September 23, 2023


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Haaland vs Kane, the best Liverpool triple up, best 8.0million FPL midfielder – GW1 questions, answered

GW1 guide

With the first gameweek of the season around the corner, the need for us FPL managers to start finalizing our team selection is increasing.

The first draft is usually one of the hardest to make, so many questions and dilemmas just keep popping up and it’s alomost very hard to come up with a team that you’re pleased with.

Well, in this article, we’d be answering some questions FPL managers have been asking ahead of the new season. Some of those questions are: Haaland or Kane who should I go for?, the best 8 million FPL midfielder for my FPL draft?, Leon Bailey, Pedro Neto, Martinelli who should I go for? Robertson vs Diaz vs Darwin Nunez?

We’d be providing answers to these questions and many others in this post. So do try to stick around.

Haaland or Kane FPL who should I go for?

Harry Kane is the safe pick between the two. He has a better gameweek one fixture, he has proven himself in the Premier League and his underlying stats are really good.

Haaland on the other hand, isn’t a bad pick and could come good later in the season after he has jelled with his new team mates.

Even without jelling with his new team mates, Erling Haaland is a very lethal finisher and the fact that he plays for the best attacking side in the League, makes it harder to ignore him.

One strategy that FPL managers are looking to deploy, is to start GW1 with Kane and then swap him out for Haaland in gameweek two, when Haaland faces Bournemouth and Kane plays Chelsea.

That could work for you, if you have enough money in the bank in case one of an increase in price. You could also check this post, for a more detailed review on both set of assets.

The best 8 million FPL midfielder for my FPL draft?

Bukayo Saka is the standout 8 million FPL midfielder and is one that should be in your FPL draft. Arsenal have really good set of fixtures, they have a new striker in Gabby Jesus, they’ve also had a really good preseason and Saka is on penalties.

Saka is one that is hard to ignore. They’re other really good 8 million midfielders in the game, we have Luiz Diaz of Liverpool, Phil Foden of Man City, Mason Mount of Chelsea, Riyad Mahrez of Man City and James Maddison of Leicester all of which are really decent picks.

Feel free to check this post out: FPL draft tips: (4.5million-13.0 million) the best midfielder picks in every price range, In this post we take at some of the best FPL midfielders in every price range. Do make sure to give it a read.

Leon Bailey, Pedro Neto, Martinelli who should I go for?

Given how fluid and attacking Arsenal looked in pre season, with Martinelli scoring a goal and providing 3 assists, he should be a lock in every team at just £6m. He also Outscored Saka in the 2nd half of the season as well.

Neto vs Bailey

With 3 goals and 2 assists in pre season and no injury issues at the moment, Bailey is in red hot form and with villa fans predicting him to at least start the first few games, there are not much better than him at £5m. Bailey also has okay fixtures to start with after Bournemouth as well.

With that price point you can afford to stick Bailey to first sub when fixtures get tricky. My pick at 6m and under alongside Martinelli would surely be Neto with relatively better fixtures than Bailey till GW6. Three home games against Fulham, Newcastle and the Saints as well.

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How many Premiums should you add to your FPL team

Many template FPL drafts have at least two premium FPL assets within the 11.5-13.0million price range, in their team and that’s good because of the reduction in price of many FPL assets this season.

Having the right pair of two premium assets could go a long way this season. We all know that one of the main reasons why these premium assets are so valuable is because of the points we get from captaining them and if we have two really good pairs that we can switch the armband with, then we’re in for a very successful season.

Find out what the best FPL premium pairs are in this post: FPL premiums: Salah, Kane, KDB, Son, Haaland who are the best FPL premium picks.

The best Forward picks for your FPL draft

Many of us FPL managers are still creating our FPL drafts, some of us are deciding on what formation to go for, some are still contemplating whether they should go for two forwards, or three forwards and it’s absolutely normal since the season is only just starting.

However, with the stats that we have dug up, we have decided to create a list of some of the best FPL forward picks, we’d be looking at the best budget FPL forwards (5.5-6.5million forwards)the best 7.5 million forward and the best premium forward picks for your FPL GW1 team.

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GW1 captain picks

Gameweek 1 is already here and the search for the best GW1 captain is on. There are so many good captaincy options in GW1, we have the likes of Haaland, Salah, Kane, Son and Gabby Jesus.

check this post out as we share our thoughts on some of the GW1 captains: GW1 captain picks: Haaland, Salah, Son, Kane the best gameweek 1 captain.

Gameweek 1 FPL draft tips

Whatever your plans may be in terms of formation, assets and chip strategy it’s time now time for us to finalizing our teams.

We’ve all created countless FPL draft, since the launch of the game early on in July, however, now we need just one draft and team as we go into GW1.

In this article, we created numerous FPL drafts for GW1, we’d be created drafts with 5-3-2 formation, 4-5-1 formation, 4-4-2 formation and 4-3-3 formation.

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FPL chip strategy guide

While we might be focusing on teams to target, budget enablerspremium picks and captain picks, we also want to have a clear plan of how we want to use our various FPL chips.

The proper usage of these FPL chips, can see a rise in rankings for you, while a careless use of your chips, can lead to a drastic fall in rankings. In other words, your FPL chips are really important and they can decide how high you rank in the game.

In this article, we provide you with important dates in the 2022/23 season, we look at when potential double gameweeks might come up, we also look at when the international breaks would be starting and then we used that information to draft out an FPL chip strategy guide that can help you get the best out of your various FPL chips.

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