September 23, 2023


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GW5 wildcard draft: some of the best wildcard draft for gameweek 5

GW5 wildcard draft: some of the best wildcard draft for gameweek 5

Wildcarding is an absolutely normal thing in the FPL world. Some might choose to play their wildcard early in the season, while others might keep it and play it at a later time, everyone has their various strategies.

If you’d like to know our own chip strategy for this season, then feel free to check out our FPL chip strategy guide.

If your strategy involves you wildcarding in gameweek 5, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’d be creating various GW5 wildcard teams that would help you as you create your own wildcard draft.

what is the wildcard chip

The wildcard chip is a chip that allows you to completely change your entire team, from the first eleven to your bench players, without incurring any minuses. Once this chip is played, you can’t cancel it.

How many wildcards do you have each season

Two wildcards are given to every FPL manager each season. The first one can be used within the first 18 gameweeks of the season, after which it can’t be used again. While the second wildcard chip, is meant to be used in the second half of the season which is usually from gameweek 19 – gameweek 38.

However, this season, three wildcards would be given to FPL managers. The third wildcard can only be used during the world cup break after which it can’t be used again.

FPL chip strategy: when should you play your wildcard chip

One of the best times to play or use the wildcard chip, is when your team is in complete disarray. The moment you realize that a number of your FPL assets have a couple of tough fixtures, or the assets you picked aren’t returning enough points, or your team has been hit with a huge amount of injuries or suspensions, then you should use your wildcard chip.

GW5 wildcard draft teams to consider this gameweek

This is our first GW5 draft and it’s pretty nice, it looks really balanced with a lot of big six FPL assets. There’s nothing really extraordinary about this draft.

In this draft you’ve got a solid bench and that could help when a few players start to have fixture swings, you’ve also got a decent representation of assets in the top six which is another good thing.

One disadvantage is that you have to be ready to make a switch or revert to a back five when Fulham’s fixtures change in gameweek 6&7. It’s not really a disadvantage since we’ve got a solution for that problem already.

Another thing you want to keep an eye on is your Arsenal assets. Arsenal’s fixtures starting from GW9 take a major swing so you might want to start looking for a replacement for Saliba in gameweek 8, if you’re not satisfied.

We’ve gone with Haaland in this draft as well and that comes with its own risks, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

Is Haaland a rotation risk?

Yes, Haaland is a rotation risk as confirmed by Pep Guardiola in one of his recent press conferences. The Spaniard had this to say about Erling Haaland’s minutes ” Now he has one game a week. I tell you now when we have games every three days that Erling we’ll not play, I will play Julian Alvarez“.

Now that we know Haaland’s a rotation risk, what can we do and how can we manage this situation. Well, you can find an answer to this in this really detailed thread done by @4lex_mcfc on Twitter.

In this thread, he gives a detailed analysis on how many minutes he thinks Haaland would get in the upcoming games and he also tells us when he thinks he’d be rested.

As usual we at raensports would always look for some of the best FPL tips across the web, whether it’s on Twitter, another Blog or a YouTube channel.

This post by @4lex_mcfc is another really nice thread that can help those who are struggling to decide between Haaland and Harry Kane.

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Should you go for Kane or Haaland

Well, for this gameweek, Haaland is the better pick and we expect him to start against Nott’m Forest. However, Haaland starting in GW6 against Aston Villa, is very unlikely.

So depending on what your strategy is, you might decide to take Haaland out for Kane after this gameweek, or you might decide to stick with Haaland and allow your bench to help you out.

Kane also isn’t rotation free, Antonio Conte also said in one of his pressers that he’d rotate players and with the UCL starting next month, there is going to be a lot of rotation and that’s the reason why when wildcarding this week, you need to have a solid bench.

Some more GW5 wildcard draft

In this final GW5 wildcard draft, we’ve decided to go for a more balanced team with our budget spread out all across the pitch. Doing this has allowed us to get decent enough players that we’d be comfortable with when they come of the bench.

We’ve gone for just one premium asset in Mo Salah and that’s because he’s one that we think is pretty nailed on and won’t be rotated as much.

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