October 4, 2023


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GW4 tips: GW4 captain picks, team selection, wildcard draft, and chip strategy

GW4 captain picks, team selection, wildcard draft, and chip strategy

With a few days left to go before the start of gameweek 4, we’ve decided to put together a complete GW4 guide.

We’d be sharing some gameweek 4 tips with you, we’d be looking at some of the best gameweek 4 captains, we’d share our GW4 wildcard draft template to help those who are wilcarding this week, we’d also share our GW4 team and differential picks article and lastly we’d link to our chip strategy guide to help those of who aren’t sure when to wildcard.

So feel free to click the links in this post as it would be taking you to their individual articles.

FPL gameweek 4 tips: Who should you captain in gameweek 4

Last gameweek, all five of our captain picks all turned up and gave points. This gameweek, we’d be hoping for more of the same as we’d be sharing our GW4 captain picks.

In our GW4 captain picks article, we analyzed five FPL assets that we think would be really good GW4 captains, after which we then revealed our gameweek 4 captain.

Here’s a list of five of our GW4 captain picks:

  1. Salah – £13m – 60% – MID / LIV
  2. Kane – £11.4m – 17.5% – FWD / TOT
  3. Haaland – £11.7m – 61.3% – FWD / MCI
  4. Jesus – £8.1m – 81.2% – FWD / ARS
  5. Rodrigo – £6.3m – 20.3% – MID / LEE

In our GW4 captain picks article, we took a closer look at these players, looking at their stats and recent performances and shared our opinion and thoughts on who the best gameweek 4 captain is. Do make sure to give it a read.

Link to article: GW4 captain picks: five of the best gameweek 4 captains for your FPL team

FPL GW4 tips: the best time to wildcard

The proper usage of these FPL chips, can see a rise in rankings for you, while a careless use of your chips, can lead to a drastic fall in rankings. In other words, your FPL chips are really important and they can decide how high you rank in the game.

In our chip strategy guide, we look at some the important dates in the 2022/23 season, we also took a look at when potential double gameweeks might come up, when the international breaks would be starting and then we’d used those information to draft out an FPL chip strategy guide that can help you get the best out of your various FPL chips.

We suggest the time to use your wildcard, bench boost and free hit chips.

Link to article: FPL chip strategy guide: When to wildcard, bench boost and free hit

FPL GW4 tips: gameweek 4 wildcard drafts to consider

If you’re looking to activate your wildcard this gameweek, then our GW4 wildcard draft article is for you. In our gameweek 4 wildcard draft article, we created several gameweek 4 wildcard drafts using different formations.

We also shared our thoughts on what the best team structure is, whether we should still go big at the back with premium FPL defenders or whether it’s time to ditch the template team and get that extra midfielder or forward.

Link to article: GW4 wildcard draft tips: some of the best gameweek 4 wildcard drafts

you can also check ALLABOUTFPL’S wildcard draft template: Link to ALLABOUTFPL’S wildcard draft template post: FPL GW4 Wildcard Team & Drafts To Consider | Wildcard Guide

FPL GW4 tips: gameweek 4 team reveal

After picking a really impressive team last gameweek, we have decided to have a go again in gameweek 4. In our GW4 team selection article, we revealed our gameweek 4 team, we spoke about the best FPL assets to buy ahead of gameweek 4,and we looked at some really nice differentials.

We answered questions like: What should you do with your Liverpool FPL assets? Should I go big at the back or get an extra striker? What about Man United assets should I bring their assets in? and lastly, Kane VS Haaland is it time to move Haaland on?

Do make sure to give it a read, there are a lot of helpful tips in there.

Link to article: FPL GW4 team selection: players to targets, differential picks and scout picks