September 23, 2023


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GW9 team selection: transfer targets, gameweek 9 player picks

GW9 team selection

GW9 is here and we’re at that stage of the season where games would be coming thick and fast. A lot of people would be activating their wildcards and others would be looking to use their free transfers to make needed adjustments to their various teams.

Regardless of your strategy we here at raensports, have got you covered. In this article, we’d be selecting our GW9 team and we’d be suggesting players to that you can transfer in this gameweek.

We also want to apologize about last gameweek, we noticed the images used in our GW8 team selection article didn’t show, we have fixed it now and we’re really sorry.

Gameweek 9 fixtures and teams to target

GW9 fixtures

There are a couple of really nice games in GW9 and that is really interesting because we now have a wide range of players to pick from.

Teams outside the top six as well as the big six themselves, have nice fixtures. We have the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool playing against Crystal Palace and Brighton respectively and we’ve also got some really nice matchups like:

  • Bournemouth vs Brentford
  • Fulham vs Newcastle
  • Southampton vs Everton
  • West Ham vs Wolves
  • Leeds vs Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs Nott’m Forest

Now that we have an idea of this week’s fixtures the next question is what player should we be looking to get into our team. Well, there are a couple of players we have in mind, we’re recommending these players based on their form, fixtures and stats.

However most of the players we’d be recommending this week, would be players that have games with pretty good FDR. So, yeah, that’s the main metric we’d be using this gameweek.

GW9 stats and players to watch

1. Kieran Trippier FPL stats

2. Bernado Silva FPL stats

3. Bukayo Saka FPL stats

4. James Maddison FPL stats

5. Ivan Toney GW9 FPL stats

GW9 transfer targets: which player should you buy ahead of gameweek 9

1. Bournemouth vs Brentford

Bournemouth vs Brentford is one game that has a lot of potential and we could possibly see a decent amount of goals in this one. We’d be backing Brentford to score a couple and possibly keep a clean sheet. Here are a few players you might want to buy ahead of this game:

  • Toney – £7.2m – 20.8% – FWD / BRE
  • Mbeumo – £5.9m – 1.9% – FWD / BRE
  • Raya – £4.5m – 6.6% – GKP / BRE
  • Billing – £5.3m – 0.2% – MID / BOU
  • Solanke – £5.7m – 0.6% – FWD / BOU

We’ve got five players on this list and a couple of differentials from Bournemouth – Billing and Solanke could be could additions to your squad not just for GW9, but for the next 4 gameweeks.

2. Fulham vs Newcastle

Fulham vs Newcastle is another game where a lot of goals could be scored and there are so many good players to pick from in this one, from both teams. Here are a few:

  • Mitrović – £6.9m – 30.7% – FWD / FUL
  • Pope – £5.2m – 18.7% – GKP / NEW
  • Trippier – £5.4m – 45% – DEF / NEW
  • Saint-Maximin – £6.4m – 6.1% – MID / NEW

Well, from the Newcastle camp, it looks like Isak is a major doubt this gameweek and he won’t be playing the match against Fulham as he picked up an injury during the International break.

If you have Isak and you’re looking for a replacement, then Ivan Toney of Brentford would be a nice alternative.

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3. Southampton vs Everton

Southampton vs Everton looks like a nice game and to be fair not a lot of FPL managers have players from these sides and that’s because these teams don’t just score enough goals.

If you do want to buy players from these teams in GW9, here a few you can target:

  • Maupay – £6.1m – 0.5% – FWD / EVE
  • Ward-Prowse – £6.5m – 9.1% – MID / SOU
  • Adams – £6.4m – 1% – FWD / SOU
  • Iwobi – £5.5m – 0.3% – MID / EVE
  • Gray – £5.5m – 1% – MID / EVE

They have really low ownership and are nice differentials, but the truth is, they are owned by a few and that’s because they haven’t been delivering on the FPL front.

4. West Ham vs Wolves

Yet another set of teams that just don’t score that many goals in games. West Ham and Wolves have scored a total of 6 goals all season.

Honestly, if you were to target players from this match, then it’d probably be the defenders or Bowen as he looked pretty decent against Everton last time out and was kind of unlucky not to get a goal.

Here a couple of players you can target:

  • Sá – £5m – 5.7% – GKP / WOL
  • Bowen – £8.1m – 3.9% – MID / WHU

5. Leeds vs Aston Villa

This is one of those games that you really can’t predict what would happen and so it is hard to say, “ok, yeah we go in on this team and yeah we go in on this player”.

That being said, there are still some decent options that you’d expect to be involved in goals and here are our picks:

  • Sinisterra – £6.5m – 0.8% – MID / LEE
  • Watkins – £7.2m – 2% – FWD / AVL
  • Aaronson – £5.5m – 1.5% – MID / LEE
  • Harrison – £6.2m – 4.7% – MID / LEE

Well, this fixture is one that we’d say you should probably avoid cause it could go anywhere. But if you do have any Leeds or Aston Villa players then yeah you should totally hold them.

6. Leicester vs Nott’m Forest

Two teams that have been conceding goals for fun all season finally meet and this is one game that we’d be looking to target. We know very well that both teams have the ability to score goals as well as concede them and so we’d be going in on players from these teams.

  • Maddison – £7.9m – 6.1% – MID / LEI
  • Barnes – £6.9m – 1.1% – MID / LEI
  • Daka – £5.7m – 0.7% – FWD / LEI
  • N.Williams – £4.1m – 27.2% – DEF / NFO
  • Johnson – £5.9m – 1.5% – FWD / NFO

These are some of the players that we think would perform in this game, with Maddison being top of the list, he’s also a bit of a differential as well with an ownership of just 6.1%. He could also make a nice GW9 differential captain.

GW9 team selection: key notes

One thing we want to keep in mind as FPL managers is that most of the players mentioned here as potential transfers, have nice fixtures in just GW9 and after that, their games aren’t as good.

So before buying such players it’d be better to keep an eye on their fixtures and to help do that here’s a really nice fixture ticker.

Our GW9 transfer target

With the fixture ticker, you have an idea of what some of these FPL assets fixtures look like over the course of the next gameweeks and so you can make long term purchases not just one week punts.

If we had one transfer the player that we’d be adding to our team, would be James Maddison. His underlying stats are great, he has a really nice fixture this gameweek and his next five fixtures are also really impressive so that’d be our buy this gameweek.

What are other FPL managers up to

GW9 transfers

From this image you can see who the most sort after players are. A lot of FPL managers are looking to get in players whose fixtures are great not just for one gameweek(GW9) but players who have really good fixtures in the long-run.

GW9 team reveal

GW9 team

GW9 team breakdown

It’s a 3-4-3 formation that we’ve gone with this gameweek and that’s because some of the other bigger sides have tricky fixtures. For instance, Man City face Man United and Arsenal face Spurs and the chances of these teams keeping clean sheets are low and so for that reason we’ve gone for a back three.

Another thing that’s notable in this team, is the fact that we’ve gone for Liverpool assets and we’ve gone for Trent. This is because the game against Brighton is one that we expect Liverpool to dominate and possibly even win.

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We’ve also gone with two Chelsea players with James and Raheem Sterling. They have a nice fixture and the potential for them to haul is also high.

Then the rest of the team are players we already spoke of earlier, with the likes of Haaland, Mitrovic, Saint-Maximin, Trippier, Maddison and Toney making up the rest of the squad.

The team according to FPLTeamPlanner is expected to get 54 points, which is actually quite decent.