October 4, 2023


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Nico Jackson in FPL GW1: A Wise Acquisition or Worth the Wait?

Nico Jackson in FPL GW1: A Wise Acquisition or Worth the Wait?

As the new Premier League season kicks off, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are eagerly eyeing potential game-changers for their squads. Among the fresh faces making headlines is Chelsea’s latest signing, Nico Jackson. With a compelling fixture list and impressive preseason performances, Jackson’s entry into the FPL landscape has sparked debates and discussions among managers.

Is Nico Jackson a Good Buy In FPL GW1

Yes, Nico Jackson is a really good buy and forward option in FPL. The reason is that he is currently Chelsea’s nailed-on forward so he’d start the majority of their games. However, one strategy that FPL managers seem to be adopting, is to buy Jackson in GW3 when his fixtures take a positive swing.

Nico Jackson FPL Player Analysis

1. Fixture Analysis: A Promising Start

One of the key aspects that FPL managers consider when evaluating a player’s potential is the fixture schedule. Jackson’s initial fixtures for the upcoming season look promising, with intriguing matchups against various opponents. The early part of Chelsea’s campaign includes encounters with Liverpool, West Ham, Luton, Nott’m Forest, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Fulham, and Burnley. This mix of opponents presents an opportunity for Jackson to showcase his skills against a range of defensive setups.

The standout fixtures in the early weeks include back-to-back home games against Luton and Forest. These matchups hold the potential to ignite FPL transfers, especially if Jackson proves himself as a viable option in the initial weeks. The favorable fixtures, combined with his adaptability to the new Pochettino system, make Jackson a prospect worth considering.

2. Preseason Performance: A Glimpse of Promise

Jackson’s preseason form has been nothing short of stellar, with two goals and three assists to his name. These stats highlight his ability to contribute both in terms of scoring and creating chances. Particularly noteworthy is his proficiency in capitalizing on high defensive lines, a skill that showcases not only his pace but also his intelligence in identifying and exploiting spaces behind the opposition.

3. Style of Play: An Intelligent Runner

At a price point of £7.0m, Jackson’s value becomes even more intriguing. His style of play, characterized by intelligent runs and the ability to peel off defenders to target space, aligns well with Chelsea’s attacking philosophy. This skill set, which combines pace with tactical acumen, enables him to create goal-scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

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4. Nkunku’s Absence: A Factor to Consider

While Jackson’s potential is undeniable, the absence of Nkunku might impact his appeal. Nkunku’s chemistry with Jackson has been evident in their performances together, and his absence could affect Jackson’s productivity. FPL managers should closely monitor developments regarding Nkunku’s status, as it could influence Jackson’s performance and potential points haul.

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Conclusion: The Early Bird Catches the Points

Nico Jackson’s entry into the FPL scene brings excitement and anticipation. With a favorable fixture run in the initial weeks and a proven ability to exploit defensive vulnerabilities, Jackson could become an early-season sensation. While the absence of Nkunku raises questions, Jackson’s individual qualities and adaptability to the team’s system suggest he could be a lucrative FPL asset.

As FPL managers weigh their options ahead of Gameweek 1, the question remains: Is Nico Jackson a wise acquisition or worth the wait? With the potential for explosive performances and favorable fixtures on his side, Jackson could well be the player who propels savvy managers to early-season success in the FPL realm. Keep a close eye on his performances and chemistry with his teammates, as they could hold the key to unlocking his true FPL potential.