GW12 clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions

GW12 point predictions

With GW12 around the corner, we here at raensports have decided to bring to you some GW12 predictions. We’d be looking at the teams who are likely to keep clean sheets, players likely to deliver points, players likely to score and then we’d create our GW12 team with those information. GW12 clean sheet odds: what teams are … Read more

GW12 transfer targets: best players to buy gameweek 12

GW12 transfer targets

With GW12 being a blank gameweek, the need to make transfers not just one, but two or three transfers is needed – Maddison’s suspension alongside the Arsenal and Man City blank, has made GW12 a little different. In this article, we’d be taking a look at what moves FPL managers are making in terms of … Read more

GW12 free hit team: blank gameweeek 12 free hit team – Salah, Kane and Mount

GW12 free hit team

With GW12 being a blank gameweek for Man City and Arsenal, a lot of FPL managers are looking to play their free hit. Free hitting in GW12, allows FPL managers with only 5 or 6 players, to field a team of 11 players. If you have a team with a total of six or five … Read more

GW12 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 12 wildcard to consider

GW12 wildcard draft

A blank for two teams that have been performing well this season, means that a decent amount of FPL managers won’t be able to field a team of 11 players in gameweek 12. Well, there are a lot of ways to get past this blank gameweek, (1) you can take a hit(-4 or-8), or you … Read more

GW12 tips: captain picks, differentials and chip strategy – complete GW12 guide

With gameweek 12 starting right after the conclusion of gameweek 11, we’ve decided to put together a complete guide that would help we FPL managers, navigate through this gameweek. In this GW12 tips post, we’d be sharing our thoughts on several topics and answering some questions that FPL managers have asked ahead of GW12. We’d … Read more