October 4, 2023


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Strategic FPL Insights: Gabriel vs. Chilwell Who To Buy and Sell

Gabriel vs. Chilwell Who To Buy and Sell

In the game of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), understanding the nuances behind player choices can be the difference between a successful Gameweek and a challenging one. This week, the spotlight turns towards Gabriel, a player who initially seemed like an unshakable defensive asset, and the merits of considering a shift to Ben Chilwell.

Should You Sell Gabriel For Chilwell in FPL – Four Things To Consider

1. Gabriel’s Rollercoaster Ride: Tactical Considerations

Gabriel’s ownership stemmed from his ‘nailed’ status in one of the league’s elite defenses, coupled with promising fixtures. However, recent events have raised eyebrows as to why he found himself benched. While the exact reasons remain elusive, it’s plausible that Arsenal’s tactical approach shifted for specific encounters.

In a recent fixture against Nottingham Forest, Arsenal opted for a more attacking lineup, featuring both Havertz and Nketiah, while ensuring the presence of Partey and Rice in midfield. This change might have influenced Gabriel’s absence, as Partey’s positional inversion could create a three-at-the-back setup. In such a configuration, White would operate as the right center-back, Saliba centrally, and Timber/Tomiyasu on the left.

A similar setup emerged in the Community Shield final, where Arteta fielded a defensively oriented lineup against a formidable opponent. This approach could be replicated against Crystal Palace in a tougher away game. While Gabriel’s inclusion is probable, it’s not set in stone.

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2. The Fulham Conundrum: Balancing Risk and Reward

Gameweek 3 presents Fulham at home for Arsenal, a game akin to the Forest encounter where possession is expected to be abundant. Herein lies the quandary: while Gabriel might regain his starting spot, the risk of another benching looms. This uncertainty has led to a split outlook among FPL managers.

Selling Gabriel seems appealing if he doesn’t start, presenting an apparent solution. Conversely, if he does start, the allure of facing Fulham at home might sway managers to hold onto him. This precarious decision hinges on predicting Arteta’s choices and evaluating the risk-reward equation.

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3. Chilwell’s Allure: An Alternative Worth Considering

Enters Ben Chilwell, the subject of our FPL contemplation. His recent exploits, particularly his ventures into the attack against Liverpool, have showcased a potent offensive threat. His role as a left-winger demonstrated his capacity to exploit gaps and influence the scoreline. Chilwell’s dynamic skillset positions him as a viable asset for the foreseeable future.

Given this analysis, making the switch to Chilwell presents a compelling option. His attacking prowess and role as a wing-back align with his potential to consistently gather FPL points. The strategic maneuver to introduce him could potentially outpace Gabriel’s unpredictable status.

4. The James Factor: A Calculated Gamble

While the move to Chilwell seems intriguing, pondering a shift to Reece James introduces another layer of complexity. James’s average position might not have mirrored Chilwell’s forward movements, yet he managed to create significant chances against Liverpool. His injury history raises concerns, but his inclusion in penalty situations adds an element of intrigue.

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In Conclusion: A Delicate Balance

As we navigate the FPL landscape, the decision regarding Gabriel or Chilwell boils down to striking the right balance between risk and reward. The prospect of Gabriel starting against Palace and facing Fulham (H) might be tantalizing, but the specter of further benchings is undeniable. Chilwell’s remarkable attacking threat serves as a strong argument for his inclusion.

Intriguingly, the sway towards Chilwell might be influenced by personal strategies. The allure of James’s potential can’t be overlooked either, with his skill set and potential penalty involvement.

In the end, the FPL journey is laden with decisions, each with its own intricate tapestry of considerations. As managers weigh their choices, one fact remains clear: seizing opportunities and capitalizing on key insights can prove instrumental in gaining the upper hand in the ever-evolving world of Fantasy Premier League.

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