FPL GW21 wildcard team: some of the best gameweek 21 FPL teams

GW21 wildcard team

With blank gameweeks coming up, it is important for us to start planning ahead and getting our FPL team together. One way that we FPL manager can do this, is by making use of the wildcard chip. In this article, we’d be creating three GW21 wildcard teams, we’d also be using different strategies as we create our teams. In our first GW21 wildcard team, we’d be going big at the back, in the second team, we’d be investing in midfielders and lastly, in the third team, we’d be going all…

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GW13 fixtures, captain picks, differentials, wildcards – GW13 tips

GW13 is only a couple of days away, which means it is now time for us to put together our complete GW13 guide. In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles that cover and answer various questions that FPL managers have ahead of GW13. We’d be writing about: GW13 captain picks, differentials, wildcards, team selections, clean sheet odds and transfer targets. Do make sure to check back on this article, as it would be updated daily. GW13 fixtures Before we get right into providing any GW13 tips, we would…

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GW9 team selection: transfer targets, gameweek 9 player picks

GW9 team selection

GW9 is here and we’re at that stage of the season where games would be coming thick and fast. A lot of people would be activating their wildcards and others would be looking to use their free transfers to make needed adjustments to their various teams. Regardless of your strategy we here at raensports, have got you covered. In this article, we’d be selecting our GW9 team and we’d be suggesting players to that you can transfer in this gameweek. We also want to apologize about last gameweek, we noticed…

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GW9 FPL tips: wildcard draft, team selection, captain picks and differential picks

GW9 is here, but we have to wait a little longer than a week before the gameweek starts and to be honest it is a really good break to have as it gives us time to prepare for gameweek 9. While we wait there are a couple of things we FPL managers can be doing, most especially those who have their wildcard activated. In this article, we’d be sharing some GW9 FPL tips, wildcard drafts, captain picks, differential picks as well as our very own team selection. All these articles…

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GW8 differential picks: rising through the FPL ranks

GW8 differential picks

Welcome to raensports FPL differential picks article. In this article, we’d be conducting an experiment with an FPL team that’s currently ranked 8,982,796 in the world, we’d be seeing how high we can get this team to finish this season. We’d be deploying various strategies and tips in a bid to get this team to finish in the top 100K. We’ve not done such experiment before and this would be the first time we’d be doing this. If you enjoy such experiments then feel free to follow us through this…

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GW8 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 8 wildcard to consider

some of the best gameweek 8 wildcard to consider

With all the postponement of fixtures in recent weeks, wildcarding in gamewek 8 isn’t the worst of ideas. In fact, if you had your wildcard active in GW7 and you’ve been tinkering with your team, your team has probably increased in value. After a below par GW6, we do think the break in GW7 was needed. We have now had enough time to think and come up with different strategies and wildcard drafts that could be of use to those looking to wildcard in GW8. In this article we’d be…

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GW8 team selection and free hit team: transfer targets and scout picks

GW8 team selection

After a short break away from FPL last week, GW8 is here and we’re back with our weekly team selection article. At the time of writing, we’re assuming that all fixtures would go ahead as planned, as we do not have enough news yet. The news we’ve got right now is that games are expected to go on and only games that would be played in the capital(London) are a doubt and could be postponed or rescheduled. So we’d put that into consideration as we create our GW8 team. We’d…

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GW8 FPL tips: wildcard draft, team selection, chip strategies predicted line-ups | complete GW8 guide

After the postponement of GW7, gameweek 8 is here and we’d be hoping it goes as planned. In this article, we’d be putting together our GW8 tips, we’d be covering captain picks, wildcard drafts, chip strategies, predicted line-ups, team selection, transfer targets, differential picks and lastly, we’d be looking at some of the best expert opinions from Twitter and Reddit. So do make sure to click on the various articles that would be linked below, as those links would take you to those individual articles. GW8 News: would gameweek 8…

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GW6 team selection: transfer targets, scout picks and differential picks

Well after a disappointing team selection in gameweek 4, we bounced back and did quite alright in gameweek 5, with our team picking up a total of 84 points, which is really impressive and way above average. Gameweek 6 is here and if you’ve seen the fixtures, you can almost already tell that it’s going to be a lot harder than the just concluded gameweek 5. With the UCL starting next week, you can tell that there’s going to be a lot of rotation and that’s going to make this…

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GW5 team selection: transfer targets, scout picks and differential picks

GW5 team selection

GW4 has just ended and we have less than 2 days to get our teams sorted and selected for gameweek 5. Here at raensports, we had a stinker last week with our GW4 team selection and we want to apologize. This week however, we’d be looking to make amends and improve on that. In this article we’d be revealing our GW5 team(hopefully it does well), we’d look at some of the best differentials you can go with in gameweek 5 and what players you should buy this gameweek. FPL gameweek…

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