October 5, 2023


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Player In Focus: The Best FPL Premium Forward For GW1 – Erling Haaland

Player In Focus: The Best FPL Premium Forward For GW1 - Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland (£14.0m): The FPL Superstar Worth the Investment

Erling Haaland has taken the Fantasy Premier League by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. After a sensational pre-season performance where he scored twice against Manchester City, the Norwegian forward has become a hot commodity in the FPL, finding his way into an astonishing 86% of squads. Despite his premium price tag of £14.0m, managers are flocking to add him to their teams, and with good reason.

The Best FPL Forward 2023/24 Season – Erling Haaland

Without a doubt, Erling Haaland emerges as the best Fantasy Premier League forward for the 2023/24 season. With his prolific goal-scoring ability, impressive track record, and favorable early-season fixtures, Haaland is the go-to choice for FPL managers looking for a reliable and high-scoring forward.

His incredible popularity among fantasy managers, coupled with Manchester City’s promising start to the season, solidifies Haaland’s position as the standout FPL forward for the upcoming campaign. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this prolific striker leading your FPL attack! Here are some reasons why he’s your go to forward:

1. Proven Goal Scoring Prowess

Haaland’s goal-scoring record speaks for itself. In the previous season, he amassed an impressive 272 FPL points in just 33 appearances, netting an incredible 36 goals and providing 9 assists. His expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) also show that his performances were no fluke. Haaland consistently delivers when it comes to FPL returns, making him a reliable and explosive option for fantasy managers.

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2. Complete Centre-Forward

One of the main reasons behind Haaland’s FPL success is his versatility and all-round ability as a centre-forward. Standing at a sizeable frame, he excels at holding up play, bringing his teammates into the game effectively. His pace and intelligent movement allow him to make dangerous runs in behind the opposition defense, creating ample goal-scoring opportunities for himself.

Moreover, Haaland’s dribbling skills and creativity make him not just a goal-scorer but also a playmaker. He is often seen dropping deep to collect the ball and initiating attacks for his team. His vision and passing ability allow him to spread the ball wide, creating space for his teammates, before quickly transitioning into a lethal goal-scoring threat.

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3. Kind Opening Fixtures

Man City’s early-season fixtures seem tailor-made for Haaland to shine in the FPL. The Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR) suggest that five out of their first seven matches score only two, indicating relatively favorable matchups for the team. Facing teams like Burnley, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Fulham, and Nott’m Forest, Haaland will have the opportunity to exploit weaker defenses and deliver big points hauls for FPL managers.

Player in Focus: Erling Haaland 2022/23 FPL fixtures and FDR

4. Proven Track Record

Haaland’s previous season’s statistics further validate his status as an FPL superstar. With an impressive tally of 272 points, 36 goals, and 9 assists, he has consistently been a high-scoring performer. His underlying stats, including an xG (expected goals) of 28.54 and an xA (expected assists) of 3.11, demonstrate his ability to consistently get into goal-scoring positions and create opportunities for his teammates.

Player in Focus: Erling Haaland 2022/23 FPL stats

Final Verdict

Considering Erling Haaland’s proven track record as a prolific goalscorer and his role as a complete centre-forward for Manchester City, he is undoubtedly an enticing pick for FPL managers. While his premium price might require some budget adjustments in other areas of the squad, the potential rewards of having Haaland in your team are well worth the investment.

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Prediction for the Season

Given his exceptional form and Man City’s favorable early fixtures, it’s reasonable to expect Haaland to continue his goal-scoring spree and rack up significant FPL points in the opening gameweeks. As the focal point of a formidable attacking lineup, Haaland is likely to be involved in the majority of Man City’s goals, both as a scorer and an assister.

If he can maintain his fitness and form throughout the season, Haaland has the potential to be one of the top-scoring players in the FPL, challenging for the Golden Boot and delivering consistent returns for fantasy managers week in and week out.

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In conclusion, Erling Haaland is not just a good pick for FPL managers; he’s a must-have for those seeking explosive point returns and a genuine captaincy option in any given gameweek. Get him in your team, and watch him spearhead your FPL journey to glory!