September 23, 2023


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GW7 wildcard draft tips: some of the best wildcard teams to consider ahead of gameweek 7

GW7 wildcard draft

Another gameweek has gone by and managers who have gone with this season’s template team, must have struggled yet again, as most of the defenders from the bigger sides failed to keep a clean sheet.

This has left so many managers wondering if it is time to move on from this season’s template team and go for a different strategy and formation.

Well, if you’re one of those managers, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’d be creating numerous GW7 wildcard drafts using different formations and we’d also answer some questions regarding various wildcard strategies, questions such as, should you still go big at the back, is it time to move Mo Salah on and many other questions would be answered in this article.

Should you wildcard in gameweek 7

Well. there are so many factors that come to play when deciding to play your wildcard. If for one, you want to change your strategy and team formation then wildcarding is one way for you to get that done.

If you’re chasing and looking to climb up your mini-league then wildcarding is another way for you to quickly cover up some ground and get in those differentials that can help give you the boost you need.

And lastly, if your team is filled with injured players and players who are suspended, then you can activate your wildcard and refresh your team.

If you find yourself in one of these situations then wildcarding in gameweek 7, isn’t bad and would do more good than harm. One last benefit of wildcarding in GW7 is that you’d be able to get players in at a cheaper price, which won’t be the case if you were to wildcard in a later time.

Players and teams to target when wildcarding in GW7

When wildcarding, it is always nice to keep the long term in mind. So it’d be nice to select and get in players that you’d be comfortable leaving in your team for 5-7 gameweeks.

And one way you can get and select such players is by paying attention to their fixtures, we always want to select assets with nice run of fixtures over a long period of time.

Here’s a really nice resource by @FPLFocal

In this tweet @FPLFocal took his time to arrange teams based on their fixture difficulty ratings. He has got teams with really nice fixtures at the top and teams with tougher fixtures at the bottom.

This is very useful as it could help us when selecting our assets and also give us an idea of what teams we should target as we wildcard this gameweek.

Here’s another one that could help as we create our GW7 wildcard team.

Now that we have an idea of teams who have nice fixtures, let’s now create our various GW7 drafts with players from these teams we want to target.

Should you still go big at the back

Well, going big at the back as its advantages and its flaws. So far this season, we’ve seen both. We’ve seen the benefit of going for numerous premium defenders and we’ve reaped the benefit.

However, we do think it is time for us to start moving away from this season’s template team. We’ve seen budget strikers and midfielders perform way better than most premium defenders and for that reason, we think it would be much better to have a balanced team.

It’d be better to have a mixture of both premium defenders and a couple of budget forwards and midfielders. As you keep on reading, you’d see how our GW7 wildcard drafts shape up.

GW7 wildcard draft template

Well, this is our first GW7 wildcard draft and in this draft, we’ve gone for three forwards and a lot of budget midfielders that have pretty nice upcoming fixtures.

We’ve also got a pretty nice bench that could help when a couple of our players have difficult fixtures or when they’re rotated. One thing to take note of is that we’ve completely ignored Liverpool assets and that could be a very serious risk that could come back to haunt us.

After their UCL defeat against Napoli, it’s really hard to back some of their assets. We’ve also just got news that the Crystal Palace vs Brighton in gameweek 8 has been postponed. So we’d have to get alternatives for our Palace and Brighton players.

One team we can target is Leeds, Sinisterra would be a good replacement for Pascal Gross and you could replace Zaha with Mitrovic in GW8. Other than that you’ve got a pretty nice team.

Another thing to take note of is that:

  • Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool’s fixture get a lot tougher in the coming gameweeks, so that’s one to keep an eye on when selecting players from these teams.
  • Man United and Chelsea’s fixtures also get a lot easier up until GW11. So going for a Dalot isn’t a bad option.
  • Newcastle, West Ham, Fulham, Brentford, Forest and Leicester all have nice fixtures as well so you might want to target players from these teams.

Is it time to move Mo Salah on

Well, yes it is time to move Mo Salah on. The Liverpool midfielder has always been a great FPL option, but recently his form hasn’t been all that great.

Mo Salah is valued at £13.0m and you’d be expecting him to be putting elite numbers to justify his price tag, but the truth is he hasn’t been doing that and that’s really bad.

Harry Kane who is a lot cheaper would be a decent Mo Salah replacement. Kane’s numbers have been really good so far this season and he’d 100% be a great addition to any FPL squad.

In this wildcard draft, we’ve decided to spread the budget across every area of the pitch and that’s why we’ve gone for one premium asset in just Erling Haaland.

Doing that allows us to get in other budget players that are starters for their various teams. We’ve got a really solid bench that could help when the International break comes around and when a player is rotated.

We’ve also got £1.0m in the bank that could also help if you want to make further upgrades to this team. In this draft we’ve also targeted a lot of players with really nice fixtures and that’s why we’ve got Newcastle, West Ham, Leicester, Brentford and Man united assets.

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