October 5, 2023


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GW8 team selection and free hit team: transfer targets and scout picks

GW8 team selection

After a short break away from FPL last week, GW8 is here and we’re back with our weekly team selection article. At the time of writing, we’re assuming that all fixtures would go ahead as planned, as we do not have enough news yet.

The news we’ve got right now is that games are expected to go on and only games that would be played in the capital(London) are a doubt and could be postponed or rescheduled.

So we’d put that into consideration as we create our GW8 team. We’d possibly create two teams, one with the mindset that all games go on as planned and other with the mindset that games that are played in London are postponed.

FPL gameweek 8 team selection

Before we get into this gameweek’s team selection, we want to take a look at the fixtures of players and see which ones have nice fixtures that we should target.

GW8 fixtures

Some GW8 standout fixtures and players to target

There are a lot of really good fixtures this gameweek, with a a lot of big teams having decent fixtures that we can be confident about going into GW8. Let’s now look at some standout fixtures and players we should target from each fixture.

1. Nott’m Forest vs Fulham

The Nott’m Forest vs Fulham game is one that we’d be looking to target and get a couple of FPL assets from. Just one or two players from this game would do in our GW8 team.

Players to target from Nott’m Forest vs Fulham

  • Mitrović – £6.9m – 26% – FWD / FUL
  • N.Williams – £4.1m – 27.3% – DEF / NFO

Mitrovic and Neco Williams are really good buys and would be great additions to any GW8 team, they’re the two players that standout from both sides. Their recent performances alongside their really nice price make them even more appealing.

2. Newcastle vs Bournemouth

Newcastle vs Bournemouth is another really nice fixture that we can get both clean sheet points and goal scoring points from. Newcastle assets are obviously going to be the main focus for us in this fixture as they’re favorites to win the clash. And these are the players we’d be looking to target:

Players to target from Newcastle vs Bournemouth

  • Trippier – £5.2m – 35.9% – DEF / NEW
  • Pope – £5.1m – 12.2% – GKP / NEW
  • Isak – £7m – 4.7% – FWD / NEW

Trippier, Pope and Isak are all really nice picks. The potential to get clean sheet points from Pope is one we won’t want to overlook, the attacking threat Trippier has is something that could come in handy this gameweek and lastly, Isak is just one really good differential to have.

3. Wolves vs Man City

Wolves vs Man City is yet another good fixture and we already know that we’d be looking to target Man City assets in this one. There are a couple of popular Man City assets that we all have already, so there’s no need to make a fuss about this one, let’s get straight into it.

Players to target from Wolves vs Man City

  • Haaland – £12m – 79.3% – FWD / MCI
  • Cancelo – £7.1m – 48.5% – DEF / MCI
  • De Bruyne – £12.2m – 25.6% – MID / MCI

These are the three standout players for us and they’re ones we’d be looking to add to our GW8 team.

4. Spurs vs Leicester

This is another fixture that we’d be looking to target this gameweek. Leicester currently sit bottom of the table and have also been conceding so many goals as well. which makes Spurs attackers and full-backs really good picks.

Players to target from Spurs vs Leicester

  • Perišić – £5.6m – 25.8% – DEF / TOT
  • Kane – £11.4m – 16.7% – FWD / TOT
  • Kulusevski – £8.1m – 11.4% – MID / TOT

5. Everton vs West Ham

Players to target from Everton vs West Ham

  • Bowen – £8.1m – 2.4% – MID / WHU
  • Gordon – £5.5m – 2.8% – MID / EVE

6. Arsenal vs Brentford

Arsenal vs Brentford is a game with a lot of potential and could be a high scoring one. Brentford and Arsenal are two teams that play attacking football and this makes the attacking players in this game very appealing. Here are a couple of FPL assets to target from this fixture.

Players to target from Arsenal vs Brentford

  • Martinelli – £6.5m – 46.6% – MID / ARS
  • Jesus – £8.1m – 76.5% – FWD / ARS
  • Toney – £7.2m – 19.6% – FWD / BRE
  • Saka – £7.8m – 10.8% – MID / ARS

GW8 team selection and team reveal

GW8 team selection and scout picks

Here’s our final GW8 team. In this team, we’ve gone on to bring in players whose games have been confirmed by the Premier League.

We don’t have the usual amount of games this gameweek, which means we have a small group of players to pick from and we believe we’ve done a pretty decent job with our team selection this gameweek.

Here the games that have been postponed this gameweek and would not be going ahead:

  • Chelsea vs Liverpool
  • Crystal Palace vs Brighton
  • Man United vs Leeds

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GW8 team breakdown


In defense, we’ve gone for four players. We have doubled up on Newcastle defenders with Trippier and Pope and that’s because we think they’re the team most likely to keep a clean sheet this weekend.

And lastly, we have Cancelo, Perisic and Neco Williams defenders who are able to give both clean sheet and attacking points. If you’re not comfortable with Williams playing, you could take him out for Saliba who is on the bench.


In midfield, we have three players. Two players in the 8 million price bracket and one in the 6 million price range. We have Bowen who plays Everton, Kulusevski who plays Leicester and lastly we have Martinelli who comes up against Brentford,

We’ve gone for this midfield three, simply because of the form and fixture difficulty of these players. On paper, these three midfielders, have pretty nice fixtures and you’d expect them to perform well in them and give points.


We have three of the most of the most in-form forwards in the game in our team this gameweek. They also just like our midfielders, have pretty decent fixtures.

Harry Kane plays against one of his favorite opponents in Leicester, Mitrovic is up against newly promoted Nott’m Forest and Haaland is up against Wolves.

You won’t put it past these forwards to get at least a goal in each game and that’s why we’re going with three of them.


This GW8 team could also be good and helpful to those who are looking to free hit this gameweek. We’ve also tried to get a decent bench that could help if some more games are postponed.