October 4, 2023


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Is Evan Ferguson a Good FPL GW5 Transfer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Evan Ferguson a Good FPL GW5 Transfer? Here's What You Need to Know

Brighton’s Evan Ferguson is emerging as one of the most highly sought-after forwards in FPL leading up to GW5. An astonishing 295,857 FPL managers have swiftly added the Brighton player to their squads. This surge in demand comes as no surprise, given Ferguson’s remarkable showing in Gameweek 4 against Newcastle.

With four goals, including a hattrick, and a total of 25 FPL points already this season, the question arises: Is Evan Ferguson a smart addition for Gameweek 5? Does he genuinely live up to the hype? In this article, we will delve into whether investing in the Brighton forward is a worthwhile move.

Is Evan Ferguson a Good FPL Gameweek 5 Transfer

Well, it depends on your team and its needs. But if you bring Evan Ferguson into your team, here’s what you can expect.

1. An Explosive FPL Asset

Evan Ferguson is undeniably an explosive FPL asset, and here’s why. He possesses the potential to deliver multiple double-digit returns, a feat he showcased in the previous gameweek against Newcastle. What instills our confidence in his abilities? It’s quite straightforward.

Ferguson is a part of Brighton, a team boasting one of the league’s most potent attacks. To illustrate this, let’s look at their statistics this season: Brighton currently leads the charts for goals scored per match, averaging 3.0 goals per game. They rank second in expected goals (xG) with a figure of 9.0, trailing only Brentford who have 10. Additionally, Brighton tops the charts for shots on target per match, averaging 9.0.

What does this mean for you as an FPL manager? Well, by bringing Evan Ferguson into your team, you’re acquiring a striker who plays for one of the most prolific attacking sides in the league. He’s virtually guaranteed to receive goal-scoring opportunities in matches and possesses the skill to convert those chances. It’s the ideal combination for FPL success.

Here’s a look at Evan Ferguson’s underlying numbers. Stats gotten from the official FPL site

GWOpponentResultPointsGoalsMinutes PlayedxGxAxGI
3West HamL20900.670.040.71
Evan Ferguson’s underlying numbers.

2. A Budget Option

Evan Ferguson presents an attractive budget-friendly forward option, available at a modest price of just 6.0 million. By adding him to your roster, you free up valuable funds to allocate to other areas of your team. This newfound financial flexibility enables you to consider premium midfielders like Son, who can significantly enhance your squad’s overall strength.

Furthermore, having a budget-friendly forward like Ferguson not only allows you to invest in other team positions but also affords you the luxury of constructing a robust bench. This bench depth can prove invaluable when your starting players are sidelined or rotated, ensuring you have reliable alternatives at your disposal.

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3. A Differential Option

For those eager to catch up in their mini-league standings, the demand for a differential player is paramount, and that’s where Evan Ferguson shines. Despite over 295,857 managers adding him to their squads, Ferguson remains in the ownership of less than 10% of FPL managers. This positions him as a strong differential choice for Gameweek 5.

While these ownership numbers might increase leading up to the deadline, opting for Ferguson still grants you access to an in-form differential forward who represents a formidable attacking side. This strategic move could provide you with a competitive edge over your mini-league rivals and help you make significant strides up the rankings.

4. Tough Run Of Fixtures

However, it’s essential for FPL managers to approach Evan Ferguson’s selection with caution, as not everything is entirely favorable. The primary concern lies in Brighton’s upcoming fixtures. While Ferguson has shown his prowess as an explosive striker, the fixtures on the horizon could pose a challenge. Over the next five games, Ferguson is set to face formidable opponents like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City, each carrying a fixture difficulty rating of 4, 4, and 5, respectively.

Evan Ferguson and Brighton's fixtures - GW5-9
Evan Ferguson and Brighton’s fixtures – GW5-9

These challenging fixtures could potentially limit Ferguson’s goal-scoring opportunities, as he may encounter fewer clear-cut chances against such strong opposition. It’s worth noting, though, that these fixtures could also work in Brighton and Ferguson’s favor. Top-tier teams often adopt an attacking approach, potentially leaving space for Brighton and Ferguson to exploit.

The decision ultimately hinges on your managerial preference. If you tend to avoid FPL assets facing tough fixtures, it might be prudent to wait until Gameweek 10 before considering Ferguson.

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Evan Ferguson and Brighton's fixtures - GW10-16
Evan Ferguson and Brighton’s fixtures – GW10-16

5. Rotation Risk

Another critical consideration before adding Evan Ferguson to your FPL team is his game time. Brighton is known for frequent rotation, and this season is no exception. Ferguson has started only two of Brighton’s four games so far, and given the plethora of forward options, the coach often employs rotations and tactical adjustments. It’s worth noting that Welbeck appears to be ahead of Ferguson in the pecking order.

Furthermore, Brighton’s involvement in European competitions adds another layer of complexity, as it necessitates squad rotation. If you decide to bring Ferguson into your team, you should be prepared to accommodate these rotations.

In summary, it’s crucial to understand that Ferguson is not guaranteed a starting spot week in and week out. While he may establish himself as the primary striker later in the season, for now, he’s likely to see sporadic starts. Consequently, having a solid bench becomes a prudent strategy to navigate this situation effectively.

Returning to our initial question: Is Evan Ferguson a good FPL GW5 transfer? The answer is straightforward:

If you’re utilizing a wildcard and in need of an affordable, differential forward from one of the league’s most potent attacking teams, then bringing in Ferguson this week could be an excellent move.

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However, if you’re using your free transfer this week, it’s wise to exercise caution. Ferguson’s upcoming fixtures and his squad rotation risk may not make him the optimal choice at this moment.

There are more favorable options available for investment this week, and players like Son represent compelling alternatives. For further insights on why Son is the top transfer choice ahead of GW5, be sure to check out our article: Over 369,501 FPL Managers Transfer Son Heung-min Ahead of GW5? Here’s Why.

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