September 23, 2023


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Some of the best GW11 differentials – rising through the FPL ranks

GW11 differentials

We all know that one of the best way to climb and rising through the FPL ranks, is by going in and getting a couple of differential FPL picks.

And we’ve witnessed this first hand, as our team of differentials, has moved up the FPL overall rank by 1million plus places. We started this experiment three gameweeks ago and the results has been really good.

This gameweek, our differential team is injury struck players like: James, Martial and Castagne have all picked up injuries. In this article, we’d be looking for potential differential replacements for these FPL assets.

We’d be going through differential blog posts and articles written by FPL experts and we’d be deciding on which of their recommendations we’d be going for.

This is raensports, rising through the ranks FPL differential article.

raensports FPL differential team

Here’s how our team did last gameweek. We made two transfers and took a minus 4 hit, the two players we brought in were Scamacca and Martial as we took out Mitrovic and Isak.

This week once again, we have injuries to contend with and so we’d be making two more transfers and take yet another -4 hit. It really isn’t advisable to take these point hit, but since we’re so low in the overall ranks, we can afford to take such risks.

We still do have a pretty decent bench, so we’d be using it alongside the two transfers we’d be making. We are currently looking to replace Recce James and Martial

In order for us to find the ideal differential replacement, we’d be checking out this article by ALLABOUTFPL: FPL GW11 Differential Picks To Consider Ahead Of GW11 Deadline. Feel free to check it out.

GW11 differential picks: Recce James replacements

1. Eric Dier

In ALLABOUTFPL’S differential post, they’ve got just one defender listed as a differential and that defender is Eric Dier. Dier is a good and a pretty decent pick, but he’s not someone we’re keen on bringing into our team this gameweek.

One of the reasons why we’re aren’t so keen, is because of his fixture in GW12 and because he’s a center back. Personally, not a big fan of selecting center-backs and that’s because they don’t carry so much attacking threat.

Dier could be a good buy, but he really isn’t one that we’d be bringing into our team.

2. Jonny

Jonny is another one that a lot of experts seem to be recommending and to be honest he really isn’t a bad pick, but Wolves currently don’t have a manager and that’s putting me off.

We do know Wolves can keep clean sheets, they also have nice set of fixtures coming up and Johnny could be a nice enabler and a pretty good bench fodder.

He’s one that would be on our radar and we would watch him closely this week before deciding on whether to go for him.

3. Ben Chilwell

Chilwell is one that we’re pretty drawn to and he could be our Recce James replacement. He’s a Chelsea asset just like James, he also has the same fixtures as James and he’s one that carries huge attacking threat.

But the one thing with Chilwell is that he is a big rotation risk and that’s what scares us. He could possibly only feature in just one of Chelsea’s next two games, which is something that we really don’t want from our James replacement.

Other than that rotation risk, we do think that Chilwell might just be the perfect Recce James replacement.

P.S: we’re also hearing that Recce James might not be out for so long, so it would be nice to wait for Graham Potter’s press conference before making a move.

For more transfer suggestions that aren’t differentials, check out this article by us: GW11 player picks: Trent, James and Luiz Diaz replacements.

GW11 differential forward pick

Roberto Firmino

There’s only one forward we’ve got our eye on this gameweek and that’s Roberto Firmino of Liverpool. He has been in sensational form this season, scoring six goals and assisting three.

He has also picked up 53 points so far this campaign. He is one that has gone under the radar and this week, we’re going for him – he’d be our Martial replacement.

We know Liverpool face Man City, but let’s be real Liverpool’s problem isn’t goal scoring, it is defending and so we do believe Firmino could get his name on the scoresheet.

If you’re one who reads and follows our blog, you’d know that we always recommend long term picks and that’s exactly what Bobby Firmino is.

Liverpool’s fixtures after the Man City match, are absolutely amazing and that’s what we’re looking to capitalize on.

GW11 differential team

Here’s our final differential team for gameweek 11. We decided to go for Jonny as our James replacement and that’s because he’s probably the most nailed-on asset available to us and having that extra 1.2million in the bank, would allow us to make an important transfer in GW13.

So, it is a long term plan and we hope it all works as planned. This team is currently ranked 7,871,815 and we hope to get it to the top 100K.