September 23, 2023


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GW6 team selection: transfer targets, scout picks and differential picks

Well after a disappointing team selection in gameweek 4, we bounced back and did quite alright in gameweek 5, with our team picking up a total of 84 points, which is really impressive and way above average.

Gameweek 6 is here and if you’ve seen the fixtures, you can almost already tell that it’s going to be a lot harder than the just concluded gameweek 5.

With the UCL starting next week, you can tell that there’s going to be a lot of rotation and that’s going to make this week’s team selection a bit harder.

In this article, we’d be looking at GW6 fixtures and players to target in each one, we’d also look at some differential picks for gameweek 6 and lastly we’d reveal our GW6 team.

FPL gameweek 6 team selection

Before we get into this gameweek’s team selection, we want to take a look at the fixtures of players and see which ones have nice fixtures that we should target.

Some GW6 standout fixtures and players to target

There are a lot of really good fixtures this gameweek and a couple of tricky ones as well. It promises to be an exciting gameweek and we’d be hoping we can select the right players and we’d be looking to avoid those players that are prone to rotation.

Let’s now look at some standout fixtures and players we should target from each fixture.

1. Liverpool vs Everton

This is one really nice fixture that we would love to target and keep an eye on. Liverpool can’t really afford to rest so many players, as they are already chasing Man City, so we’d expect Jurgen Klopp to put out his strongest team once again.

Here are some players that you’d want to target or add to your GW6 team.

  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.5m – 49.2% – DEF / LIV
  • Salah – £13m – 53.2% – MID / LIV
  • Luis Díaz – £8.2m – 29.5% – MID / LIV

As for Everton assets you can bring in Antony Gordon, but we won’t recommend that because Everton has really tough games even after the Liverpool match, so it’d be better to invest in Liverpool assets.

2. Brentford vs Leeds

These are the sort of fixtures where you could have peace of mind and not be worried about rotation and that’s because both sides don’t have any European commitment.

Brentford and Leeds have done well so far this season and this match promises to be an exciting one as well. Here are some players you can target for your GW6 team.

  • Raya – £4.5m – 6.5% – GKP / BRE
  • Harrison – £6.1m – 4.9% – MID / LEE
  • Toney – £7.2m – 16.9% – FWD / BRE

3. Newcastle vs Crystal Palace

Just like the Brentford vs Leeds game, this is another one where both teams don’t have European commitments and so it’d be a lot easier to select players from these sorta teams.

Newcastle and Crystal Palace have also looked really good so far this season with both teams scoring a decent amount of goals. Newcastle also have a couple of injury problems so Eddie Howe’s press conference is one we want to pay attention to.

Until then, let’s look at some players we can target from both teams.

  • Isak – £7m – 2.2% – FWD / NEW
  • Zaha – £7.1m – 9.7% – MID / CRY
  • Trippier – £5.1m – 26.5% – DEF / NEW

4. Bournemouth vs Nott’m Forest

A lot of FPL managers always target teams that play against these teams. This week however, they play against each other and we’re really excited to see how it goes.

we still think Nott’m Forest are a much better side than Bournemouth and we’d be expecting a Nott’m Forest win this weekend. Here are a few players you can add to your GW6 team.

  • N.Williams – £4.1m – 27.6% – DEF / NFO
  • Awoniyi – £5.9m – 1% – FWD / NFO
  • Henderson – £4.6m – 11.7% – GKP / NFO

Nott’m Forest’s fixtures have taken a positive swing, so it won’t be a bad idea to get a couple of their players in, this gameweek.

5. Spurs vs Fulham

Spurs are another team who are involved in the UCL this season and so they play next week as well, and we’d expecting some players to be rotated.

One player so many people think would be dropped this weekend, is Ivan Perisic and so we’d say avoid for now, but if you have him, keep him or bench him and play Neco Williams.

As for the front three, I think they all start, I don’t think Kane would be rested. Here are a few players you could target in this GW6 fixture.

  • Mitrović – £6.7m – 21.7% – FWD / FUL
  • Kulusevski – £8.2m – 14.2% – MID / TOT
  • Kane – £11.4m – 17.3% – FWD / TOT

6. Man City vs Aston Villa

The big question in this one, is whether or not Erling Haaland would start? and to be honest he might start. In the match against Nott’m Forest, we saw Julian Alvarez, Erling Haaland’s backup, play all ninety minutes and that has sorta given us a bit of hope that Haaland could start in gameweek 6.

With how good Erling Haaland is and the form he is in right now, the Man City forward doesn’t need to play all ninety to deliver double digit-hauls. He just needs to be on the pitch and the rest would take care of itself.

Players to target in this game.

  • Haaland – £11.9m – 71.9% – FWD / MCI
  • De Bruyne – £12.2m – 25.7% – MID / MCI
  • Stones – £5.4m – 2.1% – DEF / MCI

GW6 team selection and team reveal


In goal, we’ve gone for Dean Henderson of Nott’m Forest and that’s because they face Bournemouth this week and Henderson has been in really good form all season. In fact, no keeper has made more saves than the Nott’m Forest shot-stopper, which means he could get you that extra points from saves.

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We’ve gone for double City defense and that’s because we think they’re more likely to keep a clean sheet this week against Aston Villa, a team that has been struggling all season and has scored just four goals.

We’ve brought in James who looks like he’d be starting this week after he was pictured in training and lastly, we have Neco Williams a 4.1 million defender who has looked really good in previous games and carries a lot of attacking threat. His price also allows us to spend more in other areas of the pitch.


In midfield we’ve gone some of the most in-form midfielders. We have Zaha, Mo Salah, Martinelli and Luiz Diaz. We’ve gone in on Liverpool assets and that’s because we don’t think they are huge rotation risks this gameweek.


Leading the line we have no other person than Erling Haaland, a man in sensational form and alongside him, we’ve got Ivan Toney a man who hasn’t found the back of the net in his last two games, but has looked really good and we expect him to find his form this weekend against Leeds United.

What player should you buy this gameweek

Well, to be honest there are not many standout options or players to get into your team this gameweek and so we’d suggest you hold or keep your transfer, so you can make two next gameweek when the fixtures look a lot better.

GW6 differentials

Our two standout differential picks for this gameweek are:

Zaha – £7.1m – 9.7% – MID / CRY

Zaha who is owned by just 9.7% of FPL managers. We already know how good Zaha has been this season, the Palace winger has got himself four goals and has given a total of 28 points already this season.

He comes against a Newcastle side that has injury problems this gameweek and we expect him to add to his impressive goal tally.

Isak – £7m – 2.2% – FWD / NEW

Another player that good be a really good FPL differential this gameweek is Isak of Newcastle. A really clinical striker who has already got himself a goal against Liverpool on his debut.

He is owned by just 2.2% of managers and would be a really good differential if you’re looking to go down that route.

Honourable mentions

  • Bernardo – £6.8m – 6.4% – MID / MCI
  • Harrison – £6.1m – 4.9% – MID / LEE