September 23, 2023


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GW9 team news and injury updates: how have PL players fared in this week’s international break

GW9 team news and injury updates

The last international break before the world cup, is currently going on and as of the time of writing there are still some games left to be played.

A lot of Premier League players have featured in this week’s international break and there’s no doubt that this would affect us FPL managers – either the players we have in our FPL team, pick up injuries or the players we own, play a lot of games for their national team and then get rested during the weekend.

In this article, though we’d be looking at how Premier League players fared in this week’s international break and we’d see how that affects FPL.

What Premier League players picked up injuries in this week’s International break

1. John Stones

The Man City center back picked up an injury(hamstring injury) in the game against Germany on Monday evening and it looks like he’d be a doubt this weekend.

This means that if you have John Stones in your FPL team then you should be looking to move him out. And if you still want a Man City defender, then the likes of:

  • Akanji – £5m – 0.1% – DEF / MCI
  • Aké – £5m – 0.8% – DEF / MCI

Are all good John Stones replacements.

2. Alexander Isak

Isak, is another Premier League player who looks to have picked up an injury during the International break. The Newcastle forward left his National team early and didn’t even feature in any of their International games.

If you do have Isak in your FPL team, here are some really nice alternatives that you can go with this gameweek.

  • Toney – £7.2m – 20.8% – FWD / BRE
  • Mitrović – £6.9m – 30.7% – FWD / FUL
  • Solanke – £5.7m – 0.6% – FWD / BOU
  • Maupay – £6.1m – 0.5% – FWD / EVE
  • Daka – £5.7m – 0.7% – FWD / LEI

If you have extra funds or if you’re on a wildcard then Nunez, Aubameyang or Jesus would all be good picks as well. But if you don’t extra funds, then Ivan Toney is the best replacement out there.

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3. Nathan Patterson

The 4.0million defender is another player who has picked up an injury in this week’s International break. He picked up the injury in Scotland’s game against Ukraine, an injury that meant a stretcher was needed to get him off the pitch.

It looked bad, but reports now are saying it isn’t as bad – he is still a major doubt this weekend and it’d be better to sell him so as to preserve your team’s value. Here are some Nathan Patterson replacements:

  • N.Williams – £4.1m – 27.2% – DEF / NFO
  • Emerson – £4m – 2.2% – DEF / WHU
  • Andersen – £4.5m – 2.5% – DEF / CRY
  • Fofana – £4.4m – 2.4% – DEF / CHE
  • Mitchell – £4.5m – 0.7% – DEF / CRY
  • Guéhi – £4.3m – 1.2% – DEF / CRY

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4. Bruno Guimarães

Guimarães is yet another player who picked up an injury this International break, but would be fit and is likely to start this weekend for Newcastle.

Chris Wood is another player who picked up an injury while playing for his Country and is another doubt this weekend. This means Callum Wilson could be another nice Isak replacement, but you also have to keep it in mind that he might not start, or his minutes would be managed.

5. Andy Robertson

Well, Robertson didn’t pick up any injuries this International break, rather, he was sidelined before the start of it and would still remain sidelined as Jurgen Klopp says he has no intention of rushing him back.

This could be a helpful bit of information if you’re on a wildcard, you can easily go for Kostas Tsimikas who is cheap and is guaranteed to start this gameweek – Tsimikas is only £4.5m and plays Brighton this gameweek.

6. Kulusevski

Kulusevski looks to have picked up an injury in Sweden’s game and is now a major doubt this weekend. So, if you have the Spurs winger, you might want to move him on.

Some more gameweek 9 team news

  1. The three Gabriel’s(Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Magalhães) in Arsenal, weren’t called up to their National team.
  2. Jack Grealish only played 19 minutes in the UNL in this week’s International break, while Phil Foden played 114 minutes.
  3. Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho weren’t called by England this International break.
  4. Mo Salah was allowed to leave early this International break and won’t be playing Egypt’s friendly game against Liberia.
  5. Erling Haaland scored a goal and played ninety minutes in the UNL for Norway in their match against Slovenia
  6. Trent Alexander-Arnold played a total of 0 minutes in the UNL for England this International break.
  7. Harry Kane played 180 minutes in England’s UNL games.