September 23, 2023


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GW6 wildcard draft: some of the best wildcard drafts for gameweek 6

some of the best wildcard drafts for gameweek 6

Gameweek 6 is another really good time to play or use the wildcard chip. With the UCL starting next week, there’s a high possibility that some of our nailed on FPL assets from the bigger sides would be rotated and their minutes could be reduced.

And one way we can get ahead of the rotation issue, is by wildcarding this gameweek. If you wildcard this gameweek, you can get in assets from midtable sides and you can also invest heavily on your bench players, so that when or if one of your main players get rested, you’d still have enough fire power on your bench.

In this article, we’d be creating a couple of GW6 wildcard draft that involves various strategies that would help us deal with the upcoming fixture congestions.

Teams whose fixtures have taken positive swings

A lot of teams starting from gameweek six, begin to have a lot of easier games. We have the likes of Newcastle, Nott’m Forest, Leicester, Bournemouth, Leeds and Brentford, these teams all have positive fixture swings, as shown in the tweet by @FPLFocal.

This information is very useful if you’re playing your wildcard this gameweek. Now you have an idea of teams that have nice upcoming fixtures, which would help you select really nice players and differentials as well.

Gameweek 6 wildcard draft templates

In our very first GW6 wildcard draft, we’ve gone for what we’d like to call a pretty balance team that has a couple of nailed on players. Very few in this team would be rotated and that’s one of the reasons why it is amongst our GW6 draft.

John Stones could be benched but that shouldn’t be a major problem as we have a pretty decent bench that could help if Pep decides to drop Stones.

In midfield, we’ve gone for Liverpool players and again these Liverpool assets you’d expect them to play and start most games. Liverpool are already chasing Man City and they can’t afford to rotate as much, so we’d be expecting Klopp to field his strongest side most of the time.

Haaland and Mitrovic are our two forwards and they are really good picks as well. We know a lot of people are worried about Haaland’s minutes but let’s be real it’s better to have him right now.

Haaland has shown us that he doesn’t need to play the entire game all the the time to haul massively and so we won’t be too worried about him. He’s owned by 70% of FPL managers and so going against him is too risky.

Well, in this draft we’ve ditched Jesus and gone for Mitrovic and that could come back to haunt us, especially with how highly owned Jesus is. But we need funds so that we can spread it across our team and our bench.

GW6 wildcard draft template – 2

This wildcard draft is quite similar to the first one, only difference is that this time, we’ve gone for two premium forwards and have totally ignored Mohammed Salah.

This wildcard draft is for those who are thinking about taking out Salah, and one really good alternative is Harry Kane. Harry Kane is pretty much a nailed on starter just like Salah and is also just as lethal as Salah. So, yeah if you’re looking to do something different, then Kane to Salah is a good move.

We’ve also gone on to use the extra money we’ve got from the Salah to Kane swap to strengthen our team and bench. We’ve now got Perisic and Harrison into our team.

A solid bench and a really decent 11 is what you get with this wildcard draft.

Yeah, this is the same draft as the last one and this time we’ve taken out Cancelo and brought in Trippier and then used the extra funds to get in another decent forward option, in Mitrovic.

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GW6 wildcard draft template – 3

Here’s another nice strategy to deploy, which is kind of like the template team. In this draft we invest heavily on defenders and go big at the back.

We’ve also tried to get in some pretty nailed on assets so that you don’t really need to rely on your bench so much. Perisic and James are players that could get an occasional rest once in a while and if that happens then your bench players would be called upon.