September 23, 2023


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MD3 captain picks: the best matchday three world cup fantasy captains

the best matchday three world cup fantasy captains

We all know that picking the right captain is really important. Selecting the right captain can determined how your matchday would go – if you select a captain that performs well, then you’d have a pretty good matchday and if you don’t select the right captain, then you might have a pretty bad matchday.

That’s why we here at raensports, have decided to put together a list of some of the best players that would be great captain picks in matchday three.

What players should you be looking to captain in matchday three of the World Cup

The players that we’re looking to captain this matchday, are players that we know are on form and have pretty good fixtures. Here’s a really good fixture ticker that can help you identify players with good fixtures this matchday.

World Cup fantasy fixture ticker

From this fixture ticker, we can see that the following teams have pretty good fixtures:

  1. France
  2. Argentina
  3. England
  4. Portugal
  5. Brazil
  6. Spain
  7. Netherlands
  8. Denmark
  9. Morocco
  10. Germany

So it’d only be right for World Cup fantasy managers to look to captain players from the teams mentioned above. Well, we know that not every player from the teams mentioned above are good captain picks.

This means that’d we’d need to captain players who play for the teams listed above, players that have a high chance of scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, getting assists and returning fantasy points.

The best World Cup fantasy captains for matchday three

1. Cody Gakpo

MD3 captain picks fixtures: Cody Gakpo

In the first round of matchday three games, there are a lot of really good captain picks. If you look at the fixtures, you could easily captain Enner Valencia of Ecuador, Harry Kane of England, or Ismalia Sarr of Senegal.

We however, do think that the best option from this round of games, is Cody Gakpo of Netherlands and that’s because he’s the one who has the easiest fixture of all the players featuring.

Netherlands face Qatar, a team that has already been knocked out of the tournament and a team that isn’t all that great defensively. You’d expect Gakpo, a player who has been in good form to get a couple of goals here.

We know that Netherlands aren’t going to rotate and that’s another thing that makes Gakpo a pretty good MD3 captain. Captaining him means you’re picking a player who is on form, has good fixtures and is guaranteed to start.

He also plays early which means if he doesn’t do well, you can then switch to Harry Kane or Pulisic.

2. Messi

MD3 captain picks fixtures: Leo Messi

In the next round of games, the best player to captain is no other person but Leo Messi. Messi has been a really good fantasy asset in the tournament so far.

In his last two games, he has got himself two goals and one assist which is really good and one that majority of mangers who own him are satisfied with.

This matchday he goes up against Poland and on paper that is a game that Argentina and Messi should do well in. Messi has been great and superb and we’d back him to turn up once again against Poland.

If he’s one you’re looking to captain, then yeah go for it. He is on form, he’d play and he’s one that can get you a couple of goals and assists.

Mbappe is another really good option this matchday. But the issue with him is that he could be rotated or benched, this makes him a risky pick.

But if you want to take the risk then you can go with him and then if he doesn’t perform as well as you want, then you can switch and captain Leo Messi, since Messi plays later than Mbappe.

3. Hakim Ziyech

MD3 captain picks fixtures: Hakim Ziyech

Ziyech is another player that could make a good captain this matchday and that’s because of his fixture, the way he plays and how good Morocco was against Belgium.

Ziyech looked really dangerous in Morocco’s game against Belgium. The Chelsea winger was looking really sharp and that’s something you want from your fantasy asset.

Each time he got the ball, he was looking to make something happen, he was also really direct and he carried a lot of threat from set-pieces as well.

His performance was also rewarded with a goal. This matchday, we’d be expecting more of the same from the Moroccan. The game against Canada promises to be a really exciting open game.

In order for us to capitalize on that, we’d be looking to get Ziyech into our team and if possible captain him.

4. Kudus

MD3 captain picks fixtures: Mohammed Kudus

We all know Brazil and Portugal have already qualified to the round of 16, this means that they can rest and rotate their key players; and if they do that, it’d be bad for we fantasy managers.

In order for us not to feel the effect of the rotation, we’re going to do our best to captain players who don’t play for Brazil or Portugal. The likes of Bruno, Richarlison and Ronaldo aren’t going to be captain picks for us this matchday.

Instead of going with them, we’d be looking to captain a differential player and that’s Kudus of Ghana. Kudus has been in really good form in the tournament and if you’re looking for a player to captain on the last day, then he’s the ideal pick.

The Ghanaian midfielder has got himself two goals and one assist already. We’d be backing him to get a couple of attacking returns in matchday three against Uruguay.

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