September 23, 2023


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GW4 captain picks: five of the best gameweek 4 captains for your FPL team

GW4 captain picks

Last gameweek, all five of our captain picks all turned up and gave points. This gameweek, we’d be hoping for more of the same as we’d be sharing our GW4 captain picks.

In this article, we’d be analysing five FPL assets that we think would be really good GW4 captains, after which we then reveal our GW4 captain.

Five of the best gameweek 4 captain picks

5. Rodrigo – £6.3m – 20.3% – MID / LEE

The Leeds’ man impressive form has earned him a spot in our list of GW4 captains. 4 goals and an assist, no blank in his last three gameweeks, a good fixture and a midfielder playing as a forward, Rodrigo is one spicy differential GW4 captain pick.

Leeds play against Brighton in gameweek 4 and the potential for a Rodrigo haul is really high. The Leeds man is playing with a lot of confidence and is scoring goals for fun at the moment.

In his game against Chelsea, Rodrigo was really impressive the Leeds forward took five shots in the box and created one big chance. His involvement in the game is something that is impressive and makes him a lot more appealing.

As FPL managers you want your forward to be involved in the game and Rodrigo fits that bill. He’s a really good captain pick and one worth the punt.

4. Jesus – £8.1m – 81.2% – FWD / ARS

Jesus of Arsenal is yet another really good captain pick in gameweek 4. The Arsenal man has earned the trust of many FPL managers and has shown that he’s capable of being a captain this gameweek.

Last gameweek, Jesus ended up with just an assist, but that doesn’t tell the full story. The Arsenal man could have left the pitch with more than a goal against Bournemouth.

Jesus passes the eye test and his underlying stats don’t lie. He has been really impressive this season and we’d be hoping he can take his impressive form into the game against Fulham.

He is fourth on this list because we do believe that the other players we have are much better captain choices this gameweek.

Jesus’s key stats compared to other forwards.

ShotsBig ChancesxGxGIxAGoalsAssists

3. Haaland – £11.7m – 61.3% – FWD / MCI

Erling Haaland is third on our list of GW4 captains. The Man City man has been sensational this season and has also done really well; getting himself three goals and one assist so far this season.

Many would argue that the Man City forward should be doing better and that’s true. Haaland has an nP-xG of 1.7 (3rd best) , xGi of 2.92 (2nd best) and has got 3 big chances (2nd best) across the 3 GWs.

The signs and his performances are really encouraging and as long as he is getting chances it is good. Man City are a team that create a huge amount of chances which makes it hard to ignore Haaland.

You do feel that he’s a couple of games away from getting his first hattrick and hopefully he does so this weekend. We also need to note that Haaland could have also gotten more than one goal against Newcastle and Bournemouth if Foden had decided to square it.

Haaland’s key stats compared to other forwards.

ShotsBig ChancesxGxGIxAGoalsAssists

2. Kane – £11.4m – 17.5% – FWD / TOT

2 goals in 2 games brings Kane back into contention. Nottingham Forest have conceded 61 shots so far (35 shots in the box), 23 shots on target and an xGC of 6.33 – all worst in the league.

And you’d be expecting a striker of Kane’s quality to punish them if they gave away so many chances. Harry Kane has looked quite impressive this month and has silenced those who said he doesn’t score in August.

Not many have him in their teams and in fact, he’s the least owned in our list of GW4 captains and would also be a really good differential captain this gameweek.

He’s definitely a much better captain pick than Haaland, Jesus and Rodrigo even though they have much better underlying stats than him and that’s solely because of the team he’s up against this week.

The amount of chances Nott’m Forest are giving up is absolutely ridiculous and we expect Kane to grab a couple of goals in this one.

Harry Kane’s key stats in comparison to other forwards.

ShotsBig ChancesxGxGIxAGoalsAssists

1. Salah – £13m – 60% – MID / LIV

Liverpool haven’t had the best start to this season, with the reds failing to win a game so far. And in all of their struggles, Mo Salah has still managed to keep his numbers up and he is still a really good FPL pick.

Liverpool go up against Bournemouth in GW4 and we all are expecting a reaction from Jurgen Klopp’s men, and if Liverpool are going to react and make a statement, you’d expect Mo Salah to be heavily involved.

With a goal and an assist in his first game and a goal last time out, Mo Salah has proven to be a reliable FPL asset even when his team hasn’t been all that great.

His record against Bournemouth is also something that is really impressive. He has played 6 games against Bournemouth and has scored eight goals and assisted one.

His form, his impressive record against Bournemouth and the need for Liverpool to win this game, makes Mo Salah top of our GW4 list of captains.

Salah’s key stats compared to other midfielders

ShotsBig ChancesxGxGIxAGoalsAssists

Raensports GW4 captain

Our GW4 captain would be Harry Kane. Kane plays against a Nott’m Forest side that gives away a huge amount of chances and we all know how lethal and clinical Harry Kane is in front of goal.

The potential for Kane to score 2-3 goals is really high and for that reason he’d be our GW4 captain.