October 5, 2023


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Is Harry Kane a must-have for your FPL team?

Is Harry Kane a must-have for your FPL team?

Harry Kane: The Consistent Forward with Massive Potential

Harry Kane’s remarkable performances in the 2022-23 season have firmly established him as one of the most reliable and high-scoring forwards in Fantasy Premier League. With thirty goals and nine assists, he accumulated a commendable total of 263 FPL points, narrowly trailing behind the extraordinary Erling Haaland. As we look ahead to the upcoming season, Kane’s impressive track record and consistent displays make him a compelling option for FPL managers seeking a dependable forward.

Is Harry Kane a must-have for your FPL team?

No, Harry Kane isn’t a must-have in FPL this season as you can create a solid FPL team without the Spurs’ forward in your eleven. However, given how lethal Kane is, it could be difficult to ignore the Spurs forward. So, if you want him in your FPL side this season, then here are some GW1 drafts with Haaland and Kane.

GW1 FPL Team with Harry Kane and Haalad

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Things To Consider Before Transfering Harry Kane To Your FPL Team

Before bringing Harry Kane to your FPL team, here are some things that you want to take into consideration: Kane’s Consistency, Haaland Dilemma, Kane’s potential, Kane’s transfer saga and his fixtures in FPL.

1. Consistency, Kane’s Forte

One of Kane’s standout qualities is his remarkable consistency. Throughout the previous campaign, he registered just eight blank gameweeks, showcasing his ability to consistently contribute to FPL managers’ points tally. Notably, he never went consecutive matches without scoring points, making him a reliable asset to have in one’s FPL squad.

2. The Haaland Dilemma

While Kane’s performance was outstanding, the undeniable brilliance of Erling Haaland slightly overshadowed his achievements. Haaland’s propensity to secure double-digit hauls occasionally gave him a slight edge over Kane in terms of FPL appeal. However, considering the potential pricing of Haaland in the upcoming season, Kane emerges as a viable alternative for fantasy managers.

3. Analyzing Kane’s Potential

Kane’s expected goals (xG) statistic, an essential metric for fantasy analysis, stands at an impressive 21.5, ranking him third in the Premier League. This indicates his propensity to find goal-scoring opportunities consistently. With his clinical finishing and creativity, Kane is capable of delivering substantial FPL returns against a range of opponents.

4. The Transfer Saga

As we approach the new season, one significant question looms large – Where will Kane be playing? The transfer saga surrounding the Hotspur striker has been a topic of great speculation, which can impact his FPL potential. If he stays at Tottenham Hotspur, Kane’s familiarity with the team and Premier League could bolster his appeal. However, a move to another club may bring new opportunities and challenges.

5. Upcoming Fixtures

Analyzing Kane’s early-season fixtures provides valuable insights for FPL managers. Facing Brentford, Manchester United, and Bournemouth in the first three gameweeks presents an intriguing mix of challenges. While Brentford and Bournemouth offer relatively favorable fixtures, the clash against Manchester United will be a stern test for Kane and his potential to deliver points in the early stages of the season.

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Harry Kane remains a formidable forward option for Fantasy Premier League managers. With his impressive consistency and potential to deliver substantial returns, he undoubtedly possesses the qualities to be a cult hero of the 2023-24 season.

As the season unfolds and the transfer situation clarifies, Kane’s role and potential impact in FPL may become even more apparent. As managers prepare their squads, Kane stands as a worthy candidate to spearhead their attacking line and lead them to FPL success in the new season.