September 23, 2023


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GW6 captain picks: the best gameweek 6 captain – Erling Haaland, Harry Kane or Mo Salah

After a really eventful GW5, gameweek 6 is here and once again we have to decide on whom to give the captain’s armband. We have a lot of really good options once again this gameweek, the likes of Salah, Harry Kane and Mo Salah are all standout picks that FPL managers would be looking to captain in GW6.

In this article, we’d be looking to make it a lot easier for you, we’d be taking a look at some of the best GW6 captains, we’d be ranking them from bottom to top, after which we decide on whom our ideal GW6 captain would be.

How did our GW5 captain picks perform

Well, as we always do every gameweek here on raensports, we always have a list of five potential captains each week, and last week was no different, here’s how our GW5 captain picks performed.

In fifth place we had Ilkay Gundogan and he didn’t produce any attacking returns, the Man City midfielder blanked and gave just three points.

In fourth place we had Trent Alexander-Arnold and just like Ilkay Gundogan, he was underwhelming and didn’t give more than two points – the Liverpool defender blanked.

In third, we went for Kevin De Brunye and again he blanked. He didn’t start the game and so it was really hard for him to do much.

In second, we had Mo Salah and he did well, he had two assists and picked up two bonus points, returning a total of ten points. So if you did captain Salah you shouldn’t feel that bad.

Our first and the one we recommended you all should captain, was Erling Haaland and boy did he deliver. The Man City forward rewarded the 3million managers who handed him the armband last week, with 17 points.

Well, that’s all in the past now, gameweek 6 is here and it is going to be a lot tougher. With the UCL beginning next week, we’d have to put rotation into consideration when selecting our GW6 captain.

Five of the best gameweek 6 captain picks

5. Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is going to be fifth in this list of gameweek 6 captains and he’s more of a differential pick. He is not an obvious one that everyone would go for, but he would a really good pick regardless.

Toney comes up against Leeds in gameweek 6 and the potential for him to haul is high. We know that Ivan Toney has failed to score in his last two games and that could put some of us off.

But in those two games he has played, his underlying stats have been nice and he has been getting decent chances as well. The feeling is that, that haul is coming and gameweek 6, might just be when he hauls.

4. Wilfried Zaha

Zaha is another player that you could give the captain’s armband to this gameweek and just like Toney, he’d be yet another good differential captain pick.

Zaha has scored four goals already this season and has given 28 FPL points as well. He has been in superb form all season, scoring goals against almost everyone he has come up against, including the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool.

In GW6, he goes up against Newcastle, a Newcastle team that’s dealing with serious injury crisis and are missing some important first team players.

If those players aren’t back and Zaha keeps up his good form, then the potential for him to haul is high and he would be another nice player to captain this week.

Another really good differential captain would be Kulusevski(Spurs) and Luiz Diaz(Liverpool) both set of players have really nice fixtures and are ones we could consider this gameweek as well.

Mo Salah vs Harry Kane vs Erling Haaland

These are three of this weeks most popular captains. These players have nice fixtures, are premium assets that are on form and have done quiet well this season.

Salah so far has picked up 35 points and has scored two and has assisted three as well. Harry Kane who is another really nice option this gameweek, has got himself four goals and an assist this season as well and lastly, Erling Haaland, who is the pick of the bunch, has got himself nine goals(six goals in his last two) and an assist.

Well it is no surprise who the most in-form player is out of the three. We have:

  • Erling Haaland – 9 goals, 1 assist, 58 points
  • Harry Kane – 4 goals, 1 assist, 31 points
  • Mo Salah – 2 goals, 2assists, 35 points

Let’s now take a look at their underlying stats and see which one of them tops the chart. Haaland clearly leads the way in most of this. In terms of xG, shots in the box, big chances and goals, No one is better than Haaland.

Harry Kane is another one whose underlying numbers are good and always looks like a constant threat in games, he has an xG of 3.65, he has taken 15 shots in the box and his xA is also quite good. Kane carries both goal scoring and assists threats which makes him an appealing pick.

Salah on the other hand hasn’t been that bad, but because of his price and his previous successes, a lot is expected of him. The Egyptian winger has taken 12 shots in the box, he has an xG of 2.89 and an xA of 1.77 which is also good and just like Kane, he carries both goal scoring and assists threats.

All three of these players are good and they’d all make good captains this week. But, the question still remains, who should we captain this week?

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Who is more likely to start Haaland, Kane or Salah

Salah and Kane are more likelier to start this gameweek. Both of them are pretty important players for their teams. Liverpool for one, are already trying to catch Man City, so they can’t really afford to rest so many players this week. Liverpool needs to find form and gather some momentum and we’d expect Klopp to put out his best eleven once again.

Harry Kane has been involved in so many goals for Spurs already this season and if you take out his goal contributions, Spurs won’t be where they are right now. Son hasn’t been on form this season and so the reliance on Kane for goals has been high and we don’t expect Conte to drop his star player just yet.

Haaland is the one who is more likelier to be benched this week. But I do think he starts but he’d be taken off early. Haaland in the last game played just 70 minutes and he has not played ninety minutes more than once all campaign. Pep and his coaching staff have done a really nice job managing the minutes of Haaland so far and it is very hard to predict what they do next.

It is a 50 50 thing and so if you do go with Haaland it’d be nice to have a good vice-captain

Our GW6 captain

Harry Kane is going to be the man we go with this gameweek. And that’s because he is the second most in-form player out of the two, he plays at home against Fulham(which is a pretty okay fixture) and he is more nailed on than Erling Haaland who is our second choice.

Should you risk it and captain Haaland

Well, that’s tough and if he doesn’t start and then comes of the bench then it’s even harder. But let’s not forget how good he is. It took Haaland 38 minutes to score his hattrick against Nott’m Forest so a cameo off the bench could see him get a goal or two.

Well, we here at raensports, are all about playing it safe and so if you don’t have Kane, then go with Salah this gameweek. His underlying stats and numbers are good and that big haul is around the corner.