September 23, 2023


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GW5 team selection: transfer targets, scout picks and differential picks

GW5 team selection

GW4 has just ended and we have less than 2 days to get our teams sorted and selected for gameweek 5. Here at raensports, we had a stinker last week with our GW4 team selection and we want to apologize.

This week however, we’d be looking to make amends and improve on that. In this article we’d be revealing our GW5 team(hopefully it does well), we’d look at some of the best differentials you can go with in gameweek 5 and what players you should buy this gameweek.

FPL gameweek 5 team selection

Before we get into this gameweek’s team selection, we want to take a look at the fixtures of players and see which ones have nice fixtures that we should target.

Some GW5 standout fixtures and players to target

There are a lot of really good fixtures this gameweek, with a a lot of big teams having decent fixtures that we can be confident about going into GW5. Let’s now look at some standout fixtures and players we should target from each fixture.

1. Man City vs Nott’m Forest

Man City VS Nott’m Forest is on top of our list of games to target this gameweek and that’s because Nott’m Forest have given away so many chances so far this season, while Man City are a team that create so many chances in a game.

It’s a game you’d expect Man City to dominate and for that reason we’d be targeting Man City assets here. Here are our three Man City targets:

  • Haaland – £11.8m – 64.7% – FWD / MCI
  • Gündogan – £7.6m – 5.1% – MID / MCI
  • Cancelo – £7.1m – 46.5% – DEF / MCI

2. Liverpool vs Newcastle

After Liverpool’s impressive win against Bournemouth, you’d be expecting the reds confidence to be high going into this one. Newcastle however are a really good side and would make it hard for Liverpool. Even at that, Liverpool we think would still win the game quite comfortably.

Our Liverpool transfer targets for our GW5 team:

  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.5m – 47.9% – DEF / LIV
  • Salah – £13m – 57.4% – MID / LIV
  • Luis Díaz – £8.1m – 24.4% – MID / LIV

3. Arsenal vs Aston Villa

It is no secret that Aston Villa have been struggling so far this season, while Arsenal have been in superb form, winning all their games so far.

A lot of players have caught the eye so far in this Arsenal team and we know we can’t have more than three Arsenal assets, here are some that’d be great additions to your GW5 team.

  • Martinelli – £6.4m – 41.4% – MID / ARS
  • Ødegaard – £6.5m – 16.3% – MID / ARS
  • Jesus – £8.2m – 81.9% – FWD / ARS

4. Leeds vs Everton

Yet another fixture with huge potential for FPL points. Leeds vs Everton is a game that could produce points and it could go either way. Here are a couple of players you can target:

  • Rodrigo – £6.4m – 28.2% – MID / LEE
  • Harrison – £6.1m – 4% – MID / LEE
  • Gordon – £5.5m – 1.5% – MID / EVE
  • Gray – £5.5m – 1.1% – MID / EVE

Be aware that Everton have really tough fixtures after the Leeds game, so it’d be better to avoid their assets.

Fulham vs Brighton and Crystal Palace vs Brentford players to target

  • Groß – £5.8m – 12.2% – MID / BHA
  • Toney – £7.2m – 19.1% – FWD / BRE
  • Sánchez – £4.6m – 15.1% – GKP / BHA
  • Zaha – £7.1m – 9.4% – MID / CRY
  • Welbeck – £6.5m – 1.8% – FWD / BHA
  • Eze – £5.5m – 1.8% – MID / CRY

GW5 team selection and team reveal

1. Jose Sa

Jose Sa is our goalie this gameweek and that’s because he plays against a Bournemouth team that has been struggling all season, scoring just two goals so far this campaign and we’d expect Wolves a team with a decent defense to keep them out again this week.


In defense we’ve gone for four really solid defenders, two premiums that carry both clean sheet threat and attacking threat in Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James and then since we’re on a budget, we’ve gone for Saliba and Walker for some clean sheet points.

You could swap Walker for a John Stones if you want as John Stones carries more goal scoring threat and is more nailed on considering the fact Man City don’t have that many options at center back.


We’ve gone for a pretty good midfield. We’ve got four really good midfielders that have done really well this season. We have Gundogan who has blanked only once this season, Martinelli whose underlying stats are really insane and his returns this season have been really good as well, we’ve gone for Luiz Diaz who is one of the best 8million midfielder out there at the moment and lastly Mo Salah who we’re hoping redeems himself this gameweek after letting down the 3million FPL managers who captained him.

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In attack we have Erling Haaland and Mitrovic two players that know how to put the ball in the back of the net. We all know that people are worried about Erling Haaland’s minutes, and yes he’s a rotation risk.

Haaland did score a hattrick last gameweek and you’d expect Pep to start him once again this gameweek but he might not play the entire game. But let’s be real, he doesn’t need to play all 90 minutes to haul – if he gets 60+ minutes that’d be enough for him to do some damage, so we’d say hold onto to Haaland for now.

There are a lot of teams with a lot of really good fixtures and that’s made this team selection a lot more harder than we expected.

The likes of Pascal Gross, Wilfried Zaha(if fit), Martin Odegaard, Gabby Jesus, Ivan Toney, Rodrigo and Jack Harrison would all be great additions to this team, but we can only select 11 and these are the ones we’re sticking with.

What player should you buy ahead of GW5

If you really do want to buy a player this gameweek, then you should be looking at Man City assets. The likes of Bernado Sliva and Ilkay Gundogan are really good buys this gameweek.

Man City play one Nott’m Forest this gameweek, a team that gives away so many goal scoring chances and you’d expect a team like Man City that scores goals for fun, to have a field day this week.

Another team you could target is Wolves and I’d say target their defenders or maybe you can get in Pedro Neto. Wolves play Bournemouth this gameweek and we’d be hoping Wolves can keep a clean sheet and score a couple of goals.

GW5 differentials

  • Gündogan – £7.6m – 5.1% – MID / MCI
  • Bernardo – £6.8m – 6.4% – MID / MCI
  • Sá – £5m – 4.7% – GKP / WOL

There are three players that would be really good differentials going into this game and the first one is Ilkay Gundogan who is owned by just 5.1% of FPL managers. We already know the team Man City is playing this gameweek and with Gundogan’s positioning, the potential for the midfielder to get a goal or an assist is very high.