Redeyedrae’s GW9 Transfer Tips and Strategy

Following the conclusion of the second international break, I can safely say that it arrived at the perfect moment for some much-needed FPL reflection. This break provided me with a valuable opportunity to step back, reassess my team, and plan the necessary changes and transfers for my FPL squad in preparation for GW9.

In this article, we will highlight the top transfer picks for the upcoming gameweek (gameweek 9). We’ll delve into key statistics, and propose effective transfer strategies for your consideration leading into this gameweek. By the end of this piece, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions about the players you may want to acquire for gameweek 9.

Analyzing GW8 Top Performers to Determine GW9 Transfer Targets

Before we can pinpoint the standout players for gameweek 9, let’s first review the top performers from GW8. Understanding their performances will give us insights into which players are currently in form and likely to sustain their momentum into GW9.

GW8 FPL Top Performers Team

GW8 unveiled some surprising top performers. Many of the players who garnered the most FPL points turned out to be differentials. Notable mentions include McTominay, Harrison, Pau Torres, and Palmer, each with ownership percentages of 0.2%, 0.1%, 2.4%, and 0.9%, respectively. Gameweek 8 highlighted the unpredictability of the sport, where popular choices failed to deliver.

Nevertheless, certain players from the previous gameweek continue to show potential for making significant impacts this coming gameweek. Here are some players that have caught our attention and are currently on our radar:

  • Mo Salah
  • Alexander Isak
  • Cole Palmer
  • Ben White

By considering these players for your upcoming transfers, you might be able to capitalize on their current form and potential point-scoring capabilities in GW9.

Gameweek 9 Top Transfer Targets Based on Statistics

One effective method to determine the best players to transfer into our Gameweek 9 team is to thoroughly analyze the statistics. Let’s delve into the underlying numbers of various FPL assets in GW8 to identify players with significant potential for the upcoming week.

Chances Created:

Based on the number of chances created, here are the top five players:

Player NameChances Created
Gibbs White4

Big Chances:

Considering the statistics for big chances, the top five players are as follows:

Player NameBig Chances
Mo Salah2
Pau Torres2


Regarding the statistics for shots, here are the top five players:

Player NameShots
Douglas Luiz5

xGI for Defenders:

Analyzing the expected goal involvement (xGI) for defenders, the top five players are:

Player NamexGI

xGI for Midfielders:

Looking at the expected goal involvement (xGI) for midfielders, here are the top five players:

Player NamexGI

xGI for Forwards:

Assessing the expected goal involvement (xGI) for forwards, here are the top five players:

Player NamexGI

Based on the comprehensive statistical analysis, here are the top transfer picks worth considering for Gameweek 9:


  • Dunk
  • Emerson
  • Dalot
  • Trippier


  • Salah
  • McNeil, Doucoure, Harrison
  • Palmer

These players have showcased remarkable potential based on their underlying statistics, making them valuable assets for Gameweek 9. Consider these options for your team to potentially boost your chances in the upcoming fixtures.

Amongst midfielders, the Everton boys seem to be present in most underlying data. We see McNeil top of the chances created charts, Doucuore is amongst the midfielders to get the most shots and he also has pretty decent xGI. Without a doubt, the Everton boys could be great differential in GW9.

Palmer is another really solid pick and he’s one that I really do like and that’s simply because of his price and how low his ownership is. If you’re on a wildcard and are looking for a cheap midfielder that’d get some gametime, then Palmer is pretty good shout. His underlying data are also quite impressive. Nice xGi plus one big chance. He might also be on penalties which is always a nice bonus.

Gameweek 9 Top Transfer Targets Based on Fixtures

In our quest to enhance our FPL teams, analyzing upcoming fixtures plays a vital role in shaping our decisions. By assessing teams with promising fixtures in the upcoming gameweek, we can strategically plan our transfers. Let’s delve into the fixture analysis and present a list of our top transfer picks derived from this examination.

Utilizing the insightful fixture ticker by fpltips__, we’ve identified the following teams with favorable fixtures ahead of GW9:

Looking at the fixture ticker, here are the teams with great fixtures ahead of GW9:

  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United


The standout player we’re targeting from Liverpool is:

  • Mo Salah


Players of interest from Newcastle include:

  • Trippier
  • Isak
  • Almiron

Nottingham Forest:

Promising picks from Nottingham Forest comprise:

  • Turner
  • Murilo
  • Awoniyi
  • Gibbs White

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs):

Players to consider from Spurs are:

  • Maddison
  • Pedro Porro
  • Son

Manchester City:

Key targets from Manchester City are:

  • Foden
  • Haaland
  • Alvarez

Manchester United:

Players worth considering from Manchester United are:

  • Hojlund
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Dalot

Each of the highlighted players has demonstrated a strong track record along with impressive underlying statistics, making them favorable transfer options for Gameweek 9.

Redeyedrae’s GW9 Transfer Tips and Strategy

Ahead of Gameweek 9, consider the following transfer tips and strategies to optimize your team’s performance:

  1. Hold onto Alvarez, Haaland, and Foden: If you currently possess Alvarez, Haaland, and Foden in your FPL team, it’s advisable not to rush into selling them just yet. With Rodri’s return and an upcoming fixture against Brighton, there’s potential for a high-scoring game, making it worthwhile to retain these players for now.
  2. Retain Man United Assets: If you’ve retained your Man United assets thus far, it’s recommended to continue holding onto them. They have a promising fixture on paper against Sheffield United, a team struggling defensively. This fixture could provide an opportunity for your Man United assets to shine.
  3. Priority Transfer – Mo Salah: Make acquiring Mo Salah your priority transfer for this week. His upcoming fixtures are favorable, making him an essential addition to your team. Additionally, consider bringing in Isak and players from Spurs, as they also present excellent transfer options.
  4. Consider Early Transfers: Due to potential price increments, it might be beneficial to make early transfers this week. Keeping an eye on player prices and market trends can be crucial in maximizing your team’s value.
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Redeyedrae’s Gameweek 9 FPL Team

Here’s my gameweek 9 FPL team:

Redeyedrae's Gameweek 9 FPL Team

You can draw inspiration from my GW9 team. There are a few players that would be great picks ahead of GW9, that we’re mentioned in the article. One of them being Diaby. Sterling could also be a decent pick but he’s not one that’d we’d be recommending FPL managers buy. If you own him, you could play him this week.

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