September 23, 2023


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Kane, Haaland, Mo Salah who is the best GW9 captain – FPL captain picks

GW9 captain picks

A new gameweek is here, which means the search for the perfect captain has begun, we’d be looking to make this week’s captaincy decision a lot easier for you.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at some of the best GW9 captains; we’d be looking at Mo Salah, Erling Haaland, Harry Kane and some other nice differential captain picks.

How did our GW8 captain picks perform

Well, as we always do every gameweek here on raensports, we always have a list of five potential captains each week, and last week was no different, here’s how our GW8 captain picks performed.

5. Heung-Min Son

We had Heung-Min Son in fifth last gameweek and he did really well – he came off the bench bagged a hattrick, took all three bonus points and returned 19 points.

4. Gabby Jesus

In fourth place we had Gabby Jesus and he also did quite alright in GW8 – he got himself a goal, picked up a yellow card, collected one bonus points and returned 6 points.

3. Mitrovic

Mitrovic was the player we had in third place and to be honest he was the only player on our GW8 captain picks list that failed to return any reasonable amount of points.

Mitrovic, in the game where Fulham scored three goals, failed to score or assist and the Serbian forward returned just 2 points

2. Erling Haaland

In second place we had Erling Haaland and to be honest it is always a risk when you go against this man, the risk did pay off as the player we got in 1st place outperformed Erling Haaland – Haaland scored just one goal and got himself six points.

1. Kane

Kane was our GW8 captain and he did quite well, getting himself a goal, an assist one bonus point and 10 points in total.

GW9 predicted captaincy points

Who to captain GW9: some of the best gameweek 9 captain picks

5. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is the first player that makes our GW9 shortlist and we know it is a bit of an odd one selecting him. He has not been at his best just yet, but the potential for him to get a goal or an assist this gameweek is high.

Chelsea play against Crystal Palace this gameweek, a Palace side that has not been all that great defensively and are ranked 17th for teams likely to keep a clean sheet this gameweek.

The reason why we have Sterling in our list of captains, is because of this game against Crystal Palace – we’re looking to target teams that haven’t been the strongest defensively.

And out of all Chelsea’s attackers, Sterling is the one who carries the most threat and has delivered the most points amongst Chelsea’s forwards this season.

GW9 captain pick, Raheem Sterling FPL stats
GW9 captain pick: Raheem Sterling FPL stats

Sterling so far this season has started six games, scored 3 goals from an xG of 2.5 and has one assist from an xA of 1.1. He might not be the most popular pick this gameweek, but he’d make a good differential captain.

4. Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son is going to be the fourth man on our gameweek 9 captain picks shortlist. This is because it looks like Son is back and has found his form.

Three goals last time out against Leicester and two goals during the International break for his country, is enough prove that the Korean forward is back and would make a nice captain this gameweek.

And we know that people might be a little worried about Son’s fixture, as he plays Arsenal. However the truth is, Son does in fact enjoy playing against Arsenal – he has 9 goal involvement in his last 20 games against the Gunners.

Another thing that could favor Son and Spurs this gameweek, is if Arsenal play a high-line. If they do, then Spurs could catch them on the break and Son could easily punish them.

Just like Sterling, Son is a bit of a differential captain pick.

GW9 captain pick: Heung-Min Son stats
GW9 captain pick: Heung-Min Son stats

3. Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the third player on our list of GW9 captains and he’s one that could rival the players we have in second and first place. Kane is a man that is on form and seems to be involved in everything Spurs do.

His underlying stats are great and he’s also fixture-proof. He has got himself six goals and 2 assists already this season, he’s also one who takes a lot of shots in games, which means he has a high chance of converting and scoring goals.

He, just like Son, plays against Arsenal this gameweek; a team that he enjoys playing against – he has 15 goal involvement against Arsenal in 15 games, that means he averages at least one goal or an assist each time he faces Arsenal.

Again, if you want to go against the two most likely captains this gameweek, then Kane is going to be a great pick.

GW9 captain pick: Harry Kane stats
GW9 captain pick: Harry Kane stats

2. Mo Salah

Mo Salah is one FPL asset who has fallen out of love with FPL managers this season, but it looks like a couple of FPL managers would be backing him and captaining him this gameweek.

Salah currently hasn’t been in the best of form in the PL this season. In fact, it is not just Mo Salah, it is the entire Liverpool team. However, this gameweek is a nice opportunity for those FPL managers who have kept faith in the Egyptian, to captain him.

The International break might have come at just the right time for Mo Salah and Liverpool. In fact Mo Salah did get himself two goals in Egypt’s game against Niger.

Liverpool face Brighton who have just appointed a new manager and this could also be another reason why people are drawn to the Egyptian.

If you’re going solely on fixture difficulty, then Mo Salah would be an excellent GW9 captain, if you have him in your team, then yes you should captain him.

GW9 captain pick: Mo Salah stats
GW9 captain pick: Mo Salah stats

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The best GW9 captain

1. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland would be our GW1 captain. He is the most in form player in the game this season, his underlying numbers are great, he has not put a foot wrong all season, he has not blanked and he plays Man United in GW9, a derby game.

Haaland ticks all the boxes(great stats, in good form and an okay fixture) he has everything you’re looking for in a captain.

He plays for the best attacking side in the league, his xG is great, he’s taking shots in the box and a lot of big chances are being created for him.

GW9 captain pick: Erling Haaland stats
GW9 captain pick: Erling Haaland stats

This is going to be Man City’s first match against a big six team and we’re sure Erling Haaland would want to put up a show and grab the headlines. You wouldn’t put it past him to score a hattrick in this one.

He’s owned by majority of FPL managers and he’s the best GW9 captain pick.

Honourable GW9 captain mentions

James Maddison is another player that would be a great GW9 captain. He plays against one of the worst defenses this gameweek and you’d expect him to deliver.

Leicester haven’t been in the best of form this season, but one player that has been a positive for them is Maddison and we’d expect him to turn up on Monday night against Nott’m Forest.

GW9 captain pick: James Maddison stats
GW9 captain pick: James Maddison stats