potential is expected to improve significantly in the upcoming season, further boosting Zinchenko’s value as a budget-friendly FPL defender.

Oleksandr Zinchenko stands tall as a dynamic full-back with immense potential to excel in the Fantasy Premier League for the 2023/24 season. His attacking threat, combined with his knack for earning bonus points, makes him an excellent choice for FPL managers looking to bolster their defense without stretching their budget. With a strong start to the previous season and Arsenal’s improved defensive prospects, Zinchenko has all the attributes to become a fantasy gem in the forthcoming campaign. Consider adding this exciting talent to your FPL squad and enjoy the dividends of a well-rounded and budget-friendly defensive pick.

3. Pervis Estupiñán: The Attacking Force at Left-Back for Brighton

Pervis Estupiñán 5.0million FPL Defender

In the realm of budget-friendly defenders with a penchant for attacking prowess, Pervis Estupiñán stands tall as a standout choice for the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League(FPL) season. Valued at just £5.0 million, this left-back sensation from Brighton offers an irresistible combination of width, assists, and goal threat. Let’s delve into why Estupiñán is an FPL gem and a must-have for managers seeking a potent budget-friendly defensive option.

  1. Attacking Returns Galore: Estupiñán’s attacking instincts were on full display last season, ranking fourth among defenders for attacking returns with an impressive tally of eight. His invaluable contributions included seven assists and a late-season goal against Arsenal, underscoring his ability to deliver consistent attacking returns despite being a defender.
  2. DGW36 Heroics: One of Estupiñán’s standout moments came during Double Gameweek 36 when he produced a remarkable 17-point haul against Arsenal. In that fixture, he not only kept a clean sheet but also scored a goal, provided an assist, and secured top bonus points. Such exceptional performances highlight his potential for explosive points hauls, making him a true differential pick.
  3. Stellar Underlying Statistics: During his time under the tutelage of Roberto De Zerbi, Estupiñán displayed impressive underlying statistics, ranking joint-second for expected goal involvement (xGI, 0.19) among FPL defenders at this price point who played over 2000 minutes last season. These stats demonstrate his consistent involvement in Brighton’s attacking plays and make him an enticing prospect for FPL managers.
  4. Clean Sheet Potential: Brighton’s defense, under De Zerbi’s guidance, managed a commendable 12 clean sheets last season, ranking joint-sixth in the league. Of particular note, nine of these clean sheets were achieved at their home ground, the Amex Stadium. This defensive resilience, combined with Estupiñán’s attacking threat, provides a compelling case for FPL managers to consider him as a well-rounded option.
  5. Favorable Opening Fixtures: Looking ahead to the 2023/24 season, Brighton’s fixture schedule appears to be favorable, with home matches against Luton, West Ham, and Bournemouth in the first six Gameweeks. These enticing fixtures present an opportunity for Estupiñán to hit the ground running and amass points right from the start of the campaign.

Pervis Estupiñán is undoubtedly a player to watch in the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season. As an attacking force from left-back for Brighton, his potential for assists, goal involvements, and clean sheets make him a valuable asset for FPL managers on a budget. With stellar underlying statistics, a history of explosive performances, and a favorable fixture schedule, Estupiñán has all the attributes to be a genuine difference-maker in your FPL squad. Don’t miss out on this gem of a defender who can provide consistent points returns while remaining kind to your budget.

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4. Pedro Porro: The Spanish Wing-Back with Explosive Attacking Potential

Pedro Porro 5.0million FPL Defender

Pedro Porro emerges as an exciting prospect for the 2023/24 season. Priced at a modest £5.0 million, this Spanish wing-back showcased his attacking flair in the previous campaign, making him a player to watch for FPL managers. Porro has the potential to be a game-changer in your FPL squad.

  1. Goal-Scoring Threat: Despite joining the team in January and starting in just 13 matches, Porro displayed a keen eye for goal, netting three times last season – the joint-best tally among FPL defenders.
  2. Explosive Gameweek 38 Performance: In the final Gameweek of the 2022/23 season, Porro showcased his true potential against Leeds United, earning an impressive 13 points through a goal and an assist.
  3. Prolific Attacking Returns: Despite playing only 1127 minutes last season, Porro boasted an exceptional expected goal involvement per 90 (xGI, 0.32), ranking joint-seventh for attacking returns among all FPL defenders. This statistic demonstrates his consistent involvement in offensive plays and highlights his potential to provide regular attacking contributions from a defensive position.
  4. Tottenham’s Defensive Prospects: Under the new attack-minded management of Ange Postecoglu, Tottenham is eager to strengthen their defensive line. While their expected goals conceded (xGC) stood at 50.39 last season, they conceded 53 goals, leaving room for improvement. If Postecoglu’s summer overhaul proves successful, there is hope that Spurs can tighten their defense and provide more clean-sheet opportunities for Porro.
  5. Favorable Fixtures: Although Tottenham faces challenging fixtures against BRE (A) and MUN (H) initially, their next three fixtures against BOU (A), BUR (A), and SHU (H) offer an ideal opportunity for Porro to shine. Against these less formidable opponents, his attacking threat from the wing-back position could yield significant returns for FPL managers.

Pedro Porro is a player who promises attacking flair and goal-scoring potential from a defensive position. With an impressive goal-scoring record, prolific underlying statistics, and the potential for clean sheets under Tottenham’s new management, he offers excellent value at just £5.0 million.

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5. Alex Moreno: The January Revelation Fortifying Aston Villa’s Defense

Alex Moreno 5.0million FPL Defender

Alex Moreno emerges as a promising defensive option at just £5.0 million. His immediate impact upon joining Aston Villa in January was nothing short of remarkable, making him a standout choice among budget-friendly defenders. With a stellar expected assists record and a defensive setup led by Unai Emery, Moreno’s potential for attacking returns and clean sheets makes him an enticing prospect for FPL managers.

  1. Attacking Prowess: Since his Gameweek 20 debut, Moreno has been a standout performer among all FPL defenders for expected assists (xA) with an impressive tally of 2.58. Only elite defenders like Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, and Robertson bettered Moreno during that period. His attacking flair from the left-back position adds significant value, as he can contribute to goals and assists while also earning clean sheet points.
  2. Emery’s Solid Defensive Setup: Under the tutelage of Unai Emery, Aston Villa’s defense showcased remarkable improvement last season, finishing in the top six for both clean sheets (12) and goals conceded (46). With the addition of highly-rated Pau Torres, further defensive improvements are expected, which bodes well for Moreno’s potential to secure clean sheets and bonus points.
  3. Favorable Opening Fixtures: While Aston Villa faces a mixed set of fixtures at the start of the season, they have favorable matches against Everton (H), Burnley (A), and Crystal Palace (H). These fixtures offer an ideal opportunity for Moreno to make an impact both defensively and offensively, as he can capitalize on Villa’s defensive solidity while contributing to attacking plays from the left flank.
  4. Emerging as a Differential: As a relatively new addition to the Premier League, Moreno presents an opportunity for FPL managers to gain an edge over their competitors with a differential pick. His attacking contributions combined with Villa’s defensive prowess make him a unique and potentially rewarding choice at his modest price.

Alex Moreno is a player on the rise, and his immediate impact upon joining Aston Villa makes him an exciting prospect for the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season. His attacking prowess and potential for clean sheets in Emery’s well-drilled defense make him a valuable asset at just £5.0 million.

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6. John Stones 5.5million: A Way Into Man City’s Defense

The player we’ve got next on our list of great mid-priced FPL defenders is no other person but John Stones. Priced at 5.5miilion, Stones looks like the best route into Man City’s defense. The English man has been pivotal for City in recent games and for that reason, we think he’s one of the best 5.5 million FPL defenders at the moment. Here are other reasons why we think he’s a great pick.

  1. Good Enough Game Time: While it is difficult to predict City’s starting eleven, we have good reason to believe that John Stones would get good enough game time this season and that’s because of his versatility and his ability to play as an inverted full-back.
  2. Attacking Threat: John Stones is a City defender who carries a lot of attacking threats. His position as an inverted full-back means that he’d find himself further up the pitch and on the edge of the box. If he’s high up the pitch, the chances of him getting a goal or an assist is really high. As you can see in this pre-season match.

Overall, John Stones is a solid mid-priced FPL defender, who can give you clean sheet points as well as points from goals and assists. He’s also a good way to get some Man City defensive cover. His fixtures are also great. So, with him, you’re getting a complete all-round FPL defender.

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Honorable Mid-Priced Defensive Mentions: James and Chilwell

As Fantasy Premier League managers seek solid mid-priced defensive options, Reece James and Ben Chilwell emerge as standout choices for the 2023/24 season. With Chelsea welcoming new manager Mauricio Pochettino, both players are expected to thrive under his guidance, offering a potent mix of defensive solidity and attacking threat. Let’s explore why James and Chilwell are on every FPL manager’s watchlist and why they could be game-changers when fixtures swing in their favor.

  1. Defensive and Offensive Improvements Under Pochettino: With Mauricio Pochettino at the helm, Chelsea is anticipated to undergo significant improvements both defensively and offensively. Pochettino’s tactical acumen and emphasis on a well-organized defense could enhance the team’s clean sheet potential, making James and Chilwell key beneficiaries of the new setup.
  2. Proven FPL Points Delivery: Both James and Chilwell have demonstrated their ability to deliver impressive FPL points in previous seasons. James, with his marauding runs down the right flank and pinpoint crosses, has consistently provided assists and poses a goal threat from set-pieces. Chilwell, on the other hand, possesses a keen eye for goal and has a knack for contributing with assists from the left-back position.
  3. Attacking Threat from Full-Backs: Pochettino’s tactical approach often involves encouraging full-backs to join the attack, providing width and creating overloads in the final third. Given James and Chilwell’s attacking prowess, they are likely to be key contributors to Chelsea’s offensive plays, making them valuable assets for FPL managers.
  4. Fixture Swing in Gameweek 3: Keeping a close eye on James and Chilwell will be crucial, especially when Chelsea’s fixtures take a positive swing from Gameweek 3 onwards. As the season progresses and favorable fixtures come into play, their potential for clean sheets and attacking returns could yield substantial FPL points.

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As the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season unfolds, investing in the right defenders can be crucial to the success of any FPL manager’s team. The players mentioned above offer excellent value for money in the 5.0-5.5 million price range and are likely to provide a strong foundation for your defensive line. Remember, while researching and analyzing player form and fixtures is essential, FPL always holds an element of unpredictability, so it’s essential to keep an eye on team news and adjust your squad accordingly throughout the season. Best of luck in your FPL endeavors!