Premier League GW31 Clean Sheet Odds, Fixtures and goal scorer odds

Get ready for another thrilling week of Premier League action as we approach GW31! With the title race heating up and the battle for European spots intensifying, every match counts.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the clean sheet, goal scorer odds and FPL point predictions. This would help you make informed decisions as you pick and select players for your FPL team in gameweek 31. From Manchester City’s unstoppable attack to Newcastle’s solid defense, we’ll analyze each team’s chances of keeping a clean sheet and each player’s chance of scoring goals. So, join us as we dive into the numbers and explore the key matchups of GW31!

GW31 Fixtures and matchups to target in FPL

Before we get into our odds predictions, we want to first look at this week’s round of fixtures to see what teams have nice set of fixtures.

GW31 Fixtures and matchups to target in FPL

From this week’s round of fixtures, here are the games that you should be looking to target as an FPL manager.

1. Man City vs Leicester

In this highly anticipated matchup, Man City faces off against Leicester City, a team that has struggled defensively this season. Leicester City’s defensive record this season is poor, having conceded an average of 1.7 goals per game and with an expected goals conceded (xGC) of 50.4, the third-highest in the league this season.

Man City, on the other hand, has one of the best-attacking records in the Premier League, having scored 2.6 goals per game and boasting an xG of 62.8, the highest in the division. They have also created the most big chances all season, indicating that they have the firepower to score many goals against Leicester’s vulnerable defense.

The matchup heavily favors Man City, and they have a good chance of walking out of the game with a clean sheet. With the title race heating up, Man City needs to win all their matches, and this is one game that they could dominate.

2. Nott’m Forest vs Man United

The Man United vs Nott’m Forest matchup in GW31 presents an excellent opportunity for FPL managers to target United defenders and attackers. With United’s superior form and stats, and Nott’m Forest’s struggles at both ends of the pitch, there is a high probability of both clean sheets and goals for United players in this game. FPL managers who want to maximize their points haul should strongly consider investing in Man United players for this matchup.

3. Leeds vs Liverpool

Liverpool will face Leeds United. Liverpool’s form before the Arsenal game wasn’t great but they managed to come back from a two-goal deficit to draw against the Gunners. The second-half performance showed glimpses of Liverpool’s old selves. Leeds, on the other hand, were poor against Crystal Palace in their previous game, conceding a high xG of 3.15. This match is a perfect opportunity for Liverpool to build on their recent improvement and secure a much-needed win.

That being said, FPL managers should not discount Leeds’ attacking potential, which could lead to a high-scoring affair. Liverpool attackers should be high on the list of targets for FPL managers.

Premier League GW31 clean sheet odds

According to current bookmaker odds, Man City, Spurs, Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal are the top five teams with the best chance of keeping a clean sheet in GW31.

Premier League GW31 clean sheet odds

Based on the clean sheet odds for GW31, FPL managers should target defenders from teams that have a high probability of keeping a clean sheet. Teams such as Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal all have a good chance of keeping a clean sheet in their respective fixtures.

Manchester City have the highest chance of keeping a clean sheet in GW31 with a 51% probability, followed by Tottenham Hotspur with a 44% chance. Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal all have a probability of 38%, 36% and 35% respectively.

FPL managers may want to consider investing in defenders from these teams, such as Ruben Dias, Nathan Ake or John Stones from Manchester City, Ivan Perisic from Tottenham Hotspur, Dalot or Martinez from Manchester United, Trent Alexander-Arnold or Andrew Robertson from Liverpool, and Gabriel or White from Arsenal.

On the other hand, FPL managers should be cautious of selecting defenders from teams with a low probability of keeping a clean sheet such as Leicester City, West Ham United, Nottingham Forest, and Bournemouth. It may be wise to avoid defenders from these teams for GW31.

GW31 Goal Scorer Odds

GW31 Goal Scorer Odds

Based on this week’s anytime goal scorer odds, here are five players with high goal scoring odds. FPL managers may want to target the following players for potential points:

  • Erling Haaland (Man City) facing Leicester has the highest eGoals/90 and anytime goal scorer odds at 1.08 and 66% respectively.
  • Harry Kane (Tottenham) facing Bournemouth has the second highest anytime goal scorer odds at 59% and a solid eGoals/90 of 0.89.
  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) facing Leeds has an anytime goal scorer odds of 43% and a respectable eGoals/90 of 0.56.
  • Marcus Rashford (Man United) facing Nottingham Forest has an anytime goal scorer odds of 40% and an eGoals/90 of 0.51.
  • Callum Wilson (Newcastle) facing Aston Villa has an anytime goal scorer odds of 39% and an eGoals/90 of 0.49.

GW31 Premier League Assists Odds

According to current bookmaker odds, here are the players very likely to get assists in the Premier League in gameweek 31:

GW31 Premier League Assists Odds
  • De Bruyne of Manchester City has the highest expected assists per 90 minutes at 0.63 and the highest anytime assist odds at 47%.
  • Mahrez, Son, and Grealish also have high expected assists per 90 minutes at 0.44, 0.38, and 0.38, respectively.
  • Trossard, Álvarez, and Haaland have relatively high expected assists per 90 minutes as well and are worth considering.
  • Richarlison, Saka, Kulusevski, Olise, and Danjuma have lower expected assists per 90 minutes but still have decent anytime assist odds.
  • Salah has a relatively low expected assists per 90 minutes at 0.29, but he still has a decent anytime assist odds at 25%.

Remember that these odds assume that these players would play and feature this gameweek.

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FPL GW31 point predictions

If you’re looking for the best players to include in your Fantasy Premier League team for Gameweek 31? Look no further! Based on predicted points, here are the top players to consider:

FPL GW31 point predictions
  • Harry Kane (9.1 predicted points): With a favourable matchup against Bournemouth, Kane is looking like a must-have FPL asset this gameweek.
  • Haaland (7.7 predicted points): The young Norwegian striker has been in red-hot form for Man City and could provide excellent value for FPL managers this gameweek as City face Leicester.
  • Bruno Fernandes and Salah (both 7.1 predicted points): These two midfielders are proven point-scorers and should not be overlooked in GW31.
  • Son (6.4 predicted points): Kane’s Tottenham teammate has the potential to rack up points with his attacking flair.
  • Kulusevski (5.8 predicted points): could be a great differential pick in GW31.
  • Toney (5.7 predicted points): Brentford’s top scorer is another solid option who could provide a solid return.
  • De Bruyne (5.7 predicted points): Brunye is another player predicted to deliver FPL points this gameweek. After his impressive performance against Southampton last time out, it is hard to argue against the Belgian.
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FPL GW31 point predictions

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This is our gameweek 31 odds predictions article and we hope that the FPL tips we’ve shared in this article help you as you go on to make transfers and pick your team this gameweek. We’d be sharing more FPL tips that would help you this gameweek, so make sure to stay tuned and check back for more helpful gameweek 31 articles.

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