September 23, 2023


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GW8 captain picks: Mitrovic, Haaland, Jesus, Kane – the best GW8 captains

GW8 captain picks

A blank gameweek in GW7 means that there was no games and so we didn’t get to captain any players. However, GW8 is here and it’s not business as usual yet, as a couple of teams have had their games postponed.

The postponement of games means that we have a smaller number of players to select our GW8 captains from. Even at that, it’s not going to be easy and there are still a lot of really good captain picks this gameweek.

We’ve got five players that we think are standout captain choices and would be worth captaining this gameweek. In this article we’d share five of the best GW8 captains and we’d reveal who our GW8 captain would be.

Five of the best gameweek 8 captain picks

5. Son Heung-min

Son has not been in the best of form this season. In fact, the Spurs winger has not scored a goal, neither has he assisted any this season and yes it’s crazy that we have him on our GW8 captain picks list.

However, the reason he’s here is because of his fixture this gameweek. Spurs go up against Leicester City, a team that have been conceding goals for fun so far this season and we’d be expecting Son to get himself a goal at least, since he’s playing against one of the weakest defenses.

The thing with Son is that he’s getting chances but he’s just not finding the back of the net.

You can tell that, that goal is coming soon and a game against one of the weakest defenses might just be what Son needs. So if you have him in your side and want to go down the differential route, then he’s worth the punt.

4. Gabby Jesus

Gabby Jesus would be fourth on our list of GW8 captains. He has a pretty decent fixture this gameweek and that’s why we’ve got him on our list of GW8 captains.

Arsenal face Brentford this week and on paper this looks like a game where there would be a decent amount of goals and if there are goals, then Gabby Jesus would be involved.

Jesus’ underlying numbers have been great so far this season, he’s a player who is always heavily involved in games. With Jesus, you are not just captaining a goal scorer, rather you’re captaining a player who has the ability to get you assist points.

And that’s good because that increases the potential for him to get you points. His xG, xA, shots in the box and chance creation are all really good and he’s a decent option this gameweek.

3. Mitrović

Mitrovic against Nott’m Forest is another really nice game and this is the perfect time to captain Mitrovic. The Fulham forward has surprised many this season with his performances.

In fact, only Erling Haaland has scored more goals than the Serbian international this season. Mitrovic is a player who passes the eye test and his underlying stats are also really good, only Erling Haaland has better underlying stats amongst FPL forwards.

One reason why this is the perfect time to captain Mitrovic, is because of the opposition he is up against this gameweek. Fulham face Nott’m Forest a team that has been poor defensively and have conceded a lot of shot.

And this suits Mitrovic because he, Mitrovic is a player who takes so many shots in games. Nott’m Forest give away so many chances and this is perfect for a player like Mitrovic, who is in really good form.

Many of us FPL managers are playing our wildcards this gameweek and many of us are bringing in Mitrovic and if you want to go against the crowd and do something different, then captaining Mitrovic this gameweek would be great.

2. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland has almost been our default captain in the last two gameweeks and rightly so, he’s the most in-form player in the game, with the Man City man scoring 10 goals in his last 6 starts.

His underlying numbers are also really good, the number of shots he takes in the box are great, his xG impressive, his goal scoring is incredible, no comes close – Haaland hasn’t put a foot wrong so far this season.

However, one issue that comes to mind each time this gameweek, is the fact that Haaland plays against one of the best defenses in the league in GW8.

And that in itself is something of concern for FPL managers. Man City play Wolves away from home this week and Wolves, we know don’t concede that many goals.

Here’s what an FPL manager said on Reddit regarding captaining Erling Haaland:

To be honest, he does have a really good point. Reddit users were quick to give a response to his question, with most of the answers having the same theme, don’t overthink it, Haaland and Man City aren’t every other team.

And while Wolves might be great defensively, let’s not forget that last season Kevin De Brunye scored 4 goals against Wolves at the Molineux.

They are right if you have Haaland in your team, then don’t overthink it, captain him.

1. Harry Kane

Harry Kane is top of our list of GW8 captains and that is simply because of his fixture this gameweek. Spurs host one of the worst Leicester City sides in GW8.

A Leicester side that currently sit bottom of the table, a Leicester side that also has one of the worst defense in the league. We all know that Harry Kane loves playing against Leicester, his record against them is impeccable.

Kane has been scoring and putting up such numbers against some of the best Leicester sides and now he plays one of the worst Leicester sides – it’s really hard to ignore the Spurs man.

We all know Kane’s underlying numbers are great and he’s always involved in the game and he’s also one that could get you an assist alongside a couple of goals.

If you’re on a wildcard and if you’ve brought Harry Kane into your team, then we do think he’s the best GW8 captain pick.

Who is our GW8 captain

Harry Kane is the man we’d be backing this gameweek. A nice fixture against his favorite opponents and against one of the worst defenses in the league this season. Kane would be our GW8 captain.

Haaland and Mitrovic are also really good picks and it’d be a lot better if you owned all three this gameweek so at least you can get a decent amount of points from each one regardless.

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