October 4, 2023


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Harvey Barnes: A Good Time To Buy In FPL Or Not – GW2 Player Picks

Harvey Barnes: A Good Time To Buy In FPL Or Not - GW2 Player Picks

As the Premier League season kicks off, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are on the lookout for midfielders who can provide consistent points and offer value for their squads. Among the players catching the attention of FPL managers is Harvey Barnes of Newcastle United.

Priced at a reasonable 6.5 and with promising statistics, Barnes presents an intriguing option that deserves a closer look. In this FPL player in focus article, we delve into the key aspects of Harvey Barnes’ performance, potential, and how he compares to other midfield options.

Harvey Barnes Stats: A Glimpse into His Performance

Harvey Barnes, a talented midfielder hailing from England, is currently 25 years old. With a FotMob rating of 8.1 in GW1, he has made an impressive start to life in Newcastle in the league. In his recent outings, Barnes has showcased his attacking prowess with a goal and an assist, making a strong case for himself on the FPL radar.

During his 22 minutes of play, Barnes has exhibited a keen eye for goal, with an expected goal (xG) of 0.53, indicating his potential to find the back of the net consistently. His on-target expected goals (xGOT) of 0.95 underscore his accuracy in striking on target.

In addition to his goal-scoring ability, Barnes has proven to be a creative force on the pitch. With two chances created and an expected assist (xA) of 0.54, he not only contributes directly to goals but also has the potential to rack up assist points for FPL managers.

His Fantasy Premier League points tally currently stands at 11. This is just a glimpse of Barnes’ statistics, which showcase his capability to be a game-changer in FPL squads.

Upcoming Fixtures: A Look at the Challenges Ahead

Considering a player’s upcoming fixtures is crucial when making FPL decisions. Barnes and Newcastle United face an array of opponents, ranging from tough challenges to potentially favorable matchups. Here’s a glance at their immediate fixtures:

Harvey Barnes upcoming Fixtures: A Look at the Challenges Ahead
  • Gameweek 2: Manchester City (A)
  • Gameweek 3: Liverpool (H)
  • Gameweek 4: Brighton (A)
  • Gameweek 5: Brentford (H)
  • Gameweek 6: Sheffield United (A)
  • Gameweek 7: Burnley (H)
  • Gameweek 8: West Ham (A)
  • Gameweek 9: Crystal Palace (H)
  • Gameweek 10: Wolves (A)

While some of these fixtures present formidable opposition, Barnes has already demonstrated his ability to impact games against strong opponents. As his performances mature and he establishes his rhythm, he could prove to be a valuable asset even in challenging matches.

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Comparing Barnes with Other Midfield Options

Analyzing Barnes’ statistics in relation to other midfielders can provide insights into his potential as an FPL asset. Let’s take a look at a few key comparisons:

  • Rodri – The Silent Dynamo:
    • Cost: 5.5
    • Selected by: 5.1%
    • Form: 13.0
    • xG: 0.50
    • xA: 0.17
    • Total Points: 13
  • Saka – Arsenal’s Rising Star:
    • Cost: 8.5
    • Selected by: 62.1%
    • Form: 10.0
    • xG: 0.19
    • xA: 0.17
    • Total Points: 10
  • March – Brighton’s Consistent Performer:
    • Cost: 6.5
    • Selected by: 3.1%
    • Form: 9.0
    • xG: 0.55
    • xA: 0.02
    • Total Points: 9
  • Maddison – Tottenham’s Creative Midfielder:
    • Cost: 7.5
    • Selected by: 11.8%
    • Form: 9.0
    • xG: 0.07
    • xA: 0.94
    • Total Points: 9

Comparing his stats to other midfield options, such as Rodri, Saka, March, and Maddison, Barnes holds his ground and offers a unique combination of attributes that can make him a differential in FPL squads. While other players might shine in specific categories, Barnes’ well-rounded abilities make him a versatile asset capable of delivering points through goals, assists, and all-round performances.

And while Barnes can be explosive, it is important to note that Barnes didn’t start the match against Villa, so we’re unsure if he’s nailed-on. If he’s nailed-on then he’s a really good pick considering the fact that he’s 6.5million and playing for an attacking side like Newcastle. He’s still a wait and see for us here at raensports probably until after the Brighton game.

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Harvey Barnes’ Potential and Newcastle United’s Performance

Beyond the statistics, what truly makes Harvey Barnes an intriguing prospect for FPL managers is his untapped potential. As a 25-year-old midfielder, he’s entering a phase of his career where he’s expected to hit his peak performance. His combination of goal-scoring ability, creative flair, and his role within the team makes him a player with the capacity to consistently contribute points to FPL managers.

Newcastle United’s performance against Aston Villa further highlights Barnes’ potential impact. In a recent fixture against Aston Villa, Newcastle exhibited several key statistics that shed light on Barnes’ supporting environment:

  • Ball Possession: 53%
  • Expected Goals (xG): 3.41
  • Total Shots: 17
  • Big Chances: 9
  • Accurate Passes: 428 (85%)
  • Duels Won: 39 (52%)

These numbers underscore Newcastle’s attacking intent and their ability to create goal-scoring opportunities. Barnes’ involvement in such a dynamic team environment could significantly boost his potential to accumulate points throughout the season.

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Conclusion: Barnes – A Calculated FPL Choice

In conclusion, Harvey Barnes of Newcastle United stands as an FPL midfielder with considerable potential. His statistics showcase his impact on the field, both in terms of goal contributions and creativity. Newcastle’s attacking prowess further strengthens his case, presenting opportunities for him to thrive in the upcoming fixtures.

As FPL managers consider their options, Harvey Barnes emerges as a calculated choice that combines potential returns with budget-friendly pricing. His ability to consistently contribute points through goals, assists, and dynamic performances makes him a valuable addition to any FPL squad. Keep an eye on Barnes as the season progresses, as he could be the difference-maker that elevates your team’s performance in the Fantasy Premier League.