FPL gameweek 2 tips: GW2 captain picks, wildcard drafts, team reveal, transfer targets, differential picks, and chip strategies


Gameweek 2 is almost here and we at raensports have put together a complete GW2 guide. In this guide, we walk through some of the best GW2 captain picks, we created a wildcard draft for those looking to wildcard in gameweek 2, we’ve also put together a complete chip strategy guide to help guide FPL managers on how and when to use their various FPL chips. Do make sure to stick around and click the links to the various FPL articles. Without further ado let’s get right into it. FPL…

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FPL GW32 tips: 6 teams and FPL assets you should target for your Wildcard draft

FPL gw32 tips: teams to target for wildcard draft

The Premier League has just released an updated fixture list – this means we have an idea of what to expect from now till the end of the season and we can now put a solid plan in place. The new fixture list has given us an idea of when the next blank and double gameweeks would be – we should be expecting double gameweeks in gameweek 33, 36 and 37 and couple of blanks in gameweek 33 for the likes of  Leeds, Aston Villa, and Wolves.  With all of…

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FPL chip strategy: how the rescheduled fixtures affect our planning

The Premier League have just released the fixture list from now till the end of the season. The updated fixtures mean that there would be double gameweeks in gameweek 33, 36, 37 and some miniature double gameweeks in gameweek 34 and 35. With all of this in mind, we will now be taking a look at the best FPL chip strategy and the best FPL assets and teams to target from now until the end of the season. When should you use your FPL chips Well, many of us still…

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GW30 free hit team: Blank gameweek 30 transfer targets

It is no secret that gameweek 30 is going to be a blank gameweek- with twelve teams blanking and eight teams playing. If you’re not well set up for blank gameweek 30, then more than half of your team would be blanking. This makes gameweek 30 the perfect time to make use of the free hit chip. With just eight teams playing in this round of fixtures, you might be wondering who the best blank gameweek 30 transfer targets are. In this article, we’d be creating a list of the…

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FPL chip strategy: Upcoming Blank and Double GW25-38 Everything You Need To Know

With the season drawing to an end, FPL managers are looking to take advantage of the upcoming blank and, double gameweeks-to do that, FPL managers would need to have a good FPL chip strategy in place. In this blog post, we’d be creating the ultimate FPL chip strategy guide for gameweek 25- 38. FPL chip strategy: What teams have blank and double gameweeks in gameweek 25 Gameweek 25 has both double and blank gameweeks. Man united and Brighton both have double gameweeks while Chelsea and Arsenal both have blank gameweeks.…

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