September 23, 2023


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Premier league title race intensifies as City and Liverpool fight for PL title

Premier League title race: Man city play Liverpool on the 10th of April

The Premier League season has been entertaining and the Premier League title race has been equally entertaining as well. The relegation battle has been tight and hard to predict, the fight for UCL places has intensified with teams now picking up form. The battle for the title is poised on a knife-edge.

A mistake or a piece of good luck could decide who the champions of England would be. Man City and Liverpool have dominated English football in the last few years – Man City have won three Premier League titles in the last five years while Liverpool have as one.

These two teams have pushed each other so much that they are no longer battling each other for Premier League titles but are now fighting each other in all competitions. This season is no different – Liverpool and Man City are once again in a close Premier League title race with one point separating them. With nine games left in the Premier League, we as fans are expecting an intense title race.

The month of April will play a pivotal role in this season’s Premier League title race. With Liverpool and City going up against each other in April and the UCL quarter-finals also featuring, they really can’t afford to slip up.

Premier League title race blockbuster: Man City vs Liverpool

Let’s take a look at their fixtures and see who has better fixtures in April.

Liverpool's April fixture list

From the looks of things, Liverpool will have a couple of tough fixtures in April. They will face Watford and Benfica before going to the Etihad to play a game that could potentially decide who the champions of England will be, after which they face Benfica, Everton, Man United, and Newcastle.

Let’s now take a look at Man City’s fixtures and compare the two

Man City's April's fixture list

If we’re being honest, both teams have quite similar fixtures – they both play at home three times in April and they also both have quite similar fixtures in terms of difficulty in the Premier League.

Based on the Premier League’s fixture difficulty rating, both teams have decent fixtures with quite similar difficulty ratings. The major difference between these two teams’ set of fixtures is their Champions League quarter-final games. Man city go up against Atletico Madrid, which is going to be much more difficult than Liverpool’s game against Benfica. In that regard, Liverpool have a slight advantage over City.

Who Is The Favorite In This Premier League Title Race

There’s no doubt that it is Man City’s title to lose. They currently sit at the top of the table with 70 points while Liverpool are behind them with 69 points. If City get a draw against Liverpool and win all their games, they will be crowned champions of England.

Liverpool, on the other hand, will have to win at the Etihad on the 10th of April and win the rest of their games before they can become champions of England – they really can’t afford to drop points. Judging by their current form, Liverpool have been flawless, winning nine games in a row in the Premier League.

They haven’t dropped points in the league since their 2-2 draw against Chelsea in January, while Man City have been struggling a little bit lately, picking up 10 points out of 15 in their last five games. Liverpool have momentum, squad depth and elite strikers who can win them football games.

Throughout this season, Liverpool have failed to score just once in a Premier League match, while title rivals Man City have failed to score four times this season in the Premier League.

Gary Neville shared his thoughts on the Premier League title race on his podcast with Martin Tyler. Here are his thoughts:

You’ve got a great back, four. You’ve got a great goalkeeper. The experience in midfield with Thiago, Fabinho, and Henderson is enormous.

With Milner, obviously others to come in so there’s a lot to say about how Liverpool could be. For the first time beyond tonight I think favorites for the title and that’s a big statement for me I’ve said Manchester city all the way through but what I saw on Monday night has just happened a couple of times this season not too many.

Liverpool have only not scored once Manchester City haven’t scored four times in games and that’s twice against Crystal Palace twice against palace and that could just be the difference at the end. May not be because Pep Guardiola is a genius of a manager and he could see them home but it wouldn’t surprise me if his Liverpool team won the title.

Gary Neville on his Skysports podcast

This Premier League title race could go down the wire – it’s really difficult to tell who will come out on top. But one thing we do know is that Liverpool and Man City can’t afford to drop any more points, they have to be close to perfect for the remainder of the season.