October 5, 2023


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Rodri: The 5.5m FPL Midfielder A Good Bargain Pick or Not – GW2

Rodri: The 5.5m FPL Midfielder A Good Bargain Pick or Not - GW2

Are you in the hunt for that elusive midfield gem to bolster your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) squad? Look no further than Rodri, the unsung hero of Manchester City, who’s turning heads and raising eyebrows after a standout performance in Gameweek 1 against Burnley. Let’s dive into his stats, evaluate his potential, and weigh the pros and cons of introducing him to your FPL roster.

Stats That Resonate

Rodri’s remarkable performance in Gameweek 1 has sent shockwaves through the FPL community. His goal and assist contribution secured a resounding 3-0 triumph against Burnley, propelling him to a noteworthy tally of 13 FPL points.

In 90 minutes of playtime, he demonstrated his prowess in both offensive and defensive facets. Notably, his Expected Goals (xG) of 0.50 and Expected Assists (xA) of 0.17 underscore his involvement in generating goal-scoring opportunities.

Man City's Rodri stats vs Burnley

Consistency Echoed

Beyond his single standout performance, Rodri boasts an inherent consistency that’s music to FPL managers’ ears. With a remarkable Expected Goals On Target (xGOT) of 0.93 and an impressive pass accuracy of 90%, he wields the ability to orchestrate play from the core of the midfield.

His threat from set-pieces, his long-range shooting, and his consistent game time for Manchester City mark him as a dynamic asset in the realm of FPL.

A Glimpse into the Upcoming Duels

A glance into the crystal ball reveals favorable fixtures on the horizon for Rodri. His upcoming five gameweeks will see clashes against Newcastle, Sheffield United, Fulham, West Ham, and Nottingham Forest. With Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR) ranging from 2 to 4, Rodri is poised to maximize his point-scoring potential against these opponents.

Rodri's FPL fixtures with their difficulty ratings

Rodri’s GW2 Prospects: Unveiling the Right Move

In the opening fixture of the Premier League, Newcastle United triumphed over Aston Villa with a commanding scoreline of 5-1. The comprehensive victory showcased their attacking prowess, with goals coming from Tonali, Isak, Wilson, and Barnes, further highlighting their dynamic ability to find the back of the net.

Stats that Matter

Key statistics from Newcastle United’s resounding win offer valuable insights into their attacking intent and overall gameplay:

  • Ball Possession: Newcastle United commanded 53% of the ball possession, indicating their proactive approach on the offensive front.
  • Expected Goals (xG): The team’s xG was an impressive 3.41, reflecting their consistent threat in front of goal.
  • Total Shots: Newcastle United unleashed a total of 16 shots, showcasing their attacking ambition throughout the match.
  • Big Chances: The team managed to create and capitalize on 2 big chances, underlining their clinical finishing.
Rodri's GW2 opponent stats: Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Rodri’s next game against Newcastle would be a tough one, considering how good Newcastle is defensively – Newcastle would be a lot better defending set-pieces and this could reduce Rodri’s chances of getting a goal involvement. Newcastle is also going to be way more attacking, which means Rodri won’t be as advanced as he was against Burnley

Tug of Pros and Cons


  1. Nailed-on Starter for Man City: Rodri is a key player for Man City and he’s expected to start a huge chunk of their games. Which is an added bonus for FPL managers looking for a nailed-on City starter.
  2. Affordable Sensation: At an affordable price tag of 5.5, Rodri offers an impressive blend of value and points potential, making him an enticing differential.
  3. Engine of Manchester City: Hailing from the ranks of Manchester City, Rodri enjoys the privilege of playing for a dominant team renowned for ball possession and goal-scoring opportunities.


  1. Points Race: Amidst a sea of midfield contenders, Rodri might face stiff competition from more attack-oriented players who are prone to higher point yields.
  2. Defensive Stalwart: Although contributing defensively through interceptions and tackles, his primary source of points might not be as consistent as that of advanced midfielders.
  3. Rotation Roulette: Manchester City’s depth could occasionally lead to rotational uncertainties, potentially affecting Rodri’s consistent starting role.

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Comparing Rodri with Fellow FPL Midfielders: A Statistical Exploration

we’ll dissect Rodri’s performance alongside other midfielders in terms of points, cost, selection percentage, form, and more. Let’s dive into the numbers and make an informed decision.

Rodri: The Silent Dynamo

  • Cost: 5.5
  • Selected by: 5.1%
  • Form: 13.0
  • xG: 0.50
  • xA: 0.17
  • xGc: 0.30
  • xGi: 0.67
  • Total Points: 13

Rodri, the unassuming powerhouse from Manchester City, boasts a tempting blend of affordability and consistency. With an impressive form of 13.0 and a noteworthy 13 total points earned in GW1, he’s already establishing himself as a go-to pick for many FPL managers – with over 155535 FPL managers transferring the City man into their FPL tems.

Going Head-to-Head with Competitors:

  1. Barnes (Newcastle United):
    • Cost: 6.5
    • Selected by: 3.3%
    • Form: 11.0
    • xG: 0.62
    • xA: 0.54
    • xGi: 1.16
    • xGc: 0.40
    • Total Points: 11
  2. Saka (Arsenal):
    • Cost: 8.5
    • Selected by: 62.1%
    • Form: 10.0
    • xG: 0.19
    • xA: 0.17
    • xGi: 0.36
    • xGc: 1.18
    • Total Points: 10
  3. March (Brighton):
    • Cost: 6.5
    • Selected by: 3.1%
    • Form: 9.0
    • xG: 0.55
    • xA: 0.02
    • xGi: 0.57
    • xGc: 0.41
    • Total Points: 9
  4. Maddison (Tottenham Hotspur):
    • Cost: 7.5
    • Selected by: 11.8%
    • Form: 9.0
    • xG: 0.07
    • xA: 0.94
    • xGi: 1.01
    • xGc: 2.02
    • Total Points: 9
  5. Bowen (West Ham United):
    • Cost: 7.0
    • Selected by: 4.6%
    • Form: 9.0
    • xG: 0.22
    • xA: 0.35
    • xGi: 0.57
    • xGc: 1.37
    • Total Points: 9
  6. Luis Díaz (Liverpool):
    • Cost: 7.5
    • Selected by: 6.2%
    • Form: 8.0
    • xG: 0.83
    • xA: 0.04
    • xGi: 0.87
    • xGc: 1.28
    • Total Points: 8
  7. Diaby (Aston Villa):
    • Cost: 6.5
    • Selected by: 7.0%
    • Form: 7.0
    • xG: 0.36
    • xA: 0.11
    • xGi: 0.47
    • xGc: 2.80
    • Total Points: 7
  8. Mbeumo (Brentford):
    • Cost: 6.5
    • Selected by: 9.1%
    • Form: 7.0
    • xG: 1.35
    • xA: 0.03
    • xGi: 1.38
    • xGc: 1.26
    • Total Points: 7

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As we scrutinize the stats, Rodri’s cost-efficient brilliance becomes evident. With a cost of 5.5, he’s trailing only slightly behind some of his counterparts in terms of form and total points earned.

While the likes of Saka and Maddison might be garnering more attention due to their higher selection percentages and their increased chance of getting goals and assists, Rodri’s hidden potential makes him a calculated choice for FPL managers seeking consistent returns.

His affordability, combined with his contributions in both attack and defense, positions him as a standout midfielder.

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Captaincy Conundrum

While Rodri’s performance merits consideration, entrusting him with the captain’s armband might carry an element of risk. Opting for Rodri as captain could be perceived as a calculated gamble, especially with more explosive options available for the role.

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The Ultimate Verdict

Is Rodri a favorable FPL selection? The answer hinges on your tactical approach. Should you be seeking an economical midfielder who can consistently contribute points, Rodri’s statistical prowess and Manchester City’s dominance on the pitch make him a compelling choice.

However, if your strategy leans towards high-risk, high-reward picks for captaincy and dynamic point accumulation, Rodri might be better positioned as a supporting role in your squad.

As we embark on Gameweek 2, Rodri stands as a well-rounded FPL asset with the potential for steady returns. Whether he takes center stage as a cornerstone of your midfield strategy or assumes the role of a calculated differential, his presence in your squad could potentially yield dividends over the course of the season.

Keep in mind, FPL is akin to a chess match, and every move contributes to your endgame. Will you make Rodri a pivotal part of your strategic masterpiece?